Does anyone remember calling POPCORN to get the time? The above linked article tells about how the system came to be, and how and why it worked. It is a fascinating article. The number became obsolete fairly recently, since many of the current clocks set themselves, based on satellites and such. This is definitely worth reading.

Irish Dancing

Irish dancing

The above linked video tells about a woman who enjoys taking Irish dancing, even though she isn’t Irish. She has been accused of appropriating the Irish culture. She touches upon in this interview, telling about how she isn’t misappropriating the culture, and that she had to learn about the culture in order to fully understand the dances. I think it is full of very good information about not jumping to conclusions.

Reading chair from the 18th century

This photo was posted on a Facebook reading group. It’s of a reading chair from the 18th century. It seems to have all of its attachments which is apparently unusual.

It seems almost unnecessary these days, especially since that seat looks so uncomfortable. Then, I was reminded that books were heavier and rarer in that century, so you really wanted something to rest your hands. Keeping the candle close enough to give light was important, but keeping the candle from burning the books was even more important.

It seems to be missing a spot for your drink and your cat. I guess both of those would do potential damage to the book and the chair, though. Storage for your glasses might be nice, too.

It does look like a handy tool for heavier books. I am sure that any reader at that time in history would enjoy the chair.

Alcatraz: History and Design of a Landmark by Donald Macdonald

Alcatraz: History and Design of a Landmark

Alcatraz: History and Design of a Landmark by Donald Macdonald
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I enjoyed the history in this book. It actually told more about the island than I anticipated. I was disappointed that there weren’t photos, only illustrations. I understand that a lot of the landscaping and the buildings have changed over time, but current photos next to the artist’s rendition would have been nicer and would have given a clearer idea of what the changes are.

The book would be good for anyone wishing to know the history and landscape of the island.

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The Elders on Occupation

The elders on occupation

The above linked article talks about the Native American Occupation of Alcatraz from the eyes of those who were there. Not a lot is written about the Occupation, but more and more people are talking about it and writing about it. I feel that it is a part of history, and we should be able to learn about it. I am glad that it is happening now, but it really shouldn’t have taken fifty years to get the information out in the open.