Sniffing the cactus

Molly is very predictable. She loves breaking down cardboard boxes. She loves chasing the reflection from the glass on watches. She fetches potatoes. She will only pee in large patches of dirt, like the backyard. She won’t pee or poop while she’s on the leash. She cries when she sees other dogs. She will sniff anything that she can. She is infatuated with succulents and cacti. She’s afraid of cats. She’ll stick her head in any paper bag, just to see if the compost is available to sample from.

She’s not an angel, but we know what she will do. I forget a lot that not everyone realizes this.

I took her for a walk today, after running her around to burn off some energy. We walked down the street and she started sniffing all the lawns and plants all the way down the street. We almost reached the corner and she spotted a cactus. I thought, great. We’ll be here a while as she started her full investigation of the cactus. I looked up and saw my neighbor watching us.

He looked at me and snapped “I don’t want your dog peeing there.” I explained that she just likes smelling everything and she already peed before we left the house. He rudely said “well, I have a seven year old to protect, so she’d better not.”

I just walked away with Molly. I started thinking. What exactly is he protecting his kid from? Dog pee? I suppose that he could catch leptospirosis, but she’d have to have been infected, and she did get a vaccination for it because she played in a river a while ago. These infections are pretty rare in humans, anyhow. Doesn’t the neighbor have bigger problems if his kid is playing with a cactus?

I decided to let it go. I know my dog and it’s really none of his business if my dog stops to smell the roses. Or cactus in this case.

How to Name Your Pet

Over the last few weeks, I have noticed more dogs out and about with their owners. I guess the owners are getting out more, so the pets get out more.

I was walking out of work and I could hear a woman dropping her car off with the valet. I heard, “come on Nama. Be good. Nama, stay. Nama stay.” I just knew that she named that dog just so she could say Namaste.

A few days later, as I was going in to work, I saw a woman trying to get out of the car while her dog yapped away inside. “Come on, Loretta. Calm down.” I don’t think I’ve ever met a dog named Loretta before.

Kallie lives in the house which has a backyard that shares a fence with us. When we let our dogs out, it sounds like a tea party is going to happen. “Molly, Doris, Kallie! Keep it down out there!” They mostly just bark to talk, not out of anger. We don’t trust them enough to meet each other face to face.

I love to hear entertaining pet names. If you’ve heard any, please share.

Stolen box

Every month, our dogs get a bark box. The box is small and usually fairly light. We allow Molly to retrieve it and open it herself.

I ordered a new swimsuit. I was headed out for a short time, so I just kicked it inside our entry way and went on my way.

When I came home, Molly was in the entry way, waiting for me. My daughters let her out and she said hi to me as I came up the walkway. We went inside and shut the gate.

Suddenly, Molly saw the box. She grabbed it and ran upstairs with it. The kids caught her and sent her back downstairs. I managed to get the box from her, but she was still interested in the box. I opened it and got the innards out. She tried to take the swimsuit. I managed to keep the suit and I gave her the empty box. She was still excited and ran back up stairs with it. She had her fun with the box and then it got recycled.

About an hour later, her bark box was delivered. I guess she knew it was about time for her package to come. I guess we need to teach her to read the labels before she assumes it’s for her.

Reading to the dog

I was two books shy of my reading goal for the year. I decided to bring some books up to read to Molly while I kept her company until her mom got home from work.

Molly was not impressed with the book about Misty Copeland. She decided to try to lick the pages. I finished it anyway.

She was more interested in the book about Paul Robeson. I think, though, that she was more interested in showing me her new toy. At least she didn’t lick pages.

There are several programs available to kids who would like to improve their reading. One is reading to dogs. I love the idea of these programs, which is why I tried to read to Molly, figuring I’d take care of two things at once. I would hope that the dogs in the kids programs wouldn’t be as wiggly and excited to see people. The poor kids would be licked to clean and possibly tackled when they sat down.

I did finish my reading goal, despite the “help.” Now I’m thinking of the goal for 2020. I have a week to figure it out.

The Dog Doesn’t Die

The dog doesn’t die

The above linked article talks about a website you can visit to read books that are rewritten so that the dog doesn’t die in the end, like the originals. It covers books like Cujo, Old Yeller, and Where the Red Fern Grows.

I am not too sure about these books, since, at least in Old Yeller and Cujo, the dog’s death is a major part of the book. One of these days I’ll check out the rewrites, though. Maybe.

Ballot delivery

I got my ballot ready to drop off at the polling place Tuesday. I went upstairs to collect my daughter’s ballots to drop them off. I made the mistake of saying “I am going to walk them down to the drop off box.” I had the dog’s attention, since I said “walk.”

I normally am not the one walking Molly. She’s a big girl, right around 55 pounds. My first task was to get her harness on her. One foot in, aim the other foot in, and the first foot came out. It was a process. I was going to win. I eventually did.

Getting the leash on was the next task. Easily done, first try!

We opened the gate to go outside. We started down the street. Oh no. Pedestrian. Molly is very friendly. To the point of knocking people over. Thankfully, she’s very good at “sit.” I told the man walking that she’s very friendly, but a little overly enthusiastic and excited. She did not jump on him, but he was ready for her. I kept her as close to me as I could.

We continued our walk to the corner, and she sat while we looked for traffic. We took a turn toward the polling place. Molly hadn’t been on that block before. She had to sniff every smell and pee on the middle of the sidewalk. Great. I forgot we have the one dog who doesn’t like to do her business on grass.

We finally made it to the block where the drop box was. A dog was barking at Molly. She decided he was a friend and wanted to play. She didn’t like that I told her we weren’t stopping. The other dog was telling her the same thing.

We got to the address to do the drop off. There were at least four people inside. Great. Molly wanted to visit them all. Thankfully, the man outside was a dog person and was not offended by Molly’s greeting.

Eventually I managed to get the ballots into the box and Molly didn’t play bull in a china shop in the polling place. She tried hard, but didn’t succeed.

We walked home, and when we were a half block from home, I realized I didn’t have my keys. I’d have to take Molly inside through the garage, past the cats. That is never pleasant.

I phoned my daughter to find out if she was able to open the door. She was waiting outside with Doris, who had an injured foot, so she wasn’t able to walk with us. Molly and Doris greeted each other like they hadn’t seen each other in months. Molly was worn out from her walk, so it was calmer than usual.

My daughter asked how the walk was. It was an upper body workout for me. Cardiac workout for Molly. Double win. We will try it again, soon.


We went to see Anastasia on the stage. I took the train, as usual. On the way, I met a woman with an Irish setter. I was chit chatting with her and a tiny dog came down the street, but wouldn’t pass us because she was afraid of the Irish setter, who was perfectly behaved, but big. The small dog’s owner picked up her dog and walked past us, apologizing that her dog was a little nervous about the big dog.  Right after they passed, an Irish Wolfhound walked out of the vet’s office.  Holy Moly!  I’d never seen one up close, and I didn’t realize how large they were.  My train arrived and I went on my way to meet my friends.

We decided to have lunch first. We chose a restaurant on Mint Street, which is where the old mint was located.

The restaurant was wonderful!  Quiet.  Next door to a branch of the credit union where I had my first job.

We went to see the Robin Williams mural. I was a little disappointed to see that there was so much graffiti on it.

The show was good.  The first half was a little slow, and I didn’t feel that it needed to be a musical.  I had read too much about the true story of Anastasia so the fiction part of this was a tad hard on my brain.  The story was good, though.


Happy Independence Day

I had an appointment in the morning, and I didn’t allow enough time to get get ready, drive and check in. I went flying out of the house with just the bare essentials and put my shoes on in the car. I arrived with two minutes to spare. Woohoo!

When I got back home, inky informed me that it was nap time. I couldn’t really nap because I had a to-do list. I did a little of the list and then napped until it was time to go to catch the train. We were headed downtown to have dinner and go to a class on fireworks.

My wine glass had a cheat mark on it for the bartender.

A little Schoolhouse Rock to start us off. Then several sideways videos to show the different colors that elements burn.

Upcoming classes…

We called an uber to get us home, because the city fireworks were going, in the fog. We figured we’d get out of there before everyone else tried. They had closed the street we were on. Great. We ended up walking to the uber and taking a different route home, seeing all the illegal fireworks along the route.

The dogs weren’t happy when we got home, since they had put up with fireworks without us. They got to go on a car ride with my daughter who drove her friends home. They were much calmer by the time they got back home.

A late night for me who had to work the next morning. All is good, though. I’ll make it through the day. I hope everyone had a great Fourth!