I was running early today, and I remembered seeing the above linked article about a fairly new place that served breakfast. I decided to see if I could locate it. Not only did I locate it, but there was parking right near the entrance. I took it as a sign.

I walked in and found the breakfast board ordering menu. I decided to start there. A gentleman customer greeted me and told me his name, and asked mine. I told him. He was concerned that I hadn’t supplied a last name, since he thought I was wonderful and he loved me. At that point, I was able to smell the alcohol on him. At least I knew what I was dealing with. The ladies at the counter were watching, and were ready to step in if there was trouble, but the gentleman was just talking. I never felt threatened at all.

I placed my order to go and waited. I was looking around and I think I may want to go there on a regular basis. The people behind the counter were friendly and chatted with me a bit. When I got my food, I started to leave and the gentleman wished me a good day. I went off to the car and I enjoyed my food immensely. It was wonderful! Definitely worth a trip back.

Christmas cookies

My friend makes hundreds of cookies each year to give as Christmas gifts.  My daughter and I are called in to help.   Along with my daughter’s usual tasks, she added gingerbread man decorating.  My daughter, the art major, decided to have fun with it.These are some of the gingerbread men that she decorated.  She used a toothpick and white and dark chocolate to make faces on them.Jam filled cookies.  More gingerbread menThe middle of the packaging process.So many boxes of cookies We were exhausted after two days of baking and packaging.After the second day of baking, we took ourselves out to lunch.They started us with the preparations.  Limes on the table.Garlic noodlesFinally the main part – crab, shrimp, and crawdads.   I would forgo the crawdads next time, but everything else was delicious, but messy.  Such a change from the cookies.   It was a good, packed weekend.  I did go home and sleep, though.

Working on a Weekend

Usually, if I go in to work on a weekend, it’s a brief trip. I had to go in this weekend, after a crazy work week. I wasn’t able to get a lot done after work last week, so I planned to get it done after work on Saturday.

I worked, then took myself to breakfast since everything went smoothly. I was alone, so I sat at the bar instead of waiting 25 minutes for a table. The lady who ended up sitting next to me had done the same thing. She gave me a lecture on the benefits of being single. I gave her a lecture on why she needs a Kindle.

After breakfast, I went to the nail place, expecting a long wait since it was a weekend. I was seated right away and was out the door with a mani pedi in just over an hour.

After nails, I went to the post office to pick up mail. My daughter’s ATM card had been delivered, so I brought it to her girlfriend at work. She’d have the card for the trip they were taking.

Next on the list was the library, to pick up holds. On the way there, I talked to a friend. We got caught up in just over an hour, while I sat in the car. I ran in to the library quickly while he was talking. Then sat in my car at home to talk longer. After we hung up, we texted for a few more minutes, since we weren’t done yet.

I went inside and read for a while. I eventually decided to finish watching The Shining. I had never seen it before, since I’m a big chicken when it comes to horror and thrillers. I got about halfway through and paused it to have dinner. Mostly because I was afraid to watch it all in one chunk.

After dinner, I gathered up my online support group to watch the second half with me. I was surprised that the movie wasn’t as scary as I thought. Creepy, yes. Scary, not so much. I think part of it was that I’d seen so many pieces of it over the years that I kind of knew what was coming.

My aunt texted me right after I finished it and told me that my cousin had just watched it for the first time, along with The Sixth Sense. She was more scared of the other movie. I recommended The Ring and The Blair Witch Project for their next movie nights. Those scared the heck out of me.

Rocky Horror, New Hope

A week or two before my trip, we decided to get tickets to a play.  Michelle chose one of the movies that I have memorized.  We decided to go to the Sunday matinee.

We were among the youngest in the theater.  I guess that’s what we get for choosing the matinee. 

The drink menu was entertaining.  I chose dammit Janet.  Shirley Temple and vodka.We got a goodie bag in our seats. 
We couldn’t take photos inside, other than at the very end.  I hope Michelle posts some of those.  Video, too.

After the show, we found a bookstore. 

We passed a few things, looking for a place to have dinner.The sign on the bathroom door.Happy hour!  Mine is the blackberry basil drink.Fries with gorgonzola and bacon jam.My shrimp scampi with rice noodles.
And, Michelle’s cauliflower tacos in the background.

We went back and slept.  The rain did us in, too.  

Reading Terminal Market

There was so much here to see, eat, and buy.  It was overwhelming.

This stand had beef jerky and lots of other types of jerky.

The view down just one of the aisles.I had been sent for butter cake, so I figured I should try some.  Nope.  Not my thing.I ended up getting chicken coconut soup for breakfast.This was a spice, nut and candy store.  They sold in bulk.  You brought the container to the cashier and they weighed out what you wanted.Another view down an aisleI was going to get one for the pups at home, but they wouldn’t have stayed fresh long enough to make it home.Vats of picklesI wandered for a long time here before heading down to the Constitution Center.