Happy Independence Day

I had an appointment in the morning, and I didn’t allow enough time to get get ready, drive and check in. I went flying out of the house with just the bare essentials and put my shoes on in the car. I arrived with two minutes to spare. Woohoo!

When I got back home, inky informed me that it was nap time. I couldn’t really nap because I had a to-do list. I did a little of the list and then napped until it was time to go to catch the train. We were headed downtown to have dinner and go to a class on fireworks.

My wine glass had a cheat mark on it for the bartender.

A little Schoolhouse Rock to start us off. Then several sideways videos to show the different colors that elements burn.

Upcoming classes…

We called an uber to get us home, because the city fireworks were going, in the fog. We figured we’d get out of there before everyone else tried. They had closed the street we were on. Great. We ended up walking to the uber and taking a different route home, seeing all the illegal fireworks along the route.

The dogs weren’t happy when we got home, since they had put up with fireworks without us. They got to go on a car ride with my daughter who drove her friends home. They were much calmer by the time they got back home.

A late night for me who had to work the next morning. All is good, though. I’ll make it through the day. I hope everyone had a great Fourth!

Taking myself to lunch

I was on my way to meet my daughter so we could wait together for her car to be finished. I called her and asked where she was. Bookstore. Did she want me to get her now, or after I grabbed lunch. “After lunch. I’m reading something.” Ok, then.So, I was weighing my lunch options. My phone rang. It was the shop. The car was ready. So, sorry, kiddo. Drop the book. We’re getting the car so we can move on to more fun things.

We got the car, she went home. I decided to go to Panera for lunch. I got my usual, French Onion soup with no croutons and Green Goddess Cobb with no tomatoes. They leave me alone there, and it’s not crowded, so I can read in peace.

As I was about to leave, I got a text from my daughter, who was already home. She needed Starbucks. So, I wandered off there, since it sounded good. I got one for my mom, too.I headed home to do the Monday night chores. Garbage, recycling, compost, litter box. All the fun things!

I finally got to relax a bit, and I got a helper.

Inky has most of my blankets, all of the cat beds, and my bag of library books. Good thing I have multiple books going, or I’d be annoyed. She was very comfortable, and then heard my daughter.  She decided to go see what my daughter was doing, since it was more interesting than what I was doing – allowing her to nap.

My daughter asked me to cook dinner.  When I got up, Inky stayed in place, since I never do anything interesting to a cat, apparently.

I was told exactly what to cook, and it took a while.  I came back into my room, and found this.

Mini is on the other half of the blankets, watching my bag with my Kindle in it, and laying on the towel that I put out for the cats, to keep cat hair off the bed.  At least she kinda follows instructions.  She is lying next to Inky, so I don’t have room to get on my bed without moving a cat.  I briefly considered vacuuming to move them quickly, but it wasn’t on today’s agenda.

At least it’s time to really relax now.

Changing Sheets with Feline Help

I stripped the bed. Inky took over before I got the sheets on. I had to move her to get the fitted sheet on. Then she climbed back up, so she’s currently made into the bed.  She doesn’t seem to mind.  She’s inside warm sheets, napping.  It sounds like a good idea on most days.  Too bad Inky can’t read.  We could completely be buddies.  I just have to teach her how to change the sheets, so it’s not only me doing it.

Getting from point A to B with cats

This is what I go through every morning.  I make every attempt to not step on a cat, and to not trip and fall over one.  They make every attempt to get me to their level.  I stall them by feeding them, and I get about ten to twelve steps before someone comes back to attempt to kill me.  When there are more than one human awake, it makes it a little easier, but the cats split up and attempt to kill us both.  Or all three of us.  However many are awake.

Napping with a cat

Inky and I were napping quietly or afternoon. Suddenly my kid opens a can from the kitchen. Inky jumps up, hoping the can is for her lunch. She launches off my hip and goes screaming into the other room, just to make sure that my daughter knows she hasn’t eaten in about an hour. I am now awake.

Sleeping with a cat is usually relaxing and comforting. Apparently, it’s less so when food is involved.

Nap buddy turned reading buddy

Inky is my usual companion for nap activities.  She also helps me change my sheets.  Lately, she’s been helping me read, too.  Here, you can see that she’s “borrowed” my Book seat  for her own use, since I moved things around to change my sheets.  She’s multitasking here.  She is holding the mattress cover down, just in case gravity fails.  She’s keeping an eye on the objects that were in the room that need to leave it on cleanup day.  She had just woken up from a nap, but the nap had been between me and my kindle.  She is also using my book seat for a pillow.  Who says cats aren’t helpful?


Usually, my alarm is set for 6:30 am on a weekday. I am usually awake before then, but it is a reminder to stop reading or whatever and get ready for work.

Inky, my nap buddy, feline alarm clock, etc, doesn’t have a watch. We thought about it, but, since she can’t tell time, there really isn’t much point in getting her one.

Occasionally, both cats team up and wake me to tell me that they are starving at 4:30 am. We have almost solved this problem by giving them dinner as the last person goes to bed.

Inky now has a new trick. At 6:28 am, she jumps from the bedroom door onto my bladder. I don’t even look at the clock, because I know exactly what time it is. Today, I was supposed to be able to sleep in until 9:30. Nope. 6:28 was it. Thanks, Inky.