You’re on track

I track my books on Goodreads. When I finish a book, it all automatically counts it toward the year I completed the book.

When I am working on my annual challenge, it’s nice to log in and see “You’re on Track” or “You’re (#) books ahead.” It also tells me when I’m behind, but I try hard to not get there.

Yesterday, on day 1 of the year, the website was down for part of the day. I was happy that it told me that I am on track. Positive reinforcement!

I did make progress on several books, but I can not update them yet. I will get a chance in the next day or two, if the website is fixed by then.

3 star reviews

I have finally come to realize that not all books deserve a five star review. The rating system on Goodreads is 1-5, with 1 being hated it, and 5 being loved it. A 3 review is just ok.

I used to rate the books as 5 if I liked them. Then, I read an ARC that wasn’t my typical genre and I wasn’t thrilled with it. The book was written well enough, but just wasn’t to my liking. I couldn’t give it a 5 star rating because I really didn’t love it. There was nothing really wrong with the book itself, but it just didn’t speak to me. In the ARC instructions, it is requested that we email the author before giving a poor rating. I realized that a 3 star review isn’t really a poor rating, and it was honest. I got a thank you message from the author for the review. I didn’t feel like I could be fair to the author, since it’s the genre and not the writing that I disliked. I decided that I would no longer read her ARCs, but I sent her a friend of mine who loves that genre and the friend will read the ARC in the future. Problem solved.

I am not feeling guilty about giving less than 5 stars. I do think a long time before giving a 1 or 2 star rating, though. What didn’t I love about the book? If the answer is, “it wasn’t my style,” I give it a higher rating. And, yes, I have given 1 & 2 star ratings, but they are well thought out and I always write about why I disliked it. I feel like I’m being fair to the author.

Being approached to read

I was asked again to read and review a book.  I would be getting the book for free.  Great!  This time, it was from a publisher, not the author.

I got the message through Goodreads at 3pm yesterday, but didn’t get to reply until 8pm.  I got the response at around 1am, asking for a response.  I didn’t get the message until around 6am.  By then, the message had disappeared.

Oh, well.  Hopefully, they’ll reach out again.  I really wanted to read that book.  I was excited.

Goodreads message from Keanu

I got a message from Keanu Reeves on Goodreads.    He first asked me how old I am.  I refused to answer that one.  Then “I’m Keanu Charles Reeves is a Canadian-American actor and musician… wish to know you as a friend if you don’t mind are you married or single, what is your religion, what you do for a living…”  I informed him that I don’t discuss religion.

“i just opened this to chat only my fans and make sure there are all safe if you don’t mind us being friends, because I believe friendship is about sharing ideas and experiences with each other. Hope am safe chatting with you? So have you washed my movies?”

I informed him that I had watched Keanu Reeves movies, but I had no idea who I was talking to.  “I’m Keanu Charles Reeves, i just opened this to chat only my fans and make sure there are all safe if you don’t mind us being friends only if you are my fans…”

I assured him that I am fine, and maybe he should check on some of his other “fans.”

I love messing with trolls.