A Meal and Book

(meal and a book)

The above linked article talks about a restaurant that makes sure its customers have books to read.  Interesting idea.

Connecticut’s Traveler Restaurant Gives Diners Free Books With Their Meal

Bobbie Johnson, Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0

Well-traveled bibliophiles know that books can sometimes be found in unusual places, like barges, abandoned sheds, and decommissioned postal trains. In northeastern Connecticut, you can find free books in a place where you’d normally just expect to find a hot meal. The Traveler restaurant lets customers take home up to three free books to read after finishing their meal, the Hartford Courant reports.

Traveler Food and Books, an unassuming diner off I-84 in Union, Connecticut, gives away roughly 100,000 free books to diners each year. The restaurant’s original owner, Marty Doyle, started adding books to the “menu” in the mid-1980s, when his personal library became too big to fit in his home. He kept his collection under control by bringing excess books to the Traveler and offering them to any guests looking for new reading material.

The restaurant has been owned by Karen and Art Murdock since 1993, and today books are donated by libraries and community groups in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Visitors get to pick out up to three free books from the restaurant’s collection, either while waiting for their meal or on their way out the door. And if that isn’t enough for them, there’s a used bookstore downstairs called The Book Cellar, where they can browse and purchase additional titles.

What type of reader are you?


I am everything in the left column.  I read many books at once, and tend to finish a bunch all at once.  This is how I misplace books, too.  I put one down to start another, and don’t get back to it quickly enough.  The book is never lost, just not exactly where I thought I left it.

I definitely read a lot of different genres.  I am not a big fan of horror, though.  I have read several Stephen King books, but I know what to expect with them, for the most part.

I love giving and getting book recommendations.  My poor family and friends have to listen to me drone on and on about my books and which ones they’d love.

Reading the same book

As you probably already know, I have a stack of unread books that make up my book stack, or as others call their stack, the TBR (to be read) pile.  A friend and I are very much the definition of book worms.  We don’t usually read the same genres, though.  Every once in a while, we hit the same book around the same time.  We read “Vinegar Girl” together, and “The Hate U Give.”  This time, we are both attempting “Lab Girl.”  It’s fun to see what we each think of the book.  We aren’t doing a full bookclub, obviously, since it’s just two of us.  Just for fun.

Book Signing, 9/26 – Red at the Bone – Jacqueline Woodson

In conversation with Jacqueline Woodson, Jasmine Guillory

I usually just skip over the ads for book signings when I see that they are Tuesdays or Thursdays, since it interferes with class. Thankfully, this time my cousin drew my attention to this one.

I knew Jasmine Guillory from her book signings and I have read her books. My cousin was thrilled to be seeing Jacqueline Woodson. Perfect event for us!

Before the reading, we went to dinner.  We parked after circling the block.  We got out of the car and ran to the restaurant.  Then, we ran to the book signing.  When we left the book signing, neither of us remembered where the car was parked, so we had a little adventure looking for it.  We found it within a few minutes, though.

It’s always a fun evening with my cousin.

Book signing 9/18 -Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?

My daughter and I went to a book signing last week. We went for sushi first


Edamame trio – plain, garlic, and chili lime

Miso soup.

While I stood in line, my daughter ran over to the pet store across the street. I saw someone get out of a car that looked like my cousin. It was! We didn’t know the other was attending the event.

My daughter came back a little confused, since it wasn’t planned. She didn’t want to be in the photo.

A copy of the book.

The front of the store.

When we got the books, they were already signed. The author was allowing photos, but my daughter and I decided to pass. My cousin stayed for her photo, though. It was a great evening.

A day out with my daughter

Yesterday, I was planning a quiet morning at home before a family party in the afternoon.  My daughter got a message that a neighbor was having a giveaway of books and games.  “Take what you want.  Don’t make a mess.  Everything left after 3pm will be given to Goodwill.”  Ok.  We checked it out.  I got a bunch of books.  My daughter got games, books and trading cards.  It was a productive outing.

Around the corner was a noodle house that I wanted to try.  It was small and there was a wait.  It was delicious.


green onion pancakes

seafood and fresh noodles

shrimp and chive dumplings

Radish cakes and sesame cakes

We drove a few blocks to the bookstore.  There was a kid screaming excitedly to go into the “library.”

I got a ticket for the Sept 18 event.

We went home and put our purchases away.  Then we headed off to a family party at the bowling alley.

I scored a 71.