Stages of the Reader

I didn’t really do these in order. I hit stages 1 & 2 as a child.

I hit stage 6 when my kids were little. It wasn’t really no books, just kid books.

Stage 7 was when the kids were more independent and I had more time to myself.

Stage 3 was not really part of me until I was confident enough to own my bookworm status, as a full adult.

I hit stage 4 on and off, but mostly when I am on the bus or waiting in line.

Stage 8 is ongoing. I don’t like to lend or give away books. I tend to buy new copies to give to people if I’m going to share.

Stage 9 is when I work book sales, or just generally talk about books. It’s not only the next generation. It’s the previous and current ones, too.

Stage 5 is when I am trying to finish all of my books at once. When my brain tries to tell me that I am able to start every one of the books I own, plus every one I want to own, and every book in every library. Logically, I know it’s not going to happen, but it does frustrate me that I can’t. This also happens when I have deadlines on books, for bookclub or for an ARC book that needs a review, and I’m coming close to missing them.