Catching up with reading, feline edition

I have several books that have impending deadlines. Some are library books that need to go back. Some are for bookclub that is coming up soon. Some are just to get my book stack to a reasonable level.

I have little on today’s agenda, so I plan on making progress on multiple books today.

Inky has decided to help. Partly to keep me in place, on task, and partly as my book holder.

I am reading a chapter or writing a post then moving on to the next book’s chapter or another blog post. I hope to actually finish a book or two today, along with laundry and other chores.

Off to a good start?

I wrote my what are you reading Wednesday post earlier this week, and figured out how to schedule it. I planned on touching it up a bit before actually posting it, but it decided it was good enough. All the info was there, but it wasn’t exactly in complete sentences. It got posted on Wednesday, and that was my goal for the year. So, I guess I started out ok.

I am really enjoying my kindle/library book and hope to finish it today. I woke up because of coughing from asthma and allergies, so I cancelled my other plans for today.

Today isn’t going to be as much of an adventure as I thought, but I can at least attempt productivity. I managed to feed the cats so far. They appreciated it.

Happy 2020!

The Pink Blanket

I received this blanket a few months ago, so that I wouldn’t have to turn on the heater. The cats immediately claimed it as their own. It is always wrinkled and bunched up.

This is one reason the blanket gets bunched up so easily. Mini is the other reason. They fight over who gets to sleep on it, not realizing that there is plenty of room to cuddle in.

It’s the best blanket to have to read with. It comes with at least one furry friend to help with my cozy reading.

Black Friday Sleep

Years ago, I decided I’d never step foot in a mall on Black Friday, if I wasn’t working retail there. I had the day off with not much planned, so I decided to sleep in. My nap buddy, Inky, had other ideas.

Inky woke me up at 5, chewing on a plastic wrapper, alerting me that breakfast would be two hours early. No. It won’t. Go back to sleep. I am taking the wrapper away. No, she wasn’t eating it, she just makes noise with it so we’ll investigate. She’s done it for years, not chewing enough to get a bite out of it. Just lots of noise.

I went back to sleep and managed to ignore her until it was close to regular feeding time. She sang until the food hit the bowl, and it was quiet for a while. I went back to sleep.

Normally, if she sleeps with me, she’ll climb on top of the bed and settle in on my hip. She started to do that, then, I guess she decided it was cold and pushed her way under the blankets and fell asleep under my arm. She started snoring almost immediately and kept it up for two hours. Those two hours were some of the best sleeping hours I’ve had in a while. The feline heater worked great, once it settled down.