Getting Some Stuff Done, Using My Own Method

I made a long list of school stuff in the previous post, Not Getting Much Finished. I have made some progress since then.

I finished one class’s work, up to what is due on Thursday. I tried to get ahead, but the information hasn’t been posted online yet, so I am stuck.

I finished the reading for another class, which included watching a play. I still have writing to do by midnight tonight. I still need to write a proposal by Wednesday for this class.

I have made zero progress on my paper that is due tomorrow at midnight. I’m still sitting with 2 paragraphs to go.

I have 4 of 20 questions on the quiz done.

I have made it to page 16 of 60 pages to be read by 330 tomorrow. I have 40 pages left of my book to write about for that research paper.

I am getting there. Stuff is being pushed to tomorrow, but I am not bumping on hard deadlines, except for the one paper.

Review Requests

I am asked to review books from time to time. I usually enjoy this. Sometimes, though, the author has a deadline. I really and truly understand this. If I am unsure about being able to hit the deadline, I let the author know before I accept the task. After that, it’s the author or publishing company’s call if they want me to do the review or not.

Recently, I was asked to read a 5 book series with a due date in 3 weeks. I don’t start school again until the day before the due date, so I accepted. 3 weeks is pushing it a little, but I’ll give it a shot.

A week has gone by already, and I haven’t received the material. How do they expect me to get it read and written if they don’t send it? This isn’t the first time this has happened. It’s just the first time with this particular author. It’s hard to meet deadlines if no one else is meeting them.