Obsolete Jobs

Obsolete jobs

I had heard of a lot of these jobs mentioned in the above linked article. I was not familiar with the outhouse cleaners, but the majority of them I’d heard of. I didn’t know about Billy Boys, but it would be nice to be served tea at work, I think.

The dictaphone operator was still in existence up to a few years ago, but it didn’t quite work the same way. The doctor would record by telephone and the message would be sent to someone else to type. Now it’s mostly done by voice to text, which makes it rather interesting, especially when you’re including medical terms.

It will be interesting to see what jobs are in the future that we haven’t thought of yet. I am sure that some other current jobs will be obsolete soon, too.

Friends for your future, not your past

Friends you don’t need

The above linked article talks about friends that you don’t need.  These are generally people who have been with you in the past, but your needs haven’t grown at the same rate.  

If you have friends like these, maybe you should consider new friends to take with you into the future.

  1.  The Complainer
  2.  The Naysayer
  3.  The Doubter
  4.  The Bragger
  5.  The Flaker

I have a lot of friends who fit under #1 and #5.  I try hard to not plan things with either group.  The flakers get me more often than not.  I trust that they have changed, and they haven’t.  Live and learn, I suppose.