What this Blog Is Not

I constantly get emails asking if I need help in one way or another. People ask if I need help marketing my product, since it’s not obvious what I am selling on this blog. I get requests from people who want to redesign my website, since they don’t like the layout. I also get requests from people asking to help me write.

This blog is not selling anything. I started it to write up reviews since a few publishers had asked me if I wanted to review for them, but I needed a place to post the reviews. I tied it in to ramblings about my daily life and my adventures that happen when I wander out of my routine.

This blog is on WordPress, so I am limited to the formats that they have offered to me. I am grateful to them, since I couldn’t do it myself without putting huge amounts of effort and energy into each and every entry I post. I don’t need someone sniffing around into my private information.

This is a forum for my own work. I do have a couple of friends who write occasionally, but they are trusted friends and they have not posted in ages. I don’t mind having the occasional guest writer, but I, again, don’t need a stranger poking around in my information. If you are interested, I have no problem posting your work as your own, but I won’t pass it off as my own, and I won’t give you my own passwords.

Finally… as with most websites, apps, etc, THIS IS NOT A DATING SITE. Please swipe right or left on the appropriate apps, and leave me out of your personal information and requests for money.


Quarantine Barbie

Quarantine Barbie

The above linked article tells about blogger Tanya Ruiz, http://ronandtonyaruiz.com/, and the Barbie sets she designs.

She started out giving talks about body image and about how Barbie gives children a warped image of what’s normal.

When her grandchildren found the box of items from her talks, she went on a quest with the grandchildren to find Barbie dolls that look like each member of the family.

She started making custom Barbie sets. Many of them are shown on her blog and on her Instagram page. They are funny and very creative. She did a beautiful job of capturing the way life really is, and not just the way it is in Barbie’s world.

@grandmagetsreal is where you can follow her on Instagram.

10 Tips to Reading More Books — Read ’em and Weep

I loved this article!  I get asked all the time about how I find time to read.  I see that another blogger uses a lot of the same techniques that I do.  I have followed this blogger to keep hearing other tips and tricks.


Happy Saturday, everyone! Boy, am I glad it’s the weekend… I love my job, but I’ve been absolutely swamped and extremely stressed out. I’m going to enjoy this weekend and miss it when it’s gone. Also, I’m a day late, but happy March! It’s hard to believe we’re already on the third month of 2019. […]

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