Happy Independence Day

I had an appointment in the morning, and I didn’t allow enough time to get get ready, drive and check in. I went flying out of the house with just the bare essentials and put my shoes on in the car. I arrived with two minutes to spare. Woohoo!

When I got back home, inky informed me that it was nap time. I couldn’t really nap because I had a to-do list. I did a little of the list and then napped until it was time to go to catch the train. We were headed downtown to have dinner and go to a class on fireworks.

My wine glass had a cheat mark on it for the bartender.

A little Schoolhouse Rock to start us off. Then several sideways videos to show the different colors that elements burn.

Upcoming classes…

We called an uber to get us home, because the city fireworks were going, in the fog. We figured we’d get out of there before everyone else tried. They had closed the street we were on. Great. We ended up walking to the uber and taking a different route home, seeing all the illegal fireworks along the route.

The dogs weren’t happy when we got home, since they had put up with fireworks without us. They got to go on a car ride with my daughter who drove her friends home. They were much calmer by the time they got back home.

A late night for me who had to work the next morning. All is good, though. I’ll make it through the day. I hope everyone had a great Fourth!

Canine book critic

I put books on my wishlist, and occasionally my family orders them for me.  This one, Ask Again, Yes, was on my wishlist.  I thought it wasn’t coming out until August, so I was surprised to find that it had been partially eaten by Doris.  I guess she decided that it wasn’t worth reading?  I will still read it, since I found all the pages, I think.  Goodreads says that it is 400 pages, and there are only 390 in the book, but the last page is blue, and page 390 is the last page of the author thanking friends and family.  I may have to check the book out of the library after I finish it, to see what’s on those last ten pages.

Another emergency vet trip

Friday night, I was almost asleep when my daughter yelled down the stairs that Molly ate ibuprofen. We had her out the door and into the car after I called the vet. She was at the vet with vomiting induced within fifteen minutes. The vet couldn’t find any of the tablets, so Molly got a two night stay at the emergency vet.

The next morning, the vet called. Molly was good except for a slightly elevated liver test. They’ll test again at night. Kidneys are great so far. And, big surprise, she ate the activated charcoal with no problem. We have to bring the prescription over before dinner. They want us to visit.

We tracked down her prescription and brought it over and visited a while.

She smoked us out with some stinky gas. Worse than usual. They brought her back in after about an hour.

The vet called with an update. She’s got a little diarrhea and regurgitation, but is busy jumping on all the staff and has horribly stinky gas. We should be able to bring her home Sunday evening.

Sunday morning, the vet called again. Liver and kidney numbers are great. She is eating everything she can and the diarrhea is gone. She can come home after her next blood work at midnight. Then more blood work at the regular vet next week. So. We’re hopeful, but still nervous.

Parking for the weekend

One thing I love about living in an area with public transportation is that I can get home from work on a Friday and park my car. I won’t have to move it until Monday morning when I go back to work. I mentioned this to someone and his response was that he can do that, just by not going anywhere all weekend. I rarely stay home all weekend.

Friday night, I parked. I stayed in. Saturday, I went to the play, so I took public transportation. Sunday, I was just going to lunch and then not doing much.  The dog changed that.  But, for the most part, the car stayed where it was.  We took my daughter’s car.