What do you mean you’re busy?

Between work and school, I’m carrying a lot. I’m finding I am forgetting stuff trying to get everything done. I have people thinking I’m trying to avoid them, but, really, I’m just overbooked these days.

My schedule is crazy right now.

Mondays, I’m working from 7:30 to 3 ish and then getting on my laptop for class until 4:45. Then I wander home to do a few chores and do homework. I have Molly for company until my daughter gets home from dance around 11 pm.

Tuesdays, I work from 7:30 until 12:30. Then I head to school campus to do a zoom class from the library before I head to an in person class. Then I swim with a friend and get home to shower and do homework.

Wednesday mornings are variable, but I work until 2 ish then head to campus for an in person class. Then Zoom class at 8 pm.

Thursdays are similar to Tuesdays, minus the swim. But I have bookclub in the evening.

Fridays are the days that I catch up in the afternoons at work. I never know when I’m going to get out of there.

The weekends are schoolwork catch up days. More book clubs. Social time with those who catch me early enough to get stuff onto my calendar. Laundry day. Other catch up day.

I have several friends who think I am avoiding them when I say that I can’t drop what I am doing and meet them randomly on a Wednesday evening. I have work the next day. Give me a break.

This is temporary. I’ll be back to being social one of these days. I do find time to meet with people when I know ahead of time. Keep this in mind. Plus, I am still a little freaked out about being with a group of people, so I don’t do it often. It does depend on what the event is.

What a Week!

Last week was especially busy. My hours changed a lot with the first week of school. Work and school are taking up a lot of my time, as they should. A few days, due to various reasons, I left the house before 7am and didn’t get home until close to 9. By the time I settled down, this didn’t leave a lot of time for chores and sleep.

I managed to get the garbage out on Monday. I also managed to get a few days of clothing packets done. Shirt, pants, underwear and socks. The bra and shoes were separate, but they were easy to add. Boy, did this save time in the mornings.

I didn’t manage to get all the way through the readings for the week, but, thankfully, most of the classes have the longer readings scheduled later.

I am using the weekends to catch up on reading and writing. I am almost finished with my long reading for this week, that’s due on Tuesday. I hope I’ll make it.

I know that the first week of school is always a little crazy, so I am not too worried about the rest of the semester. Figuring out campus and getting from building to building is new. Room and building changes will settle down after the first week. Finding students to commiserate with will come with time.

Back to homework! I’ll post more later.

Was that an Age Crack?

A friend of mine has a similar personality to me when it comes to getting things done. When my homework is due on Sunday at midnight, I want to have it done by Thursday or Friday, to give me time to resubmit if I need to and to give me some time to have something unexpected come up. It also gives me a little free time on the weekends for family, bookclub, and other non school things.

I was running behind a little this week, and I had complained to my friend. I posted my last assignment that was due this week at 930 pm on Saturday. I messaged her and she said “congratulations! Now go to sleep.” I asked if it was an age crack. She assured me it wasn’t. I still kind of suspect that it was because that’s what was next on my agenda.

Since you’re not busy…

This phrase drives me insane. Since you’re not busy…. How can anyone know at a glance if anyone is busy or not?

I always have a list going. Sometimes it is in my head. Sometimes it’s on paper. If I am not actively doing something, I am generally thinking of my next project.

I know that I’m not the only one who does this. I also know that everyone is kind of testy these days. Let’s give each other a break and think before speaking.

Going to the laundromat

I have had some strange dreams lately. I think my mind is on overload with all the changes that are going on. One of my dreams this week was about going to the laundromat. I got there, had all of my clothes and soap and such. I got everything loaded into the washer and found out that the machines no longer take quarters. They take slices of white bread only. Thankfully, 711 is next door, so I was able to go over and buy some bread, but wow, Brain. Where’d that come from?

Spinning my wheels

I have anxiety issues over time. Schedules that get changed or not given to me make me anxious. I have full blown panic attacks sometimes.

Last week, only one of my online classes was opened on time. They were supposed to be released at 12:01am on the 19th. One wasn’t released until the afternoon of the 19th, but it was still within the time line that I couldn’t complain much.

One instructor emailed at 10am to tell us that we had a zoom meeting at 4 pm the same day. He didn’t release his class until almost 11:50pm on the 20th. Not only did I have to rearrange my schedule to accommodate the last minute announcement of the zoom meeting, but I couldn’t plan ahead by putting assignments on the calendar.

I am still not sure what made me think I can take three classes this semester. I will do it and I will excel, but I hope they stop messing with my schedule.

Telling Me Just What She Thinks

Inky always has a plan for me. Sometimes she is very clear about what she wants. Other times she is more subtle.

Here is what she thinks of my homework

Here is what she thinks of my zoom meetings.

Here is what she thinks of my attempt to watch TV.

In order to get into these positions, she has to step on me, my project, whatever tools I’m using and all over the bed. She tries to relocate my stuff and me to a more comfortable place for her.

For zoom meetings, she must step on the keyboard and say hello to the meeting members. Sometimes she ends up mooning them, too, but I try to stop her before that happens.

For someone who can’t really talk, she certainly tells me her opinions.

How to Start a Successful Bookclub

Successful bookclub

The above linked article talks about 4 simple steps to start a successful bookclub. They sound simple enough, but some aren’t so easy. Finding like-minded friends is difficult, and sometimes it’s difficult to agree on a book. Meeting times and places are always difficult, too.

I have been lucky enough to find a few bookclubs where I fit in, and they understand my chaotic schedule. I have been thinking about dropping out of those that do not “spark joy” in my life. I am not thinking of starting up a new one. I’ll just continue on with the ones that make me happy.

New podcast

When I don’t have an audiobook going in the car, I’ll go for a podcast. I had a new one fall into my lap last week. Its host is a woman who lost 100 pounds twelve years ago, making small changes.

Her main advice is to not start anything that you aren’t prepared to keep up for your entire life. And next is to not do anything big that is a quick fix.

My first week, I was away, so I wasn’t fully ready to start anything. I decided to go for 64 ounces of water a day. I actually managed it and more. I got through the running to the bathroom to pee all day while I was on vacation and it didn’t really matter if I wandered off. I kept it up. I am no longer running off as frequently, since my body seems to have adjusted.

Sunday night, I packed all my stuff for an early morning swim, followed by work. I got my lunch ready to bring with me.

I weighed myself this morning. I will be continuing that on Mondays.

Today, I got up early. I put on my swimsuit and cover-up, grabbed my bag and headed to the gym. I got in the pool and told myself to not do the full distance. When I got halfway through, I told myself to just do a little more. Then, suddenly, I had just one lap to go! I did it! I went into the hot tub after the swim. I had to get out when the guy in his tidy whities got in. Nope. Didn’t want to see that getting out of the water.

I showered, dressed, and went to work, drinking my water along the way. I found that they moved the little free library a block away! I chose a healthier breakfast than I normally would. I got my coffee and settled into a work schedule.

Close to lunch time, I realized I left my lunch at home in the fridge. Thankfully, we were off early and I wouldn’t starve on the way home.

I went to drop some of the books from my car into the little free library, went to the post office and ATM. I picked up a hold from the library and went home to eat my lunch. I napped and then went to the grocery store.

When I got home, I took out the garbage cans. I had forgotten that I was going to take a kid to get snacks at the grocery store, so I sent them back to the store with my debit card.

I got my stuff ready for a trip to the pool again tomorrow. Is this something I can keep up for the rest of my life? I sure hope so.