Look what came in the mail!

Weeks ago, someone from Celadon Books asked me if I would like a copy of a book to read and review. I usually say yes, but I was excited when I heard who the author was! I had read one of her books before and loved it. Of course I said yes!

I waited and waited for the book, and it arrived Friday. It came with a trading card in a little white envelope. Two bookmarks. It also gave instructions about how to enter a contest for the whole set of cards.

I hope to get it read this week. The review will be posted here when I finish it.

Free museum

Free museum

The above linked article talks about the deYoung museum’s new policy on free visits. It opens it up to more visitors from a wider variety of places. Here is a quick briefing of what is available as far as free days go.

Free Saturdays

Free general admission every Saturday for residents of the nine San Francisco Bay Area counties; requires valid photo ID or postmarked envelope bearing home address. (Included counties are: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano and Sonoma.)

Free First Tuesdays

Free general admission for all visitors the first Tuesday of every month.

Free Access

Free general admission, and discounted special-exhibition admission, during normal museum hours (also dedicated Access Days) for any visitor with a disability plus one guest.

Museums for All

Free general admission during normal museum hours for all visitors receiving food assistance (SNAP benefits) with a valid EBT card.

Discover & Go

Free general admission, once per year, during normal museum hours for California library cardholders, who must go online (https://sfpl.discoverandgo.net) for a Discover & Go museum pass before visiting.

Ebook Downloads

Ebook downloads

The above linked website lists several websites with free ebooks. Some of the links don’t work, so I didn’t bother to list those or the ones that weren’t in English. I haven’t checked all of them, but it looks like a good list.

  1. Classic Bookshelf
  2. The Online Books Page
  3. Project Gutenberg
  4. Page by Page Books
  5. Classic Book Library
  6. Classic Reader
  7. Read Print
  8. Planet eBook
  9. The Spectator Project
  10. Bibliomania
  11. Online Library of Literature
  12. Bartleby
  13. Fiction.us
  14. Free Classic Literature
  1. Readbookonline.net
  2. Plays
  3. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
  4. Plays Online
  5. ProPlay
  6. Public Bookshelf
  7. The Internet Book Database of Fiction
  8. Free Online Novels
  9. Foxglove
  10. Baen Free Library
  11. The Road to Romance
  12. Get Free Ebooks
  13. John T. Cullen
  14. SF and Fantasy Books Online
  15. Free Novels Online and Free Online Cyber-Books
  1. The Literature Network
  2. Poetry
  3. Poem Hunter
  4. Famous Poetry Online
  5. Google Poetry
  6. Banned Books
  7. World eBook Library
  8. DailyLit
  9. A Celebration of Women Writers
  10. Free Online Novels
  11. Authorama
  12. Prize-winning books online

Online book groups

I am in several online book groups. I get many book recommendations from there and a lot of giggles. Many are unintentional giggles.

One woman was asking for recommendations to help her to her goal of 30 books. She wanted to read 12 contemporary and 12 classic books to make her 30. Well, I guess it’s good that she’s a reader and not a math student.

“Where do you get bookmarks? I usually use a drier sheet.” Where do you find books? You can usually get them at the same place. Come to think of it, they generally sell suitable bookmarks where you can buy drier sheets.

I also get and give book recommendations from these groups. They make my to be read list longer and longer, but I’ve read some wonderful things that I normally wouldn’t have picked up without the recommendation.

One bite at a time

I am still behind on my book challenge. Eleven books behind schedule. I will know that I’ll make the challenge. It doesn’t help me to hear things like, “you set the challenge yourself. Nothing’s going to happen if you don’t make it.” This is true, but I’ll be disappointed if I don’t. I also know that I have reading time coming up, since the things that I have on my weekend schedule don’t require a lot of time. Plus, extra days off for the holidays, somewhat. We are working a couple of weekend mornings in order to take off Black Friday, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve. Also, most of the bookclub groups are taking December off, so I’m more able to read my own choices instead of the chosen books.

As I am thinking of how to get the last 21 books in, the old joke “how do you eat an elephant?” comes to mind. One bite at a time.

I have a few books that still have deadlines, but the rest just need to be finished by December 31. Just under two months to go.

1. Black beauty – reading with a friend, a chapter at a time, just to push me through it. It’s a very easy read, but I just need to do it. We will definitely finish by December 31, but we are both busy so we are reading in chunks. 12% done

2. Night – due for classics bookbub on December 2. I have been assured that it’s a quick read. Not started

3. The never-ending story – reading one chapter at a time with a group of 4 of us. All of us are either working multiple jobs or are in school after work, so it’s slow going. It’s possible that we won’t finish by December 31. First chapter is completed.

4. A second chance – third book in a series I have been enjoying, so I’m reading this for myself. I hope to finish it this week. 10% done

5. America for beginners – January’s local book club selection. I am almost finished with it. I started it because I couldn’t get the November book yet and I didn’t want to fall way behind. 80% done

6. She’s not there – October’s local book club selection, which I didn’t finish yet. I am reading a chapter here and there to get through it. 68% done

7. Winnie the pooh – library book that must be returned soon. 50% done

8. Summer wives – a larger sized book in the paper book pile. Haven’t started it yet. It’s hardback, so it probably won’t travel much with me. 0% done

9. Digging in – due black Friday for my bookclub with my friends. Another easy read. 15% done

10. Vodka and Chocolate Drops – due November 8 for a goodreads group challenge. 3% done

11. Curse of the Lord of darkness – I was given this book to read and, in exchange for the freebie,I am supposed to write an Amazon review. 3% done

There’s more than half of the books that I have left. All planned out. Now I just have to do it. Most of them are at least partially read, so I just have to finish. Wish me luck!

Volunteering at the big book sale

I saw an advertisement for the Friends of the San Francisco Library Big Book Sale. I decided I needed to go. When I looked up the info, I saw that they needed volunteers, so I signed up. I am being paid in books. Apparently, we get five dollars in book vouchers for working our two hour shift. I worked 4 hours.

I arrived a little late, but it was so huge that no one had worked their way to the register until an hour and half after the doors opened. I was paired with a very young woman. After talking to her for a little while, she introduced me to her husband, who was working at the register next to us. They’d been married quite a while, so I’m guessing they were closer to thirty than twenty.

I was supposed to help the cashier count the books after separating them by type. Then write up a receipt and bag the books while she collected payment. It was fun work, and both of us gave out unsolicited book reviews and recommendations.

We did a lot of people watching, and then were swamped with customers from 11:30-1:45. Then when I checked out, I received my voucher and headed into the area with the book tables. It was a huge area. I spent over an hour there and only got to two tables, and only saw less than half of what was on them.

There were many books that I’d read. Many on my to read list. Many more that I’d never heard of. It was wonderful to be around all those book lovers.

I went to check out and the woman manning the line was talking about one of the books I had selected. I mentioned that it was on the list for the great American Read. She had not heard of it, but was thrilled to know it was up. I also mentioned the BBC big read. “Oooh, easy book recommendations!” Yes. Very true.

I found my $1 off coupon and used it to donate to Friends of the San Francisco Library. I was thrilled to be there and would have liked to spend enough time there to look at all the tables, but I would have ended up spending way too much money and adding to the precarious pile next to my bed.