What this Blog Is Not

I constantly get emails asking if I need help in one way or another. People ask if I need help marketing my product, since it’s not obvious what I am selling on this blog. I get requests from people who want to redesign my website, since they don’t like the layout. I also get requests from people asking to help me write.

This blog is not selling anything. I started it to write up reviews since a few publishers had asked me if I wanted to review for them, but I needed a place to post the reviews. I tied it in to ramblings about my daily life and my adventures that happen when I wander out of my routine.

This blog is on WordPress, so I am limited to the formats that they have offered to me. I am grateful to them, since I couldn’t do it myself without putting huge amounts of effort and energy into each and every entry I post. I don’t need someone sniffing around into my private information.

This is a forum for my own work. I do have a couple of friends who write occasionally, but they are trusted friends and they have not posted in ages. I don’t mind having the occasional guest writer, but I, again, don’t need a stranger poking around in my information. If you are interested, I have no problem posting your work as your own, but I won’t pass it off as my own, and I won’t give you my own passwords.

Finally… as with most websites, apps, etc, THIS IS NOT A DATING SITE. Please swipe right or left on the appropriate apps, and leave me out of your personal information and requests for money.


Guest Bloggers

For a while, I had a couple of friends guest blogging. They both decided that it just wasn’t for them, so they gave it up, but the option is still open for them.

A few weeks ago, I got an email to the blog email address, asking me if I was interested in taking on another guest blogger. I replied to it, asking about what the person has written in the past. No response. This person has a blog set up so I took a peek. Makeup and grooming. Well, I write about a lot of random stuff, so OK. Maybe.

I still haven’t heard a thing back. I’m guessing that they gave up. If you suddenly see a post about grooming habits that includes more than showering, toothpaste and hair brushing, you’ll know why.


What can I say I’m extremely excited that my good friend B is coming to my town on a short unexpected visit.

She’s never been to Philadelphia Pennsylvania and I hope that I don’t disappoint her and get all of the sites in that she’s hoping to explore.

What I can tell you is that our food is amazing no matter what part of town you’re exploring. Philly soft pretzels need I say more? Philly cheesesteaks with wiz should I go on?

I can’t wait to see the reaction on my friends face as she also tries Buttercake! Truly a nice different type of surprise.

See you in a few B!

Playing Catch Up

I have several draft posts waiting in the wings. Most of them need attention before I can actually post them. I got quite a few up today, along with a few new ones.

Over the next few days, I will probably be working on and posting some of the posts that I had previously partially written. I have also thrown out some outdated and unwanted posts, so I feel like I am making progress, and I will be making progress.

Rob will be writing a few guest blog posts, too, so I look forward to reading what he has to say, also.


Hi everyone it’s been a busy week. Just recently back from a vacation to visit some old friends. I had a great time but the weather could’ve been a bit better but you can get everything I guess.

We did go to the races on Tuesday & I think most of the horses I backed are still running.

My friends had a bit more luck than me but we all had a great time. After the races we went out for a nice meal at one of their fav restaurants.

I had a steak with fries, mushrooms, peas, onion rings & tomato. I had a white chocolate & raspberry cheesecake.

Thank you all so much for following the blog it’s much appreciated

Themed nights

Hi everyone sorry it’s been a while i’ve been busy with a new job as a bartender at a restaurant.

We do theme nights once a month for local & national charities. Our last theme night was movie characters.

We raised over 2500 for a children’s cancer ward at our local hospital.

The winners came dressed as characters from the avatar movie. I spoke to some of the people while I was on my break.

I would hate to think how long it took them to take off the blue paint & makeup they used.

Thank you all so much for following the blog we appreciate all the feedback & comments you leave


My moms birthday just passed on the first day of spring. If their is one thing that she enjoys its good food.

She decided let’s go out for seafood naturally I agreed so did my dad since he doesn’t care. FYI since my parents are older they do less cooking it’s only the two of them so why bother? Right?

We went out Saturday night to this well known family owned restaurant not far from us. Needless to say it was packed! I truly believe no one cooks on the weekends?

Mom ordered New England Clam chowder to start along with muscles in red sauce. My dad and I both ordered flounder we were not disappointed

Go karting

Hi again everyone just a quick post.

I’m currently on vacation till Friday visiting friends I used to play pool & darts with.

We went go karting yesterday & had a great time. We got there at 10:30 am & left around 3:30 pm.

We had races over 8 laps to start with. Then made it 10 laps for the last hour. We got back to the apartment around 5 pm.

Later in the evening we went out for a meal & had a few beers too. I had a pizza with garlic bread & fries sorry I don’t have any pics I will remember for next time.

Thank you all so much for following the blogs & I hope you enjoy them.