Alcatraz Escape

Alcatraz escape

The above linked article from 2014 tells about the Alcatraz escape on June 11, 1962. We’ve heard about this escape over the years, where three men made a rubber raft of raincoats and attempted to paddle out of the San Francisco Bay.

They tell about the tests that were attempted by Mythbusters back in 2003. The video is interesting to watch. Depending on the time they left, they may have made it. Some evidence shows that they did.

Here’s the Wikipedia article on the escape: The Escape. There is a lot of information there.

Part of why they think that the men didn’t make it to shore had to do with being in the water for a long length of time. So many people do a similar swim annually, that I think that it was possible. The speed that they’d have to go would be not an unreasonable speed in a boat. I think there’s a good chance they made it. One day we might know?

Live and Outside at The Riptide

I am confused about what day it is today, because I’ve become used to listening to Charlie play on Sunday afternoons. This week, he played, live, from the back of a pickup truck in front of the Riptide. The rest of the Treacherous French still weren’t there, but it was still fun.

Food and drinks were served at the door and tips were accepted all around. For the most part, everyone wore masks and most stayed at a distance. Unfortunately most people were standing in the street and parking spaces, but it wasn’t a very busy street. A few had folding chairs and settled in for the couple of hours.

It was nice to get out for a little while. The entertainment was great. The website here doesn’t seem to like my videos, so I can’t post them. Trust me, it was a good show.

Landfill stories

This exhibit is from the main library. It was from one of my last adventures there before it closed. It is all about how the landfill handles sitting around for so many years. It was interesting, but the photos don’t do it justice. Some bricks had imprints of paper that sat on it for years. It was a discovery of history that wasn’t meant to be discovered, but became a happy accidental find. There is so much history in our landfills just waiting to be discovered some day.

Baby Bison

Baby bison

The celebration of the anniversary of Golden Gate Park didn’t happen because of the shelter in place orders. Neither did the unveiling of the baby bison in Golden Gate Park, as described in the above linked article. They did put the babies in the bison pen, but no actual ceremony happened. You can see them if you drive by.

Welcome, babies!

Hikes that End with Waterfalls

Hikes with waterfalls

Here are some hikes that end with waterfalls. Some are easier than others, but they are all in the San Francisco Bay Area. Some I have heard of, and others I haven’t. One day, I may try them. The above linked article has maps and better descriptions.

1. Carson Falls Trail

Carson Falls Trail
Bolinas, CA 94924

2. Alamere Falls3. Dawn Falls Trail

Dawn Falls Trail
Kentfield, CA 94904

4. Cataract Falls

Cataract Trail
Stinson Beach, CA 94970
(916) 653-6995

5. Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls
San Francisco, CA 94118

6. Huntington Falls

Huntington Falls
San Francisco, CA 94118