Marriage Story

I was looking over the list on the best of Netflix article. I was reading off the names of movies I’d be interested in seeing and we decided that Marriage Story might be interesting.

I was expecting more of a comedy, but it was definitely not. It was a drama, and it was sad to watch the end of a marriage.

I felt that the couple could have had a different ending if so many other people weren’t involved. I am sure that many people have had similar stories end the way the movie did. I am also sure that others had different endings, depending on the process.

I would recommend this movie, but it was a little heavy for a distraction watch. I can see why it won so many awards, though. Very good movie, just not a lot of humor.


I watched this movie as part of a weekly Harry Potter movie series. We watched 1-8, and they host announced that we had 3 more left. What? I thought we were done.

Puffs is the Harry Potter story told by a group of Hufflepuffs. It was a play that was recorded and made into a movie. It’s humorous and very silly.

I don’t know that I would watch it again, but it was fun to watch it at least one time. Snape as the Sex Ed teacher was funny enough to make it worth watching that one time.