What I Actually Got Done Yesterday

I had a good todo list going yesterday. Mostly involving library books.

Worked. Nothing terribly unusual there

Blogged. Pulled up and finished some draft posts. I put new library holds on the library site.

Returned library books. I returned two of the six overdue books, since they were in my car already. I figured that I may as well get one of the list’s items done.

Confirmed non tech friend on Facebook. Had to phone her first to make sure it was her. Wasn’t on my list.

Had leftovers from last night for lunch. Wasn’t on my list.

Sorted library books, somewhat. I found 7 books to go back. I returned them on the way to class. I still have 2 overdue books left to locate and return. I know where 2 of them are, but I didn’t return them.

Got dirty scrubs into the washing machine and hung them. I remembered to bring them to work with me this morning, too.

Went to class and got a good chunk of two projects done.

I haven’t decided what to pack on my trip. I have a general plan for clothes, but not for books. I didn’t fix the book stack, but it isn’t as precarious as I thought it was. I did manage to check that.

I did end up with more than ten items on my list, but most were related and I got the important stuff done.

The most important thing I did was let my family sort out the issues that came up that I didn’t really need to be involved with. They got the majority of the pressing issues done, without my help.

What type of reader are you?


I am everything in the left column.  I read many books at once, and tend to finish a bunch all at once.  This is how I misplace books, too.  I put one down to start another, and don’t get back to it quickly enough.  The book is never lost, just not exactly where I thought I left it.

I definitely read a lot of different genres.  I am not a big fan of horror, though.  I have read several Stephen King books, but I know what to expect with them, for the most part.

I love giving and getting book recommendations.  My poor family and friends have to listen to me drone on and on about my books and which ones they’d love.

Saturday afternoon

I had a quiet afternoon planned for Saturday, since my original plans were cancelled.  Somehow, my sister sensed the cancellation and invited me to go visit her and her kids.  I had to stop at Starbucks first to get the energy.

She suggested we go to the playground, but it was so cold and windy, we thought better of it.

We ended up going to Target.  Why not?  I am not used to keeping track of small cars, but I managed.


This toy set off several rounds of “The Wheels on the Bus” from the two year old.  He seemed surprised that I knew the words.  He had the song stuck in his head, but kept singing different verses, at least.

I am not sure why he thought that the eagle needed to live in the dollhouse, but it kept him quiet and busy for a while.

I ended up getting my contact solution and several other items while we were out.

I took the older boys on the hunt for the contact solution.  Her middle son asked me what we were looking for.  “oh, I hope we don’t find it.  Once we find it, our mission will end.”  This somewhat explains why children can’t find things in front of their faces.

It was a fun day, and I definitely needed the caffeine for the outing.

Midterm for art class

My daughter and I started off to art class early to go to Starbucks. She got something with dragon fruit. The photo doesn’t show how vivid the color is, but it was beautiful.

We spent time trying to figure out where dragon fruit grows and how. Cactus, indigenous to North and South America, but will grow in Asia and the Caribbean, and other tropical places.

This is the setup for the class’s work before we talked about it. You can see one of my paintings in the middle, hung correctly. It’s pink so it’s hard to miss.

Here’s a close-up of two of my other pieces, which are still being worked on. I am waiting for a delivery from the art supply store that was supposed to be to me on the 18th. I ordered it the end of August. It has the supplies I need to continue several projects. Frustrating.

This is my painting, hung upside down. The teacher liked it better that way. She said it was a very Denise piece of art.

This is one of my daughter’s works in progress. The assignment was to show architecture and wind. She’s still working on it.

I don’t know what grade we got, but we passed the midterm.

Fiestas Patrias

My daughter and her dance troop celebrated Fiestas Patrias over the weekend. They danced on the steps of City Hall in South San Francisco.

I always love to see them dance. I am happy to be a part of their little group.

Birthday adventures

We were going to the store Monday night, but when I picked my oldest up from class I got a “how about we go to dinner? Do you think you can stay awake through it? If we get it to go, I am afraid you’ll go to sleep and not eat.” She was right. I must have looked like Crap if my oldest noticed. This was at 7:30 pm.  We went to dinner and then I slept through until morning.  After I got home.

Tuesday was my birthday. Starbucks alerted me that I got a birthday reward.  I went through the drive thru since my regular Starbucks was under construction.  I ordered and was asked to pull up to the first window.  Great!  Especially since there was only one window.

My kids and I went to lunch at a restaurant that I hadn’t been to in ages.  I got a glass of cheap wine with lunch.  It was perfect.

We went to class.  I set up for working on two projects.  I am at a standstill on two others, because I am waiting for a delivery from the art supply store.

I made progress on my experimental work.  I have been playing with textures this semester.

I made progress on my diptic project.

I painted myself, as usual.

I picked up my own birthday cake. It looked better than it was. I prefer whipped cream to butter cream under the fondant.

My daughter didn’t know if my other daughter liked princess cake, so she got a mini cheesecake, too.

It was a decent day, everything considered.