Leaving for work

Each morning, I get up, shower, dress, and attempt to get as much as I can get done on my way out the door, so I don’t have to do so much after work. I make an attempt at getting the dishwasher running and laundry, and anything else I can reasonably get done on my way out the door.

One day, my todo list included taking the laundry from the bathroom floor out to the washing machine. I picked up the laundry, grabbed my keys, purse, and mask and headed out the door. As I was opening the door, I realized that the laundry was still under my arm. Ooops. At least it didn’t make it all the way to work with me.

Doggie laundry lessons

Because Molly and I spend so much time in the garage, I decided that it was time to teach her to help out with the laundry. She watches me each time I put clothes in the washer or dryer, so she knows what to do. I decided that she can help.

She can’t really reach the washing machine well enough to put clothes in. I don’t want her to accidentally eat a laundry soap pod, so they are out of her reach, too. She doesn’t wash her paws frequently enough to allow for me to let her try to put the clean, wet clothes into the dryer. We don’t need mud on the clean clothing. She is lousy at cleaning the lint trap in the dryer. The extra lint and dust make her sneeze, and it sticks to her wet nose. The only option left was to give her the job of folding. I decided to start with towels. She informed me that opposable thumbs were required for this task. Darn it.

I ended up giving her the most important job of all – listening for the alert. She knows that I will get up and go to the washer or dryer when I hear it chime. She leads me to the machines and watches intently as I move the clothes around.

My daughter told me that I succeeded, though. I couldn’t teach Molly how to do laundry, but she learned when to do laundry. Baby steps.