The last weekend away

After work on Friday, I drove back up to the condo for the last weekend away.  I crashed dinner with my mom and her cousins and a friend.  I ordered something I normally don’t, lamb shank, and ate half, and brought the other half back for lunch the next day.

On Saturday morning, I spent time by the pool.  See how crowded it was?

I spent time listening to a family yell at a girl who was about 8 years old.  They were trying to teach her to dive.  The kid was the only one with a valid point.  “It’s too shallow.  Diving isn’t allowed here.”  The adults had the argument, “We’ve done the Iron Man.  We know what we’re doing.”  Well, 1) just because you’ve done it, doesn’t mean you can coach it and 2) I don’t recall a diving portion of the Iron Man.

What the shower would look like if I had none of my products in it.

The preseason football games were on Saturday evening, so my mom and her cousin and I did a puzzle while the cousin’s husband watched the game.  It took us longer than we thought, so we had to work on it the next morning.

I couldn’t leave before I finished the puzzle.

I packed up the car and went home.  I stopped at the grocery store to do meal prepping for breakfasts and lunches for the week.  I also made dinner and cleaned up a bit.

I went to bed exhausted, with a long todo list for the week.  I started it the moment I opened my eyes Monday morning.

It’ll be another year before I go back.  It was a nice relaxing time, even though I didn’t get as much reading done as I thought I would.

Doing a favor for a friend

A friend asked me to do a favor for her at 4 am today. I said no problem. Alarms all set, I went to sleep. I woke up at 1 am, and realized that it was possible she meant 4 am Eastern time. Yup! Thankfully, I realized it in plenty of time to get it done. Now I get to sleep in, feeling accomplished.

In theory, that is. I got the order done, but the card I tried to use didn’t want to work, so I had to fully wake up to figure out why and what to do. Then I tried to email her the confirmation that I’d accomplished my middle of the night task, but my address book on my email account decided that it wasn’t going to work. I had to hand type her email address in. Thankfully, I knew it, but suddenly blanked on if it was yahoo or gmail. I guessed right.

Of course, by then I had to get up and use the bathroom, because what else does one do in the middle of the night?

I got back in bed and had to find extra blankets since our heatwave finally broke and my toes were cold.

I didn’t eat much dinner because I wasn’t hungry at dinner time. I don’t want to get up and eat at this time of night because I don’t want to let my stomach think that it’s an option. I’ll drink water, so I’ll have to get up and use the bathroom again in an hour or so.

I don’t know where my purse is with my kindle on it, and I don’t want to fall asleep with my reading light on, so I decided to write here instead of read. It didn’t make me tired, though. I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and find the purse.

Now that I’ve found the purse by getting up and turning on the light, I should be fully awake.

And I just remembered that my daughter reminded me right before bedtime that I told her I’d drive her and a friend somewhere with no parking in the morning. At least her version of morning starts closer to noon than most people’s version of morning.

It’s 2 am now. I am going to stop writing and read for a little while. Hopefully I’m tired enough that a little while won’t take me to morning. Goodnight!

Worst cooks in America

A new season of “worst cooks in America” has started. I love this show. It makes me feel better about my own cooking skills.

Two professional chefs teach horrible cooks to cook. At the end of the series, they mostly have some kind of clue as to how to cook. But the beginning episodes, I spend a lot of time wondering how people can be so clueless.

One of the celebrity episodes shows everyone wondering what the unusual smell is. It turned out that someone had placed her notebook on a lit burner and set the notebook on fire.

Another episode, there was a group effort where they were making a cake, similar to a pineapple upside down cake. All was going well until they went to turn the cake out. They forgot a major step when the professional chef started yelling at them “on the plate! On the plate!” I don’t know where they thought the cake needed to go. Into someone’s hands?

Another tidbit I found funny was that a chef described the fishy nougat in a tuna sandwich. That does not sound delicious.

Dinner with a friend

Last week, I went downtown to have dinner with a friend. We’ve been trying for months to get our schedules together, so it was really important.

As I left the house, dad asked “Are you taking Inky with you? She wants to go with you.” Nope. A cat on public transportation and then downtown? No thank you.

I got on the train to be greeted by a woman with a box of the biggest cuties I have ever seen. I resisted the urge to tell her “your cuties are huge!”

Just before we entered the tunnel to go downtown, we were thrown off the streetcar since it had reached its final stop. What? No it didn’t, but ok. I walked to the next stop to get on the next train and ended up back on the same train I had just gotten off of.

As we traveled further along, I saw a guy with red sequin tie, blue long sleeved shirt with white fur cuffs and tinsel edging, with a grey fur shawl. I would have liked to ask his story, but I didn’t have the courage.

Finished an audiobook on the train ride.

It was very crowded union square. I really wanted to yell at people to move, but didn’t. My friend was proud of me.

We went to the cheesecake factory where we waited an hour for our appetizers, so we got them comped. Crab and artichoke dip. Yum.

I had the Thai chicken and shrimp with coconut curry, peanut sauce, and brown rice. Delicious.

After dinner, it was late so we both headed home. According to the schedule, my friend’s train was arriving first. We were waiting for friend’s train which was going other direction. His train arrived, so I turned around to wait for mine. My train arrived at the same time. Perfect!

Corkscrew vs screw top

My mom was going to bring me a glass of wine. Very nice of her. She got the bottle and searched for the corkscrew. She finally found it, then announced that she couldn’t get the plastic off the cork, so she said she was just putting the corkscrew through the plastic. Ok. That works.

Soon, I heard my daughter laugh. It turns out that mom had put the corkscrew through a screw off top. Then the next task was getting the screw top off without cutting herself. She managed! Then we had to finish off the bottle since we didn’t have a lid for the bottle anymore.

It’s always something.