Killing the Meetup Group

As some of the longer term readers know, I had a meetup group to encourage myself to get out of the house and meet people. We’d meet for coffee once a month and have happy hours occasionally and attempt to do touristy things every few weeks.

Only a few people showed up regularly, and I didn’t get to know very many in the group, but I would not say that the group was dying. When the shelter in place started, there was no point in meeting, because we had nowhere to go and it’s hard to drink coffee and wear a mask. No one seemed to want to meet by Zoom, so that was the end of that, it seemed.

I let it go for a while, since I had paid through June. Not one person answered messages. So, when the bill came last week for renewal, I sent a message to everyone in the group telling them that I would close the group and reopen it when things got to the point where we can meet in person again.

Only one person responded, and he had already moved away from the area months before we were sheltering in place.

When we are ready to meet again, I’ll reassess. Right now, it doesn’t make sense to pay for something I am not using.

Canceled Ballet

At least they sent two emails and phoned. At a reasonable hour, so I wasn’t woken up.

The ballet was canceled, so I decided to get out and do something productive at the library. I got here as the elevators were shut down due to feces and vomit, and the fifth floor was having its carpet cleaned because of feces. Great.

I went down to the exhibit room on the lower floor. I got to listen to security and engineering and housekeeping dealing with cleaning the elevator and the fifth floor hallway. I also learned that the bathroom down there was closed. No wonder there was a need to use the carpet upstairs as a restroom.

After the exhibit, I went upstairs to read and write a few blog posts and reviews. I settled in at a table with my books and my tablet. I managed to get about two minutes of quiet time.

I spent twenty minutes listening to the guy at the table next to me wipe down the table and chairs with a dry paper napkin. Over and over. I am not sure what he thought he was accomplishing with no cleanser. He finally settled down. I was tempted to sneeze in his general direction.

I actually got a lot accomplished, eventually. I managed to return eight library books so I didn’t lug them with me the rest of the day.

I caught the train back to where I was meeting a friend for happy hour. We had a nice time and I got some of my book read for next week’s bookclub.

My next concern is when to reschedule the ballet ticket. The upcoming few weeks are tight.