Make Mine Magic by Shanna Swendson

Make Mine Magic by Shanna Swendson

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I have been a fan of the author for a while, and I was glad to see that there was a book of hers that I hadn’t read yet.

I truly enjoyed the book, as it was written in the same fashion as her Enchanted, Inc books. A little mystery, a little romance, a little magic, all rolled into one. The ending wasn’t as predictable as it could have been, but, with romances, they tend to have a similar theme. The journey to the end is what’s important, not where they end up.

I hope to find more of her books that are similarly written. I have been enjoying them.

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Make Mine Magic

Reading an Author All the Way Through

There are various authors whose work I have loved!  I am trying to read my way through each of the authors’ bodies of work.  I am excited when I see a book that the author has written that I haven’t read yet.

I was very excited to see that Meg Cabot has new books published, and books that will be published soon. I love that she has various series, and they are mostly different genres. I’ve finished the Princess Diaries series, other than three of the mini stories

Shanna Swendson has a lot of series, also. I have finished the Enchanted, Inc series, and I LOVED them. I am about to start the Fairy Tales series and the Rebel Mechanics series. I hope they are as good.  I am currently reading Twice Upon a Christmas, even though it’s June.

I so far have loved each of Jodi Taylor’s books.  I bought them all at once for my Kindle.  I am working on them slowly, since other books need attention, too.

I am sure I will add other authors to this list, but these are three of my favorites, so far.  Working my way through books I am just loving is a decadent way to pass time.