I had tickets for the Giants game for today, but my daughter ended up scheduled at work, so she couldn’t go with me. My cousin’s wife agreed to go with me. Yay!

I picked her up and off we went.  We were almost there and realized that we didn’t have sunblock.  Oops.

We got into the lot, no problem.  Got through security and ticketing, and realized it was a giveaway day.  Bags.  Perfect for carrying stuff in to future games.

We got lunch and headed to our seats.  It wasn’t too hot yet.  Around the fourth inning, it was hot.  We took a walk for a snack and wandered back to the seats.  We had cooled off enough to hit the end of the game.  Unfortunately, the Giants lost, but we got to spend time together, so it was a nice afternoon.  Despite the sunburn and the team’s loss.

International night

My daughter’s dance troop was asked to perform at international night at an elementary school.

There were several other dance troops there.

This was part of the Tahitian group that included my friend’s daughter. I hadn’t seen my friend in quite a while, so it was nice to catch up a bit.

This is part of the Hawaiian troop that one of my daughter’s instructors dances with.

The performances went smoothly, other than a few technical difficulties with the music and microphone.

Gardening supply store

Black pansies.

My daughter and I stopped at the gardening supply store over the weekend. She loves to look at every plant and stone and takes forever.

After we’d been there about fifteen minutes, I attracted the attention of the staff. She wanted to know if she could help. I requested that she wave her wand and hurry my daughter up. She said she can’t do that, but she could offer me a chair in the shade. Sounded good to me!

I have a feeling we’ll be back. At least I’ll know where the chairs are next time.

Sailboat race

My brother and nephew were in a sailboat race. They invited my mom to watch, so I was asked to tag along.

Mom and I had a hard time finding the place. After a tour of the area, we finally found it.

We visited the crew on the boat until it got cold. Then we went inside and had a snack.

Mom and I waited inside by the huge windows and watched the race.

They managed to get past us for the first lap. We caught them as they started the second.

My nephew came up while the adults got the boat ready to put away. He said that they didn’t finish because someone was in the way. My brother showed up and said that they came in last, but finished.

What’s in the box?

I went to dinner and a movie with my cousin tonight. On the way to the theater, we dropped in to visit her wife at work. She is a pastry chef teacher and sent me home with a box of goodies.

I carried the box to purchase the tickets at the theater. The register locked up, so we had to wait for the tickets. We were early, so it was fine.

I carried the box to wander around the courtyard outside the building. I carried it up to the theater and to our seats. It sat in my seat when I went to the restroom. I briefly thought about opening it and seeing what was in it before the movie, but I didn’t think I could tie the box again. It waited patiently for us to finish our movie (Captain Marvel).

The box sat quietly on the table while we ate dinner. It sat on the seat next to me on the train while I was headed home. I found myself talking to myself on the train, and the guy near me decided it was in his best interest to move a few seats away. The box didn’t care. A gentleman decided that he needed to punch the windows in the train. I think he was trying to steal my thunder.

The box and I walked home. I did a few chores and my daughter cut the string.

Beautiful pastries. I am thankful for my family. The outing with my cousin was well worth it, with or without the box.

My brother, my brother, and me

Months ago, my daughter got tickets for us to attend a live podcast. It happened to be during spring break, so it was perfect.

I don’t actually follow this particular podcast, but the McElroy brothers do several podcasts that I do follow. I love Sawbones and Shmanners. I occasionally listen to Adventure Zone. Adventure Zone was recorded last night, and until last week, that’s what I thought we had tickets to see.

We arrived early and I was working on reading my ARC. My daughter looked at me, wearing my glasses and was confused. I don’t wear my reading glasses often. I showed her what I was reading, and she squinted at it, since the print was so tiny. I explained that because it was a PDF that I couldn’t adjust the font size easily. She spent time trying to show me how to do it. She realized that it wasn’t easy, like I said, and went back to what she was doing.

People watching was great. There were several people dressed as characters from other podcasts. Cosplay. When the show was about to start, Paul the sound guy/assistant got the loudest round of applause.

The announcement was made to take off any cosplay hats and to turn the sound off on our phones. Then to not record, but photos were ok. Then they announced that they were going to record Sawbones and Shmanners, too! I was thrilled.

Sawbones about wine.

Shmanners about Mr Rogers.

Clint McElroy introducing the brothers

The brothers about to take questions.

My photos didn’t come out well, but I was so excited. I laughed so hard. It was so much fun! I am curious to hear the edited version when it’s published.

It was a fun night and I hope they come back again soon. They were headed to Salt Lake City for today’s show.

Parking for the weekend

One thing I love about living in an area with public transportation is that I can get home from work on a Friday and park my car. I won’t have to move it until Monday morning when I go back to work. I mentioned this to someone and his response was that he can do that, just by not going anywhere all weekend. I rarely stay home all weekend.

Friday night, I parked. I stayed in. Saturday, I went to the play, so I took public transportation. Sunday, I was just going to lunch and then not doing much.  The dog changed that.  But, for the most part, the car stayed where it was.  We took my daughter’s car.