Child actors

All grown up

The above linked article shows child actors that are not necessarily recognizable now that they have all grown up.

In Kid 90, Soliel Moon Frye tells some of the stories of the kids that grew up with her.

Here are a few of the child stars that I thought that I wouldn’t recognize if I passed them on the street, based on their childhood photos. These three, though, do enough work as adults that they are in the spotlight enough to be recognizable.

While I wouldn’t recognize Raven-Symone from when she was a child, I see her often enough that I would know who she was.

The same goes for Ron Howard. He’s all over the place as an adult. I am surprised that they didn’t use his photo from the Andy Griffith show, since that change would be more dramatic.

I absolutely adore Mayim Bialik as an adult. I loved her in Big Bang Theory, and now in Call Me Kat. As a child, in Blossom, not so thrilled, but in Beaches, she was great. I am surprised they didn’t let her sing in the movie.

Kid 90

I watched Kid 90 which is a documentary about the teen stars of the 90s. Soliel Moon Frye had footage of her friends when they were at the height of their stardom. It was a very interesting look at this time in her life. The majority of the story was her story, and not necessarily the story of the other child stars, but it was amazing how many of them hung out.

I was very sad to see how many of these young stars took their lives when they were so young. In some ways, the film was not only the story of her teen years, but it was a tribute to those who passed away way too young. The movie was good, but it was rather sad.

Goofus and Gallant Podcast

There are a lot of freebies that are included with Audible. I recently found that I can listen to some podcasts on it.

Goofus and Gallant was a great comic from Highlights magazine. They recently started a podcast for kids. I listened to the first episode so far. It was fun and didn’t require too much thought. It was a story about Grandma going away and leaving the boys in charge of her guinea pigs and plants. The lesson was to find a happy medium in your tasks. Don’t go overboard and don’t ignore the tasks. The music was a little annoying, but the story was ok. Definitely for kids, though.

She Persisted – Politics and Prose

I went to the Politics and Prose Zoom meeting for the new books by Chelsea Clinton, Lisa Cline-Ransome, Andrea Davis Pinkney and Atia Abawi. Deborah D. Taylor was the moderator.

I had read the book by Chelsea Clinton, She Persisted, a while ago. It’s the wonderful children’s book that tells of 13 women who made history.

The new stories that are coming out are by these authors. The women they wrote about are Harriet Tubman, Claudette Colvin, and Sally Ride. Also, a book about women in sports is being published.

So far, the She Persisted series has been wonderful for children to read. I look forward to reading them all as they come out.

Uncle Nate’s Creativity Time, part 2

Uncle Nate’s Creativity Time

The above linked article tells more about Nathan Tan, a local artist who I met at the opening of Keith’s Chicken and Waffles, which is owned by a friend. Nate did the art for Keith’s, and my daughter, an art major, recognized the artist.

Nate also designed masks and put them up for sale on his website. I got some when they were avaliable. They are beautiful and worth checking out. His website for the masks is located at He has many other items available there, too.

I’m glad that the article was written about him. He’s started a children’s show on online TV, which is linked in the article. It’s designed for the kids whose parents lack the creativity or skill to teach them art at home while we are still in the pandemic. I hope it goes far.

What to do when your neighbor’s kid won’t stay out of your driveway

When your neighbor’s kid won’t stay out of your driveway

I loved the above linked article. The home owner kept getting alerts that someone was in his driveway, so he had to do something about it. Grab your chalk and do a little research! Build a racetrack.

I am glad the article went the way it did. There are just too many grumpy neighbors out there. I was impressed when other neighbors were using the racetrack. I loved how they showed the child improving over time. Stay within the lines, kiddo.

I do hope that the child’s mom does something nice for the racetrack owner. His driveway seems to be infested by neighbors. It doesn’t really put him out much, other than a little noise and security camera alerts. I hope they have fun.

Dora the Explorer movie

After a week of homework was completed, I needed a little break from thinking. I decided to watch a movie that didn’t require a ton of thought. I chose the Dora the Explorer movie.

I found it very entertaining, but mostly because I had watched so many episodes with my children when they were small. It was definitely a parody and poked fun at the children’s show.

This was an example of how the journey was more fun than the ending. We pretty much knew how it was going to end before we even turned the movie on.

If you watched the original show and enjoyed it, you’ll definitely enjoy this movie.