Trader Joe’s Frozen Food

Trader Joe’s frozen food

The above linked article shows the best and worst of Trader Joe’s frozen meals. I’ve tried some of these and somewhat agree to them. The article is written with humor, so it’s fun to read if nothing else.

Food, Cuisine, Ingredient, Dish, Aburaage, Duck meat, Tofu, Muscovado,
I agree with the author. A hard pass on this one.
Food, Dish, Cuisine, Ingredient, Foie gras, Pork pie, Duck meat, Animal fat, Produce, Meat,
Taste-wise, these are great. Calorie-wise, not so much.
Dish, Food, Cuisine, Ingredient, Produce, Gnocchi, Cauliflower cheese, Canjica,
We get these a lot, but there’s way too much sauce on them, so we get a package of plain gnocchi and add it in to make a delicious meal.

I have tried some of these and made my own comments above. I hope TJ’s keeps selling most of the items on the list. Yum.

Deadly licorice

Deadly licorice

The above linked article has been in my head for months. I totally understand loving a food, but I do not understand eating nothing else.

The person in the article ate nothing but black licorice and ended up dying from it. Couldn’t he eat something with protein once in a while? Who watches what we’re eating when we become adults? Should there be a hire a mom to make sure we’re eating a balanced diet?

Things You Shouldn’t Eat

Things you shouldn’t eat

Some of these things in the above linked article look like they’d be edible, but when you realize what they are, you realize that they definitely aren’t. Below are some of the listed photos that actually look like I might want to try them, but I know better.

Packing peanuts look just like Cheetos puffs without the cheese
I actually had to look up this product to find out that it’s cleaning solution. I guess the smell would be a tip-off?
Microwaved soap

I Am Not Buying Blueberries Anymore

Our refrigerator hates blueberries. It seems that no matter where we put the berries, they fall out when we take something else out. The container hits the floor and the berries roll away.

It doesn’t seem to matter who is opening the fridge or where we put the blueberries, they jump out and fall on the floor.

One day, coming back from a grocery store trip, a bag tipped over in the car. I waited until I got home and looked at what fell. Blueberries. Out of the container and all. I managed to pick them all up with minimal swearing. The family laughed because it always seems to be blueberries.

One recent event involved me taking stuff from the refrigerator and putting it in the freezer, which is a pull out drawer on the bottom. I pulled out the package of chicken thighs from the right side of the refrigerator to toss it into the open freezer drawer. Somehow it jostled the container of blueberries that were on the left side of the fridge and the container opened and sent blueberries into the freezer. They rested on the track for the drawer, so I couldn’t even ignore that they went in. I couldn’t pretend that I intended to make frozen blueberries.

I tried one more time. I bought a box at the grocery store. I got home and opened the car door. The groceries had shifted a little on the drive home. One bag fell out. One item fell out of that one bag. Blueberries. The box opened all over the street. Only the blueberries. Nothing else.

I am still screaming “I am not buying blueberries anymore!”



I was running early today, and I remembered seeing the above linked article about a fairly new place that served breakfast. I decided to see if I could locate it. Not only did I locate it, but there was parking right near the entrance. I took it as a sign.

I walked in and found the breakfast board ordering menu. I decided to start there. A gentleman customer greeted me and told me his name, and asked mine. I told him. He was concerned that I hadn’t supplied a last name, since he thought I was wonderful and he loved me. At that point, I was able to smell the alcohol on him. At least I knew what I was dealing with. The ladies at the counter were watching, and were ready to step in if there was trouble, but the gentleman was just talking. I never felt threatened at all.

I placed my order to go and waited. I was looking around and I think I may want to go there on a regular basis. The people behind the counter were friendly and chatted with me a bit. When I got my food, I started to leave and the gentleman wished me a good day. I went off to the car and I enjoyed my food immensely. It was wonderful! Definitely worth a trip back.

Christmas cookies

My friend makes hundreds of cookies each year to give as Christmas gifts.  My daughter and I are called in to help.   Along with my daughter’s usual tasks, she added gingerbread man decorating.  My daughter, the art major, decided to have fun with it.These are some of the gingerbread men that she decorated.  She used a toothpick and white and dark chocolate to make faces on them.Jam filled cookies.  More gingerbread menThe middle of the packaging process.So many boxes of cookies We were exhausted after two days of baking and packaging.After the second day of baking, we took ourselves out to lunch.They started us with the preparations.  Limes on the table.Garlic noodlesFinally the main part – crab, shrimp, and crawdads.   I would forgo the crawdads next time, but everything else was delicious, but messy.  Such a change from the cookies.   It was a good, packed weekend.  I did go home and sleep, though.