Prepping for vacation

I have an upcoming vacation. I am doing the last minute things, even though it’s not really last minute yet.

I went to purchase what I need for the trip. I haven’t quite finished, but I got the majority done.

I tried to get a mani pedi done, but I ended up getting called in to go to work, so only the pedi got done.

I got to work and finished up on record time. Then I went to buy sunglasses for the trip. I am almost ready! I am planning on getting the manicure soon.

I also found a lot of memes and book related photos to write about when I’m away. I am sure I’ll have time to write, so I’ll publish when I’m back. At least I don’t have to think about what I’m going to write about. I’ll figure out other topics, too, while I’m away. Always thinking…

Guest blogger topic 1

Book you read as a child but reread as an adult

The Handmaids Tale was one I read in high school. So, can I really say I was a child? I can tell you, though, that I didn’t remember much of the story. Also, I don’t think I read it all the way through. The epilogue was probably the most important part of the book, and I think I missed it. When I read it as an adult, it hit home. It was a wonderfully powerful book. Definitely worth reading.

Guest blogger topics

We decided that we’d write on some of the same topics. Some of the options are 1)book you read as a child but reread as an adult. 2)Favorite movie based on a book. 3)Worst movie based on a book. 4)Movie that follows the book closely.

There will be more topics coming up, and not all of will write on all of the topics, but we’re going to attempt it.