Dora the Explorer movie

After a week of homework was completed, I needed a little break from thinking. I decided to watch a movie that didn’t require a ton of thought. I chose the Dora the Explorer movie.

I found it very entertaining, but mostly because I had watched so many episodes with my children when they were small. It was definitely a parody and poked fun at the children’s show.

This was an example of how the journey was more fun than the ending. We pretty much knew how it was going to end before we even turned the movie on.

If you watched the original show and enjoyed it, you’ll definitely enjoy this movie.

Surrounded by Books

Surrounded by books

The article linked above talks about literacy in children compared to the number of books in the household library. The fewer the books, the lower the literacy rates. I wonder if part of this has to do with the comfort level of the parents. If the parent is comfortable with books, and reads, there will be more books in the house. The parents being comfortable with books makes the child comfortable with books. Just my theory.

Ads for Halloween Haunt

On tv, there are ads for the Halloween event at the local theme park. Unfortunately, they seem to come on late at night. Things popping out and scaring you.

Why do they put them on tv at night when you’re trying to relax to get ready for bed? Why do they put the scary parts on at all? I try to look away when they are coming on, but I am not always paying enough attention to know it’s coming.

While I’m on the topic of ads, cigarette ads were banned from tv years ago. Why are we suddenly seeing ads for vaping products on tv? Shouldn’t they fall under nicotine products and be banned? They put a disclaimer on before the commercial, so they know that children shouldn’t be seeing the ads. Why haven’t the ads been banned yet?