What do you want to be when you grow up?

Most of my family and friends are supportive in my education goals. Some are not. These are the ones who ask all of the questions.

I have made it clear that I am getting my degree for bragging rights. I do not plan on changing jobs. I do not want to feel pushed into getting a different job, just because I will have the degree.

One not so supportive friend asked me what I want to be when I grow up. He was stunned when I answered “educated.” Education is never wasted. I hope I’ll finish up this year, though.

School starts again tomorrow.

Adjustable bed controls

A friend got a new bed. We were several miles away from her home when she was telling about how great the bed is. It is easy to adjust from her phone. She can raise or lower the head. She can adjust the temperature at the feet. She can adjust the firmness of the mattress. She was so excited. Then she looked at me and said that it was too bad that her spouse was the only using it at the moment, since she wasn’t home.

I, with my always working brain, asked her if she can adjust it with her spouse in the bed from where we were. No, because the phone and the bed both have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi to get it to work. Suddenly, she realized what I was saying and it dawned on her how funny it would be to have the bed suddenly adjust while her spouse was home, asleep. Ding ding ding! She won the prize! The bed still wouldn’t adjust, though, but it was a funny thought anyhow.

What do you mean you’re busy?

Between work and school, I’m carrying a lot. I’m finding I am forgetting stuff trying to get everything done. I have people thinking I’m trying to avoid them, but, really, I’m just overbooked these days.

My schedule is crazy right now.

Mondays, I’m working from 7:30 to 3 ish and then getting on my laptop for class until 4:45. Then I wander home to do a few chores and do homework. I have Molly for company until my daughter gets home from dance around 11 pm.

Tuesdays, I work from 7:30 until 12:30. Then I head to school campus to do a zoom class from the library before I head to an in person class. Then I swim with a friend and get home to shower and do homework.

Wednesday mornings are variable, but I work until 2 ish then head to campus for an in person class. Then Zoom class at 8 pm.

Thursdays are similar to Tuesdays, minus the swim. But I have bookclub in the evening.

Fridays are the days that I catch up in the afternoons at work. I never know when I’m going to get out of there.

The weekends are schoolwork catch up days. More book clubs. Social time with those who catch me early enough to get stuff onto my calendar. Laundry day. Other catch up day.

I have several friends who think I am avoiding them when I say that I can’t drop what I am doing and meet them randomly on a Wednesday evening. I have work the next day. Give me a break.

This is temporary. I’ll be back to being social one of these days. I do find time to meet with people when I know ahead of time. Keep this in mind. Plus, I am still a little freaked out about being with a group of people, so I don’t do it often. It does depend on what the event is.

Out in the Open again

I am still training for my 1.5 mile swim in early October. Until this week, all of my training has been in the pool.

I grabbed a friend and we set off to get me back into the open water. I had a little trouble with the swim watch, but my friend had hers going. We actually did .66 miles. It was a slow pace, but we were out there!

I plan on getting out there again soon.

Well, I Did It!

As many of you know, I struggle with the gym part of bookworm at the gym. I used to sign up for races and events all the time to keep myself motivated. All of the events were canceled with the pandemic, or postponed, or became virtual events. Motivation flew out the window. With the gym and pool closures, it became even more difficult to inspire motivation.

I have two friends who regularly do events with me. One does running and the other does swimming. They keep me moving. Sometimes literally. In the last few weeks, we’ve discussed going back to doing events. This week, we pushed each other. I am signed up for a 10k a year from now. I am signed up for a 1.5 mile open water swim in September. I have goals again!

The swim is a fundraiser, and I’ve posted my fundraising page below, if anyone is interested in sponsoring my swim. I have already made the minimum amount required to swim, so anything after this is just pushing me into wave maker status.

Wish me luck! Help keep me motivated.

Fundraising Page

Did you mean to do that?

I was meeting a friend who asked me to stop at the grocery store on the way. While I was there, I realized that part of her instructions weren’t clear. I had been messaging her but I decided a phone call was faster.

I didn’t think much about it and I just called her through the app that we were messaging on. She answered right away. She didn’t even say hello. Just “did you mean to do that?”

She’d assumed that I butt dialed since I never phone. I didn’t. I was just trying to get a series of questions answered faster than I could type.

How often do we just message a friend and never hear their voice? It’s nice to hear them once in a while. Next time you think of texting someone just to say hi, think of calling. I think we all need as much human contact as we can get these days.

Adding friends on goodreads

Because of the blog and my Instagram account, I’ve received friend requests on Goodreads. I don’t mind accepting them, since there really isn’t much personal information up there. Name general location and a photo is all that is up there, other than my reading log.

I have found that many of the requests are fake. I will add the person, then I’ll get a private message from the person, asking for my name and location. Ummm, it’s right there in my profile. Anyone who’s added me as a friend can see that info.

I asked a friend who I know well to look and see if he could see my profile. Yep. Name, location, photo, book lists. Just as I thought. He sent a screenshot. Exactly what I can see.

Well, at least I have a way to figure out who the fake people are. I’m not big into chatting there. Other than getting requests to review books or following up on a challenge or discussion in a group, I really have no reason to use the private message area.

Are these people bots? Are they hackers? Well, if they can’t even figure out how to find my profile info, they aren’t worth chatting with, other than to point them to tech support. Good luck to them!

How are you?

It used to be, when you ran into someone, you’d ask “how are you?” and you’d get a response of “fine.” You’d either move on with the conversation or move on with your day.

Since the pandemic started, you never know what the response to “how are you?” will be.

Lonely. Sad. Bored. Overwhelmed. All of these are valid responses. Also, there are many other responses that could be stated. Relieved. Busy. Full plate. Anything goes.

I know a lot of these are answers by text, zoom, or phone. Please take them all with a grain of salt. Listen to your family and friends when they respond, even if it’s not what you expect to hear. Follow up with questions. One day, you’ll get a “fine” response, and you’ll wonder what they are really feeling. Take advantage while you can.

Pacific Orchid Show

I went to the Pacific Orchid Show today.   There were so many beautiful flowers to look at. 

I didn’t know the names of most of them, and still don’t, but the flowers were beautiful. I was puzzled by the number of people who would squeeze between me and the table holding the orchids, and then look at me, surprised, with a “oh, am I in your way?” People are funny.

It was a beautiful show, and here are some photos from it.