Memory Foam Mattress Topper

I sleep on a futon, so some nights are more comfortable than others. I started thinking about how to make it a more comfortable night’s sleep. I got to the point that I realized that a mattress topper was the answer.

I started by reading reviews. Some of the expensive ones were given really bad reviews. I went for a low cost one that a few negative reviews, but those reviews were about minor things.

It arrived and I started washing my bedding while waiting for the foam to inflate. Inky came in to inspect. She disapproved and left.

After I got the sheets on, I realized that I needed deep pocket sheets, so I ordered them and a bed scrunchie. That thing is great! It holds the fitted sheet exactly where I want it.

I got the bed all together. Inky came back to inspect. She still didn’t like the mattress topper. She spent time dancing on it, but still, nope. She knocked books over so she wouldn’t have to walk on the mattress to get to my lap.

It took her two weeks to finally accept that the mattress topper was here to stay and it was not going to attack her. I am enjoying the comfort of the new cushion more than Inky is, but we are all coexisting for the moment. Mini still won’t go near the futon if I am in the room. Her issue is me, and not the mattress, though. Cranky kitty.

Sleeping difficulties

I have always been an awful sleeper. I need time to relax before sleep. Then, once I’m asleep, I only sleep for two or three hours and then I wake up because my bladder says so. Occasionally, I’m able to get back to sleep right away, but usually I’m awake for an hour or two before I doze off.

4 full sized pillows, back rest wedge , two decorative pillows, and a form fitting neck pillow now cover my bed, in an effort to make me more comfortable at night. Plus, I have my book seat which makes sure that my book or Kindle is comfy and at my fingertips in case I have insomnia, which is likely.

This usually works reasonably well, until I start fighting with the pillows. It seems that they manage to offend me in my sleep and I find them all over the room in the morning. One time, I woke up mid argument with them. Who says I don’t usually remember my dreams?

I do not take sleep meds because my bladder is usually what’s waking me up at night. I really don’t want to sleep through that. I’ll just continue arguing with my pillows and waking up to pee during the night. I’ll keep the Kindle handy.