Unhelpful School Bookstore

Two weeks into classes, I got an email from the on campus bookstore. “We’ve loaded all of your required books into your bookstore cart, so all you have to do is supply payment.” This might have been helpful two weeks before classes started, but two weeks after classes started, not so much. I’ve finished several books, and have needed the textbooks for multiple assignments.

Last semester, I tried to order textbooks from the on campus bookstore, only to have my orders cancelled 3 times. I gave up. I heard that the same thing happened to several of my classmates this semester. I rent from Amazon now. Those books they put into my school cart will probably stay there all semester. Hopefully, they’ll be removed before Spring semester started.

Powell’s Scent

Powells scent

I haven’t been to Powell’s bookstore, but, according to the above linked article, I can get the smell of it in my home.

I’m not too sure I’d be interested in that. I assume that they don’t have a bookstore cat, but that part wouldn’t be pleasant to smell.

The smell of old books is great, but if they are dusty, then that would not make that smell too much fun.

I think I will pass on this product for now. If I am going to use home fragrances, I think I’ll stick to the known ones. Floral works. Even the good strong smell of bleach might be better than a bookstore. The only exception might be if I were hosting a bookclub, but I still think it wouldn’t go over well.

What’s Your Bookstore Cat Name?

Many bookstores have cats in them. If I owned a bookstore, I wouldn’t have a cat, though. Too many people are allergic to them. Plus, with the store door opening and closing all day, it might be difficult to keep a cat indoors.

If I had a cat in my bookstore, what would I name it? According to the chart below, it would be Almighty Catnip. I guess that’s a unisex name, so it would work in that sense, but can I see myself using two names to talk to my cat? Nope. It’s a cute little chart, but pretty useless for me.

Now, naming my bookstore is a different story. I’ll have to think about it. Any ideas?

Browsing for books

Banned from browsing?

The above linked article tells about a bookstore that doesn’t allow browsing. The owner feels that it is a way to lose money and a waste of time.

In normal times, I browse bookstores frequently. No. I really don’t have anything in particular I’m looking for, but usually something catches my eye. If I hadn’t been browsing, I wouldn’t have made the purchase.

I’ve been known to check my Goodreads page while I’m in the store, to see if I already have the book or if I’ve read anything else by the author. Sometimes, I’ll photograph books that I want to go back and get later. I know that having my phone out makes some book store employees nervous. I’m not really price checking. I’m just looking at my other resources.

I don’t think that browsing should be disallowed. If nothing else, it shows that people are comfortable in the store. Walking into an empty shop gives an uneasy feeling sometimes. Seeing other people in the store makes others know that the employees are friendly, and not creepy. Also, in a bookstore, there are other people to discuss books with, if the opportunity arises.

Don’t ban browsing! It’s part of the fun of shopping for books.

Where Kittens Roam Free

Where kittens roam free

The bookstore mentioned in the above linked article brings kittens to the store in hopes they will be adopted. There is an adoption fee, but it includes all vaccinations and the kittens are all healthy.

I loved seeing the little kittens among the books. I could have done without the earwax removal commercials all throughout the article, though.

Puppies were mentioned later in the article, but it seems that they aren’t in the bookstore. This is probably a wise idea.

Independent Bookstore Day

independent book store day increases sales

This year, April 25 is national independent bookstore day. Last year I did a tour of some of the local independent bookstores, but I did then over a few weeks, instead of in one day. This year, I hope to branch out a bit more and visit some a little further away. I’ll see how I feel when the time comes, and if they are having anything fun going on.

The above linked article tells about how the day helped out sales for the bookstore. I hope to help out sales a bit, but I need to read some of the books I already own, so I’ll have room.