Catching up

I am working on getting some of the draft posts actually posted onto the blog.  Most have just needed a little work before they get out there, but some are still sitting as drafts.  Those that are ready are getting published.  Check!  Check!  Check!

My annual challenge is still alive and kicking.  I am 11 books ahead of my adjusted goal of 100.  I have read 61 books this year.  I was so far ahead because of the pride month children’s books, I felt I needed to adjust it.

As far as my other goals go, one bite at a time.  Getting there!  Slowly.

Adjusting the goal

According to my Goodreads account, I have completed 60 of my 75 books for my annual goal.  I went and counted and I have read 15 children’s books so far this year.  I wasn’t expecting to read that many when I set the goal.  Adding the 15 to my originally planned 75 books would make the count 90, so I’ll be changing the goal to 100.  It shows that I am 24 books ahead, so I’ll be ok, I think.

Changing the goal to 100 makes me only 12 books ahead of schedule.  Still well above where I thought I’d be.

Adjusting my reading goal

Because I read several children’s books, my completed book count is higher than I expected it to be.  I think I may have to adjust my reading goal to 100 to compensate for the 10 or so children’s books I have read in the past week.  I am more than halfway to the 100 already, and the year isn’t even halfway over.  I think I can do it.  I may wait until I am further ahead to adjust it, so it’s not overwhelming to me.

Hairdo day

I went to get my hair done with my daughter. On the way there, I realized I forgot my Kindle. It was going to be a long appointment because we both were getting color. We stopped at Walgreen to pick up supplies for my daughter, and they had a drop box for expired pills. I remembered that I had a bunch of them to drop off that came from my parents house. I also remembered that I had my Kindle with the waterproof case in the car, with my gym stuff. Score! Multiple projects done! We went to Starbucks for the Wi-Fi so I could add the book I had started.

We arrived on time for the appointment, but the hairdresser wasn’t there. I texted her… she had us down for May. Ooops. She arrived 45 minutes late, but it was ok.

She started my daughter first. They sailed through the first layer of coloring. Then mine. Easy. My daughter’s hair didn’t take the color like expected, but it came out cute.

We dropped off the centerpieces for the funeral reception at the location where the reception will be held. No googly eyes, were involved. We got home just in time for me to leave for class tonight.

I almost finished a painting tonight, so I’m really feeling accomplished.

Crashing a field trip

After work today, I was going to meet my daughter and her class for a field trip to an art museum.

I left work and texted my daughter. She got a ticket for me. I was to meet her in the courtyard by the main entrance. I found parking and walked into the museum. My daughter was nowhere to be seen. I was at the wrong museum. We figured it out after several phone calls.

I got to the right museum. Found my daughter and had lunch with her. Then we found her class.

We walked around listening to the instructor. I thanked him for letting me crash the field trip.

I enjoyed my trip out. We went to the art store and to dinner on the way to class.

After class, when we got home, I realized that I was close to my fitbit goal of 10,000 steps. I paced around the kitchen and bathroom until I hit my goal. Two days in a row! The side trip to the wrong museum helped me get there.