What this Blog Is Not

I constantly get emails asking if I need help in one way or another. People ask if I need help marketing my product, since it’s not obvious what I am selling on this blog. I get requests from people who want to redesign my website, since they don’t like the layout. I also get requests from people asking to help me write.

This blog is not selling anything. I started it to write up reviews since a few publishers had asked me if I wanted to review for them, but I needed a place to post the reviews. I tied it in to ramblings about my daily life and my adventures that happen when I wander out of my routine.

This blog is on WordPress, so I am limited to the formats that they have offered to me. I am grateful to them, since I couldn’t do it myself without putting huge amounts of effort and energy into each and every entry I post. I don’t need someone sniffing around into my private information.

This is a forum for my own work. I do have a couple of friends who write occasionally, but they are trusted friends and they have not posted in ages. I don’t mind having the occasional guest writer, but I, again, don’t need a stranger poking around in my information. If you are interested, I have no problem posting your work as your own, but I won’t pass it off as my own, and I won’t give you my own passwords.

Finally… as with most websites, apps, etc, THIS IS NOT A DATING SITE. Please swipe right or left on the appropriate apps, and leave me out of your personal information and requests for money.


Blogging through the end of the year

I prewrite a lot of my blog posts, as many of you know. I attempted to post at least one post a day for the year. I am pretty close, but I slowed down a bit toward the end of my semester. I came to a near standstill between Christmas and New Years, so I am catching up now. I have several book reviews to post, so I think that now is the right time to get them up and going. I hope to get several posts ready for the beginning of next year. Here we go!

Not Getting Much Finished

I have several projects due in the next few days, but the weekends are pretty much my only time to get things done. I get to the point that my plate is so full, I can’t concentrate on anything for long periods of time. I end up multitasking and breaking projects down. Things are slowly getting done, but nothing is getting finished.

I have 2 paragraphs of a 5 page paper done. It’s due tomorrow at midnight.

I have 2 pages of a 125 page book read. Pages 1-60 are due tomorrow at 3:30. 61-97 are due on Wednesday and the rest of the book is supposed to be completed by the following Monday.

I have one hour left of a play to watch while I read along. I have an hour completed. It’s due on Tuesday at 2, but I have to write about it by midnight tonight.

I have 1 question of a 20 question quiz done. Due tomorrow at 10am.

I have 4 pages of an 8 page short story read. I need to fill out the spreadsheet about plot, characters, setting, etc. It’s due on Tuesday.

I have a book to read for a final project. I have 50 pages left to read, then I need to research reviews on the book. I also have a reflection paper to write that was due on Friday.

I have a research proposal to write by Wednesday, for a final project that’s due on the 21st.

I have a two page paper to write that’s due on the 11th. I haven’t even thought about it yet.

I have a power point presentation to write, make slides on and record by the 7th. I have about half of my research done on this one.

I have reading to do for one last class. Due on Tuesday. More reading for it due on Thursday.

I have several book club books to read, but they are mostly done by audiobook in the car, so I am not too worried about them. I have laundry to do, dishes to do, cleanup to do. I am behind on my Goodreads reviews, but that’s not urgent. Blogging is getting done as I find things to write about. The odds and ends are getting done as I take breathers.

I have just about started a little of everything. I just cant get it completed. I’m meeting deadlines, for the most part, and I am prioritizing the stuff that needs to be completed first. It’s just a tad overwhelming when nothing is getting finished. It will be, just not immediately.


Well, it seems like we got there! There are actually a lot of posts that have yet to be published. They are scheduled and ready to go over the next couple of weeks.

We are well on our way to 2000 posts.

Approaching 1500 posts

When I post from my phone, I cannot see how many posts I’ve written. When I’m on the computer, I can see the count. I saw it this week. I am just over 1470 posts. I have several scheduled for the next couple of weeks, so I know I’ll make it.

When I first started the blog, I never imagined I’d like writing so much. I thought I’d run out of topics. So far, I haven’t.

Thanks to those of you who follow and give me ideas about what to write about. Keep the ideas up! I hope to be getting back to my adventures soon.

Getting out again

I haven’t been writing about my daily adventures lately because I had been sick. I hadn’t been going anywhere, and sleeping most of the day isn’t a very interesting thing to write about.

I got out a few times, but didn’t write anything, because I was so worn out when I got home. I took photos and I remembered what I did. I’ll be writing about them soon, I hope. I have been getting comments and requests for the adventures.

Now that I’m feeling a lot better, we will see what happens.

1001 posts

Well, apparently I ramble a lot. Enough to make it to 1001 posts in just over a year.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read what I am rambling about. You are joining me in my adventures.

I have adventures planned for next year, but, as those of you who follow me regularly know, every day life is an adventure.

Happy Anniversary!

I got a notification that yesterday was my anniversary with WordPress. I had started the blog on another site, but moved to this one after a few months.

Many posts and many books later, we are still here, and still having adventures.

I hope to get to the gym more, and travel some more. Many more books are going to be read. Hopefully many more adventures will be had, too.

Maybe more guest bloggers, but I sure hope that there will be more guest blog posts.

Here’s to a new year!