Jeopardy guest host

I was so excited to find that Mayim Bialik was hosting Jeopardy this week! I love watching her and I have heard her interviewed on many occasions. She’s a brilliant woman with a high education level and she knows who she is. She wants to represent herself as she is and isn’t afraid of how she comes across. My favorite interview with her included discussion of her show, Call Me Kat. She saw no reason for her character, the owner of a cat cafe to appear with overdone makeup and Spanx. She’s just playing a regular woman, so that’s what she shows on screen.

Ms. Bialik is hosting next week also, and has chosen to match the contestants winnings to donate to National Alliance on Mental Illness.

I think she was a wonderful choice as host, and I hope she continues in this capacity for some time.


I loved playing Rampage at the arcade when I was young. I was very interested in how they would adapt it for a movie, so when my social group decided to watch it for a Friday movie, I joined in.

It was actually better than I thought. It had a plot and all. I liked how the director didn’t get us attached to Ralph or Lizzie. George was always the primary character.

It was a movie where you didn’t have to think much about what was going on. It was perfect for a Friday night movie.

How Much Are Your Turnips?

When the shelter in place orders came, Nintendo released Animal Crossing, New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch. Several of my friends and family members were playing. We found each other and visited each other’s islands.

I find the game to be rather relaxing. I have gotten a little worked up when a digital scorpion or tarantula comes after my character, but for the most part, it’s a calming game.

I have found myself having odd conversations. Things like “How much are your turnips?” and “Look at what I got – a geisha wig!” We’re learning to let the others who don’t play the game know that we are not crazy, we are just talking about the game.

When we add a friend to our little digital island, it’s easiest to have the other person on the phone, too. Then the non-game players at home think that everyone is nuts.

I’m glad the game came out when it did. It was a much needed break on several occasions.

Candy Crush Frustrations

Years ago, I started playing Candy Crush on my phone. I gave up when my phone kept telling me that I had no storage room.

When I got a new phone, I started playing again. It was great. I would play until I lost 5 times and used up my lives, then I would put the phone down and find something productive to do.

When the shelter in place order came, some brilliant person on their end decided that we should get infinite lives. I would play for hours without getting anything else done.

Thankfully, the infinite lives was short lived. I can be semi productive again.