Getting Some Stuff Done, Using My Own Method

I made a long list of school stuff in the previous post, Not Getting Much Finished. I have made some progress since then.

I finished one class’s work, up to what is due on Thursday. I tried to get ahead, but the information hasn’t been posted online yet, so I am stuck.

I finished the reading for another class, which included watching a play. I still have writing to do by midnight tonight. I still need to write a proposal by Wednesday for this class.

I have made zero progress on my paper that is due tomorrow at midnight. I’m still sitting with 2 paragraphs to go.

I have 4 of 20 questions on the quiz done.

I have made it to page 16 of 60 pages to be read by 330 tomorrow. I have 40 pages left of my book to write about for that research paper.

I am getting there. Stuff is being pushed to tomorrow, but I am not bumping on hard deadlines, except for the one paper.

Not Getting Much Finished

I have several projects due in the next few days, but the weekends are pretty much my only time to get things done. I get to the point that my plate is so full, I can’t concentrate on anything for long periods of time. I end up multitasking and breaking projects down. Things are slowly getting done, but nothing is getting finished.

I have 2 paragraphs of a 5 page paper done. It’s due tomorrow at midnight.

I have 2 pages of a 125 page book read. Pages 1-60 are due tomorrow at 3:30. 61-97 are due on Wednesday and the rest of the book is supposed to be completed by the following Monday.

I have one hour left of a play to watch while I read along. I have an hour completed. It’s due on Tuesday at 2, but I have to write about it by midnight tonight.

I have 1 question of a 20 question quiz done. Due tomorrow at 10am.

I have 4 pages of an 8 page short story read. I need to fill out the spreadsheet about plot, characters, setting, etc. It’s due on Tuesday.

I have a book to read for a final project. I have 50 pages left to read, then I need to research reviews on the book. I also have a reflection paper to write that was due on Friday.

I have a research proposal to write by Wednesday, for a final project that’s due on the 21st.

I have a two page paper to write that’s due on the 11th. I haven’t even thought about it yet.

I have a power point presentation to write, make slides on and record by the 7th. I have about half of my research done on this one.

I have reading to do for one last class. Due on Tuesday. More reading for it due on Thursday.

I have several book club books to read, but they are mostly done by audiobook in the car, so I am not too worried about them. I have laundry to do, dishes to do, cleanup to do. I am behind on my Goodreads reviews, but that’s not urgent. Blogging is getting done as I find things to write about. The odds and ends are getting done as I take breathers.

I have just about started a little of everything. I just cant get it completed. I’m meeting deadlines, for the most part, and I am prioritizing the stuff that needs to be completed first. It’s just a tad overwhelming when nothing is getting finished. It will be, just not immediately.

A blog I found

Tiffany Wanders

In one of my reading groups, I saw a question about the Kindle in the UK. I tried to answer it, but I realized that the answer was different for UK Kindle users than in the US. I didn’t answer the question, but I found that another blogger did. Her answer linked back to her blog post from August, 2018.

She is a Filipino woman living in the UK. Her adventures are fun to read. I plan on following the blog for a while, just to see what the differences between the US and the UK are. I’ve linked the blog’s URL above.


Usually, when I review books, I post them right away. This year, I’m trying something different, in the interest of posting something daily.

I don’t think anyone other than those who follow my reviews on Goodreads or who are in bookclubs with me might know the difference.

I’ve scheduled almost a month in advance for the single post of the day. I hope I can keep it up.