Birthday adventures

We were going to the store Monday night, but when I picked my oldest up from class I got a “how about we go to dinner? Do you think you can stay awake through it? If we get it to go, I am afraid you’ll go to sleep and not eat.” She was right. I must have looked like Crap if my oldest noticed. This was at 7:30 pm.  We went to dinner and then I slept through until morning.  After I got home.

Tuesday was my birthday. Starbucks alerted me that I got a birthday reward.  I went through the drive thru since my regular Starbucks was under construction.  I ordered and was asked to pull up to the first window.  Great!  Especially since there was only one window.

My kids and I went to lunch at a restaurant that I hadn’t been to in ages.  I got a glass of cheap wine with lunch.  It was perfect.

We went to class.  I set up for working on two projects.  I am at a standstill on two others, because I am waiting for a delivery from the art supply store.

I made progress on my experimental work.  I have been playing with textures this semester.

I made progress on my diptic project.

I painted myself, as usual.

I picked up my own birthday cake. It looked better than it was. I prefer whipped cream to butter cream under the fondant.

My daughter didn’t know if my other daughter liked princess cake, so she got a mini cheesecake, too.

It was a decent day, everything considered.

A day out with my daughter

Yesterday, I was planning a quiet morning at home before a family party in the afternoon.  My daughter got a message that a neighbor was having a giveaway of books and games.  “Take what you want.  Don’t make a mess.  Everything left after 3pm will be given to Goodwill.”  Ok.  We checked it out.  I got a bunch of books.  My daughter got games, books and trading cards.  It was a productive outing.

Around the corner was a noodle house that I wanted to try.  It was small and there was a wait.  It was delicious.


green onion pancakes

seafood and fresh noodles

shrimp and chive dumplings

Radish cakes and sesame cakes

We drove a few blocks to the bookstore.  There was a kid screaming excitedly to go into the “library.”

I got a ticket for the Sept 18 event.

We went home and put our purchases away.  Then we headed off to a family party at the bowling alley.

I scored a 71.

A trip to the zoo

At the last meetup group meeting, I asked what the members would like to do for upcoming events. Several were mentioned that required more than just an hour or two on a weeknight. So I thought about what weekend days might be available. Labor day was perfect. I put up a poll, got one response, so I made the final decision to go to the zoo. We were to meet at the carousel at 10:15.

I left to catch the train. I ran into a neighbor with two big dogs who were intent on meeting me. They were so friendly and wanted to join me, but I told them that dogs aren’t allowed on the train or in the zoo.

I continued on and saw a man coming out of his house with pants the same color green as the house. I decided to not say anything.As I was walking to the zoo entrance, a man pushing a stroller started singing Beast of Burden. I asked if he was going for the zoo theme and thanked him for the giggle.I got to hear a couple argue about who forgot the baby’s sweater. It brought back memories of when my kids were small.I went to the meeting location, and no one showed up, as expected. I got another chuckle as a small child told his dad he wanted to pet the choo choo.

I am wondering what this is.  Maybe part of the old Fleishacker’s pool?

I had no idea that the zoo is 90 years old.

The translation of the zooetta stone.

They finally enclosed the flamingos.  I was always nervous about small children falling in.

I made a video of the fairy gardens.

I still haven’t figured out who Eugene Friend is.

I had to watch the carousel rotate.

They have posted the schedule and map instead of using paper ones.  Wonderful!

Watching the Grizzlies eat.

They were cleaning the pool when I arrived.

The anteater never made an appearance.I talked to the zookeeper for the wolverines. She told me to go watch the fishing cat. I took a video of it hunting, but the video didn’t process.

I did catch feeding time for the otters, though.

I got to the otter enclosure as they were being fed.I went to sit near the penguin enclose enclosure to wait for my children. They brought me a zoo key.We stopped to eat lunch before they saw any animals.

My lunch was a Thai noodle bowl. Not much flavor.

From here on out, the photos are jumbled.


We spent a long time watching the lemurs playing and lounging.

I remember getting fish to feed to the sea lions when I was a child.

There’s always a Darwin awards sign somewhere.

More lemur photos.


I got my zoo key and I need a manicure.

No rhino in sight.

That’s a hippo, under water.

The last Doggie Diner head.

I was surprised to find chickens in the yard of a zoo neighbor.

It was a fun exhausting day.  I made 12,000 steps on my fitbit without trying very hard.

Beach blanket Babylon

We got tickets months ago for Beach Blanket Babylon, since it will be closing at the end of the year.

We had to get to the box office early to pick up the tickets.  After getting the tickets, we went to lunch. We went for gelato after lunch.

I took photos of the theater while we waited for the doors to open.

We found a bakery and got some cookies on the way home.

We decided to go to dinner to round out the day.  We went for Chinese food.

I was so exhausted from such a long day, and from all the eating, I fell asleep by 7:30pm and pretty much slept until morning.  What a wild life I lead!

Ceremony for bike ride fundraiser

My dad passed away earlier this year, and he was chosen to be one of the people named on the jerseys for the fundraiser for cancer research for firefighters.

The bikers will ride down California, stopping at various fire houses along the way.

The riders all had to raise money for the honor of riding with the group. The check will be presented when they finish the ride.

The family was presented with the jersey, framed with dad’s name on it.

One rider was patient while we took photos of the names.

It was a nice ceremony. I am glad we were able to be a part of it.

The Play That Goes Wrong

Earlier this year, I went to see Hamilton. I got emails with advertisements for upcoming plays. One caught my eye as it was described as “Monty Python meets Sherlock Holmes.” My cousin agreed to go with me. My mom did, too.

Mom and I went early and got drinks at Equator coffee and tea. I got an oolong tea and mom got a latte. We met my cousin there. He had a sour cherry soda.

After we finished our drinks, we walked to the theater and settled into our seats. The play started right on time, with the lights on. We were laughing from the first moment. I loved the whole thing, but the ending had so much slapstick, I had a hard time figuring out whodunit. It really didn’t matter, though, since the comedy was the important part.

As I went to stand up, a friend poked her head into our section to say hi. I didn’t know she was going to see the same play. It was nice to see her.

After the play, we went to one of my favorite places, Koja, for a late lunch. I also got a Thai iced tea at the vegan place. All was delicious.

We talked for a long time after, before heading home. The train was late, so we caught a train to bring us closer to home, and called uber. My daughter beat the uber driver there, so I have a cancellation on my uber account. So much for my 5.0 star rating.

We napped before dinner. I hadn’t realized how exhausting laughing that much could be. It was such a fun day.