Bee Keeper

Bee keeper

The Bartlett Bee Whisperer is a very interesting page that I came across on Facebook. A beekeeper helps remove bees from homes and businesses without killing the bees. I have spent many hours reading his posts and looking at the photos. I have learned a lot about honey combs and how to tell which are new or old, and which ones hold the queen or larvae.

I hope never to need this information any time soon, but it is really interesting. The above linked article shows one building that he recently debeed. This article and the others he posts on Facebook are truly fascinating to me. Especially since I can’t get stung watching online.

Annual challenge thoughts

I ended 2019 with a Facebook argument with an 84 year old woman. She said that my annual goal is taking from my enjoyment of reading because I’m competing. Who am I competing with? A personal challenge isn’t a competition.

I knew going in that I wasn’t going to change her mind, because she and I have different ways of filling our reading time. She just goes for it and does her reading. I need the nudge to get started. Turn off the TV. Make it quiet time. Put down the phone.

I did leave it at “to each her own” but I have a feeling that I will be hearing from her again. I won’t let it stop me from my reading and the way that I schedule my down time.