A blog I found

Tiffany Wanders

In one of my reading groups, I saw a question about the Kindle in the UK. I tried to answer it, but I realized that the answer was different for UK Kindle users than in the US. I didn’t answer the question, but I found that another blogger did. Her answer linked back to her blog post from August, 2018.

She is a Filipino woman living in the UK. Her adventures are fun to read. I plan on following the blog for a while, just to see what the differences between the US and the UK are. I’ve linked the blog’s URL above.


Usually, when I review books, I post them right away. This year, I’m trying something different, in the interest of posting something daily.

I don’t think anyone other than those who follow my reviews on Goodreads or who are in bookclubs with me might know the difference.

I’ve scheduled almost a month in advance for the single post of the day. I hope I can keep it up.