Common baking mistakes

Common baking mistakes

Now that so many people are doing their holiday baking, the above linked article will help you not make the same mistakes that many people do.

I rarely bake, but I can’t be bothered with the scale, especially since most recipes are written with cups, etc, and not the weight.

I also never sift my flour or powdered sugar.

My biggest baking and cooking crime is being forgetful. I forget to set the timer or I turn the timer off and “I’ll get to it in just a second.” then I will totally forget what I was doing.

This list is great. It goes through everything that could possibly go wrong. Take a look at it and see what you might be missing before you start your holiday baking.

It’s raining kibble

The cats decide to have a midnight snack quite often. We have kibble in a kitty puzzle for them to work at. I can usually hear them going for a snack, but I don’t usually see it.

I caught Mini attempting to get food the other night. She was dipping her paw into the puzzle and throwing kibble onto the floor. Then she was eating the kibble from there.

The sound of her throwing the kibble to the floor made it sound like it was raining kibble. I think she was doing it just to disturb the quiet of the room.

Listening to the puzzle

We have two cats. These two cats require four food bowls so that one doesn’t block all of the bowls, disallowing her sister to eat. They also have a food puzzle. The puzzle is made of several little cups attached to a dish-like base. They have to work at the puzzle to get extra food.

Inky, the one who likes to block the bowls, digs at the puzzle with gusto. She gets her paws in and throws all of the food onto the floor. Mini is smarter and comes up behind Inky and cleans the floor up so she doesn’t have to work for it. When Mini does dig in the puzzle, it’s quiet and polite and one kibble at a time.

When I’m lying in bed, trying to sleep, I can hear them digging away. I always know who it is by how noisily the kibble hits the floor. Most nights, though, Mini chooses to dig in the compost instead of the puzzle, if given the opportunity. I prefer to sleep.

Best Sandwiches in Every State

Best sandwiches in every state

The above linked article has a list of the best sandwiches in every state. I started looking through the list. My favorites, judging by description and some photos are the housemade mozzarella in Arizona, the Reuben in Michigan and in Indianapolis, and a few of the fish sandwiches would be appealing.

I think the hot brown sandwich in Kentucky is a little overkill. The lobster roll in Maine looks good, but the dungeness crab rolls in San Francisco are much better, I’m sure.

The Pho dip sandwich in Oregon looks really good. I was surprised that the Pennsylvania one was not the Philly cheesesteak.

I was disappointed that the California one is in Southern California. It looks delicious, though.

Donut Race

Donut race

The above linked article is about a race that requires you to eat a dozen donuts along the 5K course. The title says miles, but it becomes clear in the article that it meant 5K. It originally took place in 2004 as a fundraiser in Raleigh, North Carolina. It has been put on pause, it seems, for now.

The article says that you can try it on your own. Running a 5K with a box of donuts or a stomach full of sugary, fatty donuts does not sound like a great idea to me, but to some, it might.

Trader Joe’s Frozen Food

Trader Joe’s frozen food

The above linked article shows the best and worst of Trader Joe’s frozen meals. I’ve tried some of these and somewhat agree to them. The article is written with humor, so it’s fun to read if nothing else.

Food, Cuisine, Ingredient, Dish, Aburaage, Duck meat, Tofu, Muscovado,
I agree with the author. A hard pass on this one.
Food, Dish, Cuisine, Ingredient, Foie gras, Pork pie, Duck meat, Animal fat, Produce, Meat,
Taste-wise, these are great. Calorie-wise, not so much.
Dish, Food, Cuisine, Ingredient, Produce, Gnocchi, Cauliflower cheese, Canjica,
We get these a lot, but there’s way too much sauce on them, so we get a package of plain gnocchi and add it in to make a delicious meal.

I have tried some of these and made my own comments above. I hope TJ’s keeps selling most of the items on the list. Yum.

Deadly licorice

Deadly licorice

The above linked article has been in my head for months. I totally understand loving a food, but I do not understand eating nothing else.

The person in the article ate nothing but black licorice and ended up dying from it. Couldn’t he eat something with protein once in a while? Who watches what we’re eating when we become adults? Should there be a hire a mom to make sure we’re eating a balanced diet?

Things You Shouldn’t Eat

Things you shouldn’t eat

Some of these things in the above linked article look like they’d be edible, but when you realize what they are, you realize that they definitely aren’t. Below are some of the listed photos that actually look like I might want to try them, but I know better.

Packing peanuts look just like Cheetos puffs without the cheese
I actually had to look up this product to find out that it’s cleaning solution. I guess the smell would be a tip-off?
Microwaved soap

I Am Not Buying Blueberries Anymore

Our refrigerator hates blueberries. It seems that no matter where we put the berries, they fall out when we take something else out. The container hits the floor and the berries roll away.

It doesn’t seem to matter who is opening the fridge or where we put the blueberries, they jump out and fall on the floor.

One day, coming back from a grocery store trip, a bag tipped over in the car. I waited until I got home and looked at what fell. Blueberries. Out of the container and all. I managed to pick them all up with minimal swearing. The family laughed because it always seems to be blueberries.

One recent event involved me taking stuff from the refrigerator and putting it in the freezer, which is a pull out drawer on the bottom. I pulled out the package of chicken thighs from the right side of the refrigerator to toss it into the open freezer drawer. Somehow it jostled the container of blueberries that were on the left side of the fridge and the container opened and sent blueberries into the freezer. They rested on the track for the drawer, so I couldn’t even ignore that they went in. I couldn’t pretend that I intended to make frozen blueberries.

I tried one more time. I bought a box at the grocery store. I got home and opened the car door. The groceries had shifted a little on the drive home. One bag fell out. One item fell out of that one bag. Blueberries. The box opened all over the street. Only the blueberries. Nothing else.

I am still screaming “I am not buying blueberries anymore!”