Cat hotel

At my house, so many different things are used as cat beds. My favorite is the random paper bag taken from the bag of leftover shopping bags. The cats fight over it occasionally, but then one realizes that paper beds aren’t so glamorous and she finds another one. The cats will play in cardboard boxes, but they aren’t fans of sleeping in them.

Mini kicks people off of the kitchen chair when it’s her naptime. Inky will hide in the garage and we will find her on the pile of laundry.

Inky’s favorite place to be, though, other than on my lap, is on top of the refrigerator. She sits up there and watches whoever is cooking. She supervises and occasionally tosses out a bit of cat hair to hopefully not end up in food. I guess she considers it the penthouse. Thankfully, she doesn’t have to pay by the day, because then she’d be asking for money from me. Maybe we should have her get a job?

The Far Side Comics – The New Stuff

Far side, the new stuff

I have always loved The Far Side Comics. For years, they were featured in the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, so I think I managed to read all of them.

I was thrilled to hear that Gary Larson was drawing new comics. The above linked website shows them. Unfortunately, there are only two new ones on there, so far. The old ones are still there, though, so it’s worth looking into.

What kind of reader are you?

This popped up for me several times. I think I have posted it before, but I can’t seem to find where I posted it. Please excuse the duplicate post if this is one.

I have been most of these types of readers at some point in my life. Currently, I am usually a nocturnal reader. With bookclubs, I tend to be a guilty reader sometimes. I read multiple books at once, so I guess I could be classified as indecisive, too.

Always, though, I am classified as a reader.