Best words

A persnickety whippersnapper nincompoop like you shouldn’t make my day all cattywampus with your talking about the gobbledygook thingamajig you gobsmacked me by not finishing. I am just flummoxed that you bamboozled me into thinking you’d finished your shenanigans and weren’t causing a brouhaha or lollygagging to get the whatsit done. You’re full of malarkey and have me all discombobulated with your poppycock and whatnot.

After that, I think I’ll go eat some pumpernickel.

Deep cleaning the libraries

Deep cleaning the library

The books shelved by size on the bookshelf

The photo and article linked above shows how clean the Suffolk libraries are getting.

One librarian goes in to deal with returns and to check on things. The deep cleaners go in to make sure that the library is ready when patrons are able to go back.

The librarian found that the deep cleaners cleaned the books all right. And sorted them by size. Perfect!

The returning librarians will have a lot of work on their hands putting every book back in its place. At least they know everything was cleaned.