Dance to the Muszac

I have a knack for finding the interesting people wherever I go. I went to the grocery store and was standing at the deli, waiting my turn. The woman who was being helped had the cutest shoes on. I complimented her. I got the longest response that I have received in a long time. “Thank you so much! They are Danskins so they are supposed to last at least ten years. They are very comfortable and I keep getting them painted by the cobbler who says they show no signs of breaking down any time soon and they are 7 years old. I had no idea that they would look this good when they are this old.” Wow. I think that she hasn’t spoken to anyone in a while.

I had an uneventful trip around the store, filling up the cart. No one in my way. No one doing anything that annoyed me. Nothing. Phew.

I got to the point where I was trying to choose a checkout line. A man was trying to do the same thing. He was entertaining himself while he did the deciding. He was dancing the cha-cha to the music playing overhead. In normal times, I would have cut in and joined him, but it’s not easy to be lead from 6 feet away. I smiled at him, but he couldn’t tell because of my mask, I am sure. He suggested that I take lane 6, and he’d take lane 4. Worked for me!

I miss dancing with random people in the grocery store. Or Starbucks. Or the mall.

Irish Dancing

Irish dancing

The above linked video tells about a woman who enjoys taking Irish dancing, even though she isn’t Irish. She has been accused of appropriating the Irish culture. She touches upon in this interview, telling about how she isn’t misappropriating the culture, and that she had to learn about the culture in order to fully understand the dances. I think it is full of very good information about not jumping to conclusions.

Dress rehearsals

Every year, twice a year, my daughter’s dance troop has a big show.

The week before, they run choreography, depending on how many are in the show, and in each dance. The two nights before the show, they have dress rehearsals. The first half is on Wednesday. The second half is on Thursday. The show is on Friday.

Rehearsal nights are always chaos. And they go late. They are exhausting for those of us who volunteer to help out. Thankfully, since my daughter’s been doing this a long time, she can handle her own costuming, and I no longer need to help her with that part. The supervising, helping with paperwork for the younger group, and listening to the drama is exhausting enough, especially since rehearsals go way past my bedtime.

I can only imagine what the dancers go through. They have school and work and they are there for hours, watching, waiting their turns, and doing homework.

The last dress rehearsal was last night, and I managed to get some footage. I hope the show goes well tonight. A lot of work goes into them.

International night

My daughter’s dance troop was asked to perform at international night at an elementary school.

There were several other dance troops there.

This was part of the Tahitian group that included my friend’s daughter. I hadn’t seen my friend in quite a while, so it was nice to catch up a bit.

This is part of the Hawaiian troop that one of my daughter’s instructors dances with.

The performances went smoothly, other than a few technical difficulties with the music and microphone.

Field trip today

My daughter’s dance troop had a field trip today to dance at a middle school assembly. It was the younger part of the group, so my daughter wasn’t part of the group.

They were desperate for drivers, and I had been fingerprinted, etc, for the school, so they practically begged me to go. I was off work for bereavement leave, so I agreed to go.

I had to be at the meeting point at 7:30 am, but I didn’t realize it was raining. I arrived a few minutes late, but I was there before some of the kids.

I picked up the huge school van. What a difference between that and my tiny little car. The kids loaded up their costumes and themselves in the car, and then we started the seat belt argument. We were the first van to leave, since we finished the loading up and argument first.

I am a slow driver, and I’m even slower with the huge van and the kids in it. I was expecting to get at the performance location at the same time as the other three vans. My GPS decided to send me to the staff parking lot, so I had to drive around the building to get to where I needed to be. I arrived as the third van. But, we all got there.

We learned from last year. We arrived and located the bathroom. Then insisted on chairs for the chaperones. Then we settled in to watch the show and take photos. I was getting texts about the funeral plans, but one thing at a time.

The first performance went smoothly. The first batch of kids left and the second came in. The second performance went smoothly too.

Then, to change and have lunch. We got everyone back into the vans and headed to in n out after having the seat belt argument, again. The place was crawling with the dancers. Everyone got their orders and sat. Suddenly, all the kids got up and started walking. Ok. I guess we’re headed back to school.

We dropped the kids off, returned the vans and headed on our way. I ended up at the funeral home again. Ticking things off the list. I am looking forward to a quiet evening tonight. This means that someone will have something for me to do when I get home.

Dress rehearsals and performances

This week has been a long one. The big show on Friday means extra long classes and dress rehearsals all week. Plus weekend practices. Between work, school, life admin, and rehearsals, no one got much sleep. Plus, we’re coming up on finals week.

The show went well, other than the program from last year being printed instead of this year’s. Maybe they’ll figure it out before May’s big show.