I had little on yesterday’s agenda, and Shazam was playing nearby, so I decided to take myself to the movies.

The movie was cute. It wasn’t the same as when I was a kid watching it on Saturday morning cartoons, but I laughed a lot and followed the action.

After the movie, I stopped at Starbucks then at the book store. I browsed for a long time. Independent book stores are great. I always want to buy them out. Today, the employees were discussing an upcoming contest involving guessing how many objects are in a jar. One was arguing that they can’t do that because someone can do the math and figure out the exact amount. No one is going to do that was the argument back. I pitched in my two cents. These are readers, not mathematicians, plus no one is going to take the trouble to figure it out mathematically.

I took the train home. I got to the station and just missed a train. I looked at the board and there was nothing listed for upcoming trains for my line. I was really confused. I went up to the board that showed each train and where it was on the line. There was a train about 8 stops away. And one ten stops away. “29 minute wait.” Something was definitely wrong with the system. I watched the train move closer and closer. It arrived about fifteen minutes after I arrived at the station. So much for 29 minutes. On the way home, the drive was smooth, other than the driver stopping at a stop that isn’t a stop anymore. Scenic route, I guess.

It was a nice, mostly uneventful day. I should have more of those.


When I first heard of Falsettos, I knew I wanted to go. I hemmed and hawed over getting tickets. I asked several friends if they wanted to go with me, but they all declined.

I did have a friend who was going, but she and her family already had their tickets, so I decided to go the same day they were going, so I could meet them before for coffee. I had tea.

I took public transportation to the theater, as usual. On the way to catch the train, a pedestrian sneezed. I blessed her, of course. She turned around to ask what I said, then told her companion that I had done that. She was surprised.

The train itself was uneventful, but when I got out of the station, there was a gentleman on a microphone telling us that if we were there instead of in church, we were going to hell. Ok. Well, he wasn’t in church, either. Does that mean he’s going? Around the corner from him was another gentleman telling us that Jesus doesn’t want us doing anything but think of Jesus. No walking. No eating. No smoking. No drinking.

They had been complaining about going for weeks. No one they knew liked the show, and they informed me that they were planning on leaving at intermission. I figured that even if I hate it, I’m sticking it out because it’s not like a book where I could pick it up later. They were still complaining over coffee.

The first half dragged on and on. The music wasn’t catchy and it was pretty much a set up for the second half. It lasted just over an hour. It could have been set up in fifteen minutes.

My friends left at intermission. The second half started. The music was peppier and the story livened up a lot. It had laugh out loud and chuckle parts. About halfway through the second half you could see it darkening up and I could tell what was going to happen. It wasn’t uplifting, but it was good.

Really, if it hadn’t been for the first half, I would have truly enjoyed the play. About a third of the audience left at intermission and wasn’t sticking around to see how it turned out.

After the play, I went to the art supply store for new brushes. I walked through the area where the tourism information center was. It was full of drug dealers and people playing music too loud. Wouldn’t you think that if they were trying to promote tourism, they’d attempt to clean the area up?

I took public transportation part way home. The lady next to me sneezed and I blessed her. She talked about her allergies and which pollen is in the air in our area. I caught an uber to get the rest of the way home. At least he was silent all the way home.

What color is your coffee?

My coffee is colored F. I love my coffee. I used to take it very sweet, but I worked my way down to no calorie coffee. I really am not a sweet coffee fan anymore. If I go to a fancier coffee place, I get a nonfat latte. No sugar in the coffee. I tend to buy flavored coffee, though, so I enjoy the smell even more. Hazelnut, butter toffee, buttery caramel, etc. My co-workers always wonder what the sweet smell is if they haven’t noticed that I have my cup of coffee. I do drink just plain black coffee if that’s all that’s available, though.

My Christmas

I have had several Christmas get togethers already. The people giving the gifts knew me well, for the most part.

My uncle gave me a major hint about what to get him for Christmas, which was much appreciated. I received a Starbucks card from him.

My manager at work handed me a Fandango gift card and declared me the most impossible person to buy for. My coworkers stepped up to my rescue and told her she just doesn’t listen to me. That was great.

I had a friend give me a book that was on my to be read book. She already read it, so she gifted it to me because the book exchange she was going to required only new books over $15. She decided she wasn’t going to the exchange. I benefited.

Another friend pulled my name for the stocking exchange. I received a book mark, Giants, swimming, and Tinkerbell items, along with other things.

My kids gave me stuff for my upcoming trip and pjs for the family party last night.

My parents gave me a bottle of wine, a book seat (I’ll blog about that later), a couple of books, and chocolate. I also got a couple of Tinkerbell towels and more pjs. Mom couldn’t figure out how to gift ebooks, so I didn’t receive them from my parents.

This year, the gifts were well thought out. I feel like I was slacking on giving, but I did ok with the giving. It’s just that all the gatherings are spread out this year, so the gifts went over several paychecks.

I received snuggles from my nap buddy and was acknowledged by Mini. I was also allowed a three hour nap. So I got lovely gifts from the felines.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

My story telling style

A friend of mine posted this. It definitely describes my story telling style. Only, instead of getting to the point, I forget what the point was for several minutes.

It’s not so evident when I write, because I have time to go back and add the tangential stories, and when I forget the point, I just don’t post it until I remember what I was getting at. If I have people ask me questions about my story, I can go back and edit.

The ADHD is why I’m all over the place. Story telling. Gym time to exercise off the crazy. Keeping way too busy to keep from side tracking myself. Making lists so I don’t forget anything.

It’s also a big part of my insomnia. ADHD patients have similar sleep patterns. It’s almost like their brains get side tracked with sleep. “I’ve done this enough. What else is there to do now?” Sleep a couple of hours. Wake up. Attempt to sleep more. Repeat.

I have been asked why I don’t medicate my ADHD if I’m so sure I have it. I have not been officially diagnosed, but I fit every pattern of ADHD patients. I self medicate with coffee to keep the crazy mostly away. I don’t want to go on actual medication because I’ve seen my family members on medication, and know that they have totally different personalities on and off their meds.

I feel strongly that I am who I am. If you don’t like it, you don’t need to be my best friend. I like who I am and don’t want to change it. One of my friends told me “I’d rather be someone’s shot of whiskey than everyone’s cup of tea.” That sums me up perfectly.

A Bronx Tale

I was offered a free ticket to see A Bronx Tale with a friend. I jumped at the chance. I was free in the morning before I was supposed to have a Christmas celebration at my aunt’s house.

The night before, my daughter had a dance performance and as it was finishing, I got a text that I would need to go to work the day of the play. Because of both the play and the Christmas celebration, I really couldn’t unless it was early or late. My co-worker was out of town, so she wouldn’t be available until the next day. Therefore, late it was.

I got a call early morning, from my manager, confirming that I’d have to go in. So much for sleeping in a little.

I got onto the train, with about fifty people dressed as Santa. It was noon and they were very obviously drunk already. It was obvious that my quiet reading time on the train was not happening today. After a few texts to friends and an internet search, I found out that Santa con was happening today, and they’d be getting off at the same stop as me. I got serenaded with loud, off key, drunken Christmas carols mixed with drunken rounds of “hey! Everyone shut up!” No one did.

Santas and I got off at our stop. I still had walking to do, and an hour to meet my friend. I saw which way Santas were walking and I went the other direction to find lunch.

I found that my favorite Thai place had closed, so I had to look around. I found a koja place. Koja is like a sandwich, but it uses rice instead of bread. I was very, very happy with my choice. I had a pulled pork koja, and it was delicious! I recommended the place to my friend, and she’d been looking for a place that had them, other than food trucks.

After lunch, I went outside to find the beginning point for my walk. I saw a sign and thought that maybe it would be helpful. It was not.

I figured out the right direction and headed on my way. When I was almost to the theater, my friend texted that she had arrived. I told her where I was and she said she saw me and to turn around. I turned 180 degrees. Didn’t see her. So I continued to turn the full circle and walked toward the theater so I could turn my back to the theater and take a better look. I finally found her and her cousin who was joining us.

We were still super early, so we went to get coffee. We watched a long parade of Santas going by as we drank our coffee. Then we were joined by the pot smoker who was standing not very close, but was definitely causing the pot smell at the coffee shop. I managed to spill about a third of it down my cleavage. At least I was wearing black. No one could see my coffee, but everyone could smell it. I had forgotten perfume, so I guess this made up for it?

We got to our seats without any major issues. The show was wonderful. I had gone in without knowing what the story was about, but I had read that it started out as a one man show. As I was watching it, I could definitely see how it once was. The rest of the cast just made it that much more wonderful.

After the show, I jumped into an uber. We were delayed by the Santas again. I made it to my family’s Christmas celebration just as everyone else did. I had a nice visit with the family. I found out that one cousin was the EMT at the Santa con event and another was staying at a hotel smack in the middle of the Santas. I had to eat and run because of heading to work.

Work went smoothly other than me being in my dressier top and my manager being in full stage makeup, including false eyelashes. She’d had a singing performance right before going into work.

I got home at a reasonable hour and settled in quickly. I plan on getting up later than usual in the morning, before heading back to work again.