Landfill stories

This exhibit is from the main library. It was from one of my last adventures there before it closed. It is all about how the landfill handles sitting around for so many years. It was interesting, but the photos don’t do it justice. Some bricks had imprints of paper that sat on it for years. It was a discovery of history that wasn’t meant to be discovered, but became a happy accidental find. There is so much history in our landfills just waiting to be discovered some day.

Virtual field trips

Virtual field trips

The above linked article tells about places that are offering virtual field trips. While you are working from home or quarantined, you can still see some of these places.

This is just a partial list. I heard that the Monterey Bay Aquarium is allowing people to watch the main tank while the aquarium is closed even before I saw this article. I am sure there are several others doing the same, that aren’t on the list.

Enjoy seeing the sites without even leaving home!

Disability Pride

I was at the main library in San Francisco, after not being there for a few weeks. I found that they’d changed the displays and exhibits. The exhibit on artists, etc with disabilities was nice.

As I was walking through the exhibit, I found an artist I knew by reputation. I’ve read his book and I hope to read his upcoming novel. He had no idea that his likeness was in the exhibit. I hope he can get to the library to see it.

Reptile expo

My daughter wanted to go to the reptile expo this weekend, so I was brought along.

I was not something I’d normally be interested in, but I took a look around and took photos.

This little one was enjoying the ride and munching away on her gummy worms.  She offered me a half eaten one.  I declined.  Just for the record, I didn’t know this child.

I did one round of the expo and wandered into the lobby to wait.  I found a group of random people who were waiting for family members.   We were wondering whose family member was coming out first.   At least mine was answering texts. Mine came out first, after an hour or so.  I waved as we left them. I hope they aren’t still there.

Alcatraz Occupation 1969

The San Francisco library is having exhibits honoring the 1969 native American occupation. I went to two of the talks, and I looked at two of the exhibits. There are two more that I haven’t gotten to. I am learning a lot that I wasn’t expecting to learn. I am amazed that a lot of this stuff wasn’t taught in school, and if it was, it was taught with a biased slant.

I plan on going back and finishing the other two exhibits.

I found this at the Sunset library. I need to look into it, too.

I have found all of this information fascinating. History that I had no knowledge of.