Elevate Your Kindle Experience

Elevate your kindle experience

In the above linked article, there are 4 things that the average person might not know about their Kindle.

You can loan books to others for 14 days. There is the option to loan through Amazon, under my devices and content. You used to be able to loan it three times, then they took the option away totally, but now you can loan it once. The other person must be ready to receive it and read fast. Only 14 days!

You can send personal content to your device. It doesn’t need to be in Kindle format. The only downfall with this one is that you can’t send your notes to Goodreads, since it’s not quite in the right format.

Your Kindle will keep your notes and highlights in one spot. I didn’t know this one. I’ll have to try it. There’s a link to the spot in the article. I haven’t found it on my actual device, but I will look around later.

You can return purchases you made. Don’t take advantage of this or your ebook rights might be suspended. I’ve had my Kindle for many years. I think I’ve returned only 3 or 4 times in the many years that I have had a Kindle account. Usually because of a duplicate purchase or I fell asleep and hit the one click button. It happens. Not often, though.

I know that there is a new Nook coming out, and I still can’t see the benefit of the Nook over the Kindle. I haven’t been convinced yet. I am still a Kindle fan, and sharing these things with you just reminds me of why I am a fan.

Ebook Downloads

Ebook downloads

The above linked website lists several websites with free ebooks. Some of the links don’t work, so I didn’t bother to list those or the ones that weren’t in English. I haven’t checked all of them, but it looks like a good list.

  1. Classic Bookshelf
  2. The Online Books Page
  3. Project Gutenberg
  4. Page by Page Books
  5. Classic Book Library
  6. Classic Reader
  7. Read Print
  8. Planet eBook
  9. The Spectator Project
  10. Bibliomania
  11. Online Library of Literature
  12. Bartleby
  13. Fiction.us
  14. Free Classic Literature
  1. Readbookonline.net
  2. Plays
  3. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
  4. Plays Online
  5. ProPlay
  6. Public Bookshelf
  7. The Internet Book Database of Fiction
  8. Free Online Novels
  9. Foxglove
  10. Baen Free Library
  11. The Road to Romance
  12. Get Free Ebooks
  13. John T. Cullen
  14. SF and Fantasy Books Online
  15. Free Novels Online and Free Online Cyber-Books
  1. The Literature Network
  2. Poetry
  3. Poem Hunter
  4. Famous Poetry Online
  5. Google Poetry
  6. Banned Books
  7. World eBook Library
  8. DailyLit
  9. A Celebration of Women Writers
  10. Free Online Novels
  11. Authorama
  12. Prize-winning books online

Bookworm points

I scored a 31.  I have done all of these things.  If you count the number of times I double bought a book, my score would be much higher.  One reason I don’t double buy as many books is that with ebooks, Amazon alerts me that I’ve already purchased it, and when.