Happy NYE! Goodbye, 2021

2020 and 2021 started off all wrong. 2022 seemed like it would be more likely to be a better year, but, judging by the way 2021 is oozing out, we might have a little slippery start to 2022. I’ve learned from past experiences to not tempt the universe and say “well, it couldn’t be worse. ” because we know it can.

I’m spending today doing a little prep work for next year. I was going to spend part of it doing laundry, but the washing machine had other ideas. I went to the laundry mat yesterday, so we’re good to go for a while.

I finished my book goal last night and actually finished two other books after meeting the goal. I’m close to finishing another book, so I might do that today. Otherwise, it’ll be the first book that I finish for 2021. I’ll be thinking about what reading goal I’ll set for next year. I’ll decide by morning.

I’ll be working on preblogging so that I’ll be able to try for a post a day again, even with school in session. I know that I’ll have to get the blogs for final week up and going early so I’m not even giving it a second thought when I’m supposed to be finishing the semester.

I have 5 classes next semester. I got the reading list for 3 of them and I’ve received the books already. I might start reading them this weekend. I’ll at least attempt to clean off my school work area so I’ll be all ready for the beginning of the semester. I did a little room organizing and found a lot of things that belonged in the school area, so I have to get all of those things into place.

My goal for the year is to purge a lot of what I have hanging around. I’ve gotten several bags of papers taken to the shredder and gotten several other bags and boxes of papers ready to be sorted through. I’ll get to them throughout the year, not all at once.

I need to come up with a better exercise routine. I fell out of the gym habit when the gyms closed, so I am going to actually put gym time, menu planning, and grocery shopping on the calendar so that they will be written in pen (digital pen). It’s not quite stone, but better than pencil.

I’m not going to end this with a promise for a better year or even with a dare for 2022 to show us what it has in store for us. I’m just going to end it with the visual of 2021 oozing out and making room for 2022. Thank you, 2021 for giving us a year that was not dull, but you’re just about done. That’s all.

Deadly licorice

Deadly licorice

The above linked article has been in my head for months. I totally understand loving a food, but I do not understand eating nothing else.

The person in the article ate nothing but black licorice and ended up dying from it. Couldn’t he eat something with protein once in a while? Who watches what we’re eating when we become adults? Should there be a hire a mom to make sure we’re eating a balanced diet?

Healing Mother Earth

Healing mother earth

At first glance, the information in the above linked article tells about how Venice is clearing up its polluted waters because of the lockdown. Toward the end of the article, it is announced that water quality is still bad, but because the boats are not moving around as much, the sediment in the water is not being brought up from the bottom constantly. It was a nice thought, anyhow. Hopefully, other articles about air quality and such are not going to be proven wrong, too.

Adventures While on Shelter in Place

I am a Healthcare worker, so I’m still working during the shelter in place mandate in the area. I pretty much go to work and come home. Occasionally, I’ll get groceries or gas on the way home, but I’m keeping socially distant.

When I came home from work today, I was surprised to see neighbors outside. The lady next door was just coming home from work and parking. The man across the street and a couple of doors down was outside smoking. The guy a few doors up was doing tai chi. None of that was unusual. But, the guy a few more doors down was outside playing the kazoo. Always entertaining.

If you can’t get out and go, at least get out and give your neighbors something talk about. We all need entertainment during this crazy time. Just keep your distance.

Closures and social distancing

Last week, I had a full schedule after work. On Monday, I had bookclub. We were on the fence about canceling it because of social distancing. Earlier that day, it had been recommended that events that had over 1000 people should be canceled or postponed. We had ten in a fairly large room with a bathroom and no one touches each other, so we decided we would be ok.

Tuesday I had art class at the community College. I went in suspecting that classes would be canceled after the meeting on Tuesday, so I brought a lot of the work home. I left the finished pieces there, though, because I wouldn’t have to work on them at home. I ordered an easel so I can continue my painting at home. The teacher is sending an assignment and we are to take photos and send them to her until school opens again.

Wednesday, I was supposed to go to dinner and a comedy club, but it was canceled by the venue.

Thursday, because class was canceled, I went out to dinner with my mom. After dinner I went to pick up my library holds on the way home. Thankfully I did that, because the libraries were closed the next day.

Friday and Saturday I was supposed to go see a couple of bands, but one venue canceled and the other band canceled. The book reading I was supposed to go to was canceled by the venue.

I went to help a friend at work yesterday. Data entry. I wiped everything down and washed my hands a lot. I heard that some of the nail places were closing, so I ran over to get a mani pedi quickly. My nail place uses masks and gloves regularly, so I figured I’d better get it done while I can.

Today, I had a bookclub scheduled. I was watching the RSVP list and saw it got down to three people. I messaged the hostess on Friday to ask if we were rescheduling. I hadn’t finished the book, and neither had she. We decided to postpone it. Gives me more time to read the book.

I did hear that grocery stores are closing in various areas, but I haven’t heard about any in my area yet. Fingers crossed.

While all these cancelations were annoying, I understand why they are happening. Be safe everyone!