Are You Doing Homework? Can I Help?

I was multitasking as usual. I had stripped my sheets off the bed and was starting to gather my school stuff together. I came back and found that my seat had been taken by my backup helper. She peeked over the top of the blankets to check to see if I was going to make her move. Yes, I did, because she usually won’t sit with me, unless she’s on the opposite side of the room. She moved when she realized that I wasn’t giving in.

Struggling to Stay on Track

I am taking 9 units this semester. It isn’t an unreasonable amount, really, but I’m having issues with the due dates. Everything is due at the same time, for the most part.

I am trying to get the work done with plenty of time to spare. I prefer to get the work turned in by Thursday when it’s due at midnight on Sunday. It gives me time to think about what I’ve turned in, and I’m not waiting until the last minute.

I keep finding myself having most of the work still undone on Thursday and, while I know that I have plenty of time to finish, I feel like I’m pushing up on the deadline.

This week, my history teacher still hasn’t published the lecture. Today is Thursday. I waited until yesterday to ask, and his response was “it’ll be up in the next day or two. ” Does that give me enough time to process and write what he wants? Yes, but, if he wants us to turn things in on time, shouldn’t he do his part on time? Yes. I’m frustrated.

I’ll get everything done, but not without stress.

Falling Behind

As I’ve mentioned a few times before, I write my blog posts ahead of time, for the most part. I write when inspiration hits me, or when I have time to sit and do it. At one point, I was a month ahead.

This week, I realized that I had nothing scheduled. I had fallen behind and I wasn’t keeping up with my resolution from new years. I know that because of quarantine and social distancing, a lot of people had resolutions put off. Many were impossible to complete with not much open. Me? I just got sidetracked.

School and work and family and etc came first. Reading and writing for fun were secondary.

I seem to have caught up now and gotten a bit ahead. I’m hoping to be able to get a little further ahead soon. Thanks for sticking with me.

My birthday gift

I had a nice lunch of fish tacos courtesy of my coworkers for my birthday. The plant and a card came with it.

Molly decided that she’d had enough, so she got into the wine early. Thankfully, it was cleaned up before I got home from work.

I had several homework assignments due that day, so, while I was working on them, my daughter was busy in my room hanging new bookshelves. I haven’t had time yet to arrange the books on them, but she gave me a good start.

I also got a mug and some bookmarks. They were great. I just didn’t get photos of them.

I was asked what I wanted for my birthday. I requested shrimp scampi.

My history teacher gave me multiple assignments to be due on my birthday.

My daughters made sure that I got my scampi by sending me to the grocery store.

It was a reasonably good birthday. Just a lot going on.

Do I need the textbook?

Classes started August 19. It’s now after Labor Day weekend. Three weeks into school or so. I can’t believe that some of my classmates are still asking if they need a textbook. Well, how are you going to learn about the subject if you don’t read the reading assignments? Yes, you need the textbook. The next question was asking if any of the classmates will scan the textbook and email her a copy. Ummm, no. That’s illegal. I am entertained by the questions, at least. Thankfully, this class doesn’t have a small group project included in the assignments.

Can you please style my hair?

My daughter is doing her cosmetology courses through the college. Right now, because of distancing, they are over zoom with mannequin heads. She does beautiful work.

Because of the amount of space she needs, she works in the garage. Molly usually keeps her company, sharing the chair. Molly blends in with the chair, so she’s not usually noticed when she’s napping during zoom meetings. Today, though, Doris was her companion. Her instructor commented on how beautiful the dog is. My daughter told the instructor that the dog’s name is Doris.

The instructor tells my daughter that his elderly neighbor is named Doris, also. He tells about an interaction with the neighbor. Doris the neighbor is deaf, so the neighbors communicate by American sign language. Because they are socially distancing, they sit on their back patios and chat. Doris asked if the instructor was back working yet. No. Not in the salon, no.

Doris said she was disappointed, and wanted him to style her hair. He said he’d be able to do it soon. She thought that was great, so she pulled off her wig and threw it onto his porch. He styled it and brought it back later that day.

Keeping me company

Part of the reason to have a pet is so that they will keep you company. Mine is also for entertainment. I was working on homework, sitting on my bed, and I got up to use the bathroom. I came back to Inky sitting in my spot.

Then, after I got settled back onto the bed to do more homework, Inky decided to settle in next to me. She keeps track of my books and notes. We also have an argument every time the laptop comes out, because she seems to think that the laptop is a cat bed. I continually move her. She tells me that she is a lap cat and that the computer is on my lap, so it’s in her space. I try hard to tell her otherwise. She also interrupts Zoom meetings. I think that’s partly the computer on the lap issue. Discussions continue nightly.

Managing the Small Group

As I may have mentioned before, two of my classes require small group participation. One group is set up so that we all have a discussion online. Easy enough. The other group is set up so that four of us have to have discussions away from class. Not as easy.

I decided that I would be annoyed that no one took charge, so, me being me, I stepped up. The first message was “What’s the best way to reach all of you and what do your schedules look like?” I got one response. A week later. Oh boy.

I gave up and contacted the instructor, asking for tips. She sent a message to the entire class, and still the other two didn’t respond. I sent another message telling the group my availability, contact info, and the availability of the other respondent. I asked for suggestions for our topic. I got a response! So, three of us were in contact. Number four showed up three days later, but we’ve all been in touch!

Next, I dropped my phone and it cracked. I can’t use it for anything other than dialing out from my car over Bluetooth. I had to email everyone. I suggested a block of time, over three days. The first person to email chose a time. So…. “great! why don’t you lead the zoom meeting and send us a link just before the meeting time?” He said he doesn’t know how, but he’ll figure it out. And we have a leader of the meeting!

I got another response: “sounds good to me.” I guess it’s better than no response. We will at least have a meeting with three people.