Review Requests

I am asked to review books from time to time. I usually enjoy this. Sometimes, though, the author has a deadline. I really and truly understand this. If I am unsure about being able to hit the deadline, I let the author know before I accept the task. After that, it’s the author or publishing company’s call if they want me to do the review or not.

Recently, I was asked to read a 5 book series with a due date in 3 weeks. I don’t start school again until the day before the due date, so I accepted. 3 weeks is pushing it a little, but I’ll give it a shot.

A week has gone by already, and I haven’t received the material. How do they expect me to get it read and written if they don’t send it? This isn’t the first time this has happened. It’s just the first time with this particular author. It’s hard to meet deadlines if no one else is meeting them.

Double booking myself

As many of you know, I live by my calendar. If it isn’t on the calendar, it probably doesn’t happen.

My phone had broken, and the replacement phone hadn’t come in yet, so I didn’t have my calendar readily available for a couple of days. I knew generally about what was coming up, but not really specifically.

I needed to get new tires on one car and oil changes on two. I scheduled one car’s oil change and the tire change for the same day and time so my daughter could drive her car in while I drove the other. I worked around her schedule, forgetting to look at my own.

I ended up doing a Zoom meeting for school at the auto repair place while trying to juggle the cars.

I managed this one by the skin of my teeth, but I did. It caused unnecessary anxiety, and I’m hoping to not try this one again. Less stress and anxiety this year, I hope.


I watched this as part of the film noir program at The Roxie theater late in 2020. I think this was one of the weirdest movies I’ve watched. It’s a well-known movie by movie historians, but it really wasn’t for me.

It was a silent film and it bounced between reality and dreams. It was hard to follow at some points, but I worked my way through the movie. Nope, I didn’t like it, but I’m also not a big horror fan.

Wrapping up 2020

As 2020 comes to an end, here are my thoughts on the things I’ve accomplished.

I attempted a post every day, but I fell a little short at the beginning of the Fall semester. I think I came pretty close, though.

I attempted to post What Are You Reading every Wednesday. I missed a couple, but I came close. This was because once we started sheltering in place, I lost my internal calendar and had no idea what day of the week it was a lot.

I attended online bookclubs when I could. I didn’t finish a lot of the books, but I got to know a lot of the people. I also found out that Inky loves Zoom meetings and usually will sit happily on or near me during them.

I came nowhere near the health and exercise goals this year. It didn’t help that the gym and pool areas were closed.

I exceeded my reading goal of 100 books. When I set the goal, I was expecting to read and review several children’s books, so 100 wasn’t as high as I made it seem. I read 101 books as of December 20, but many of them were read before I hit my slump in March. I managed to get back to it and finish up the year.

I think I did fairly well, all things considered, but I could have done better. Next years goals are set, but I didn’t aim too high. I wanted achievable but not too easy. They’ll be published tomorrow.

The Sapphires

This movie was assigned to me for film class. The title and description caught my attention, but I just wasn’t sure I wanted to watch it. I was wrong. I loved it!

The film took place during the Vietnam War. A family of Aboriginal Australian people formed a singing group and wanted to go entertain the troops in Vietnam.

The music was great and I loved that it was based on a true story. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes music from the time.

Crip Camp

I was assigned this movie for my film class. I was actually dragging my feet about watching it, since I wasn’t so fond of the title. Also, it was the end of the semester, so I just wasn’t into the extra work by then.

I found it on Netflix, so I watched it there instead of through the school website. I kept getting distracted so I watched the beginning several times before really watching it.

The film is a true story that follows several special needs teens to summer camp and through their adventures outside of camp. Eventually, the teens wind up fighting for their rights and helping establish the ADA.

I loved the movie once I got into it. It wasn’t boring at all. I highly recommend it.

Waiting impatiently

I’ve recently wrapped up my semester at school. I turned in the last of my work late last week. I’m now waiting impatiently for grades to come in.

One instructor just got finished grading the midterm, so I don’t expect much from him. I am just hoping that I pass. Because he didn’t grade anything before the next assignments were due, I wasn’t able to make adjustments to future assignments based on comments and grades. This drove me crazy.

The other two instructors are just missing the final test grades. All of the rest of the assignments have been graded. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. I think today is the last day they can accept late work and the grades are due in next week sometime. Fingers crossed for me, please.

Changing of the guard

My pets love to help with homework. Molly helps keep me warm by squeezing in behind me and putting her head on the arm rest.

Inky helps by sitting on my lap, or my laptop, or watching from the side.

This particular day, I finished working on homework with Molly and I went inside to shower and change and then to continue. After I got settled, Inky settled in, waiting for second homework time to start.

They are very serious about their homework supervising jobs. They keep me warm and usually keep me company while being quiet-ish.

“Shar coochy” board

One week, I had been swamped with school and work. Mostly school. Well, a lot of extra credit for school, but also a lot of classwork and prep. One day, I had a particularly long day. After work, I went to the dentist. After the dentist, I got home, dealt with a phone call that involved extra paperwork and research, then I showered, threw on pajamas, and had a plate of dinner handed to me as I went into a Zoom meeting for film class extra credit. After the Zoom meeting, I had to start work on my history midterm. I heard my kids in the kitchen. One was trying to decide how to tell if grapes were still good. I hollered to her to bring me an apple, please, figuring that I would be up for a while, working on the paper. Instead, I got this treat. I powered through my homework with flying colors thanks to my kids taking good care of me. The title is what my daughter called the charcuterie board she was attempting to make with few ingredients.

Desert Migration

I watched this film for my film appreciation class. It was a powerful documentary that followed several men through their days. Each of the men had HIV and had moved to Palm Springs to live. The community of HIV patients there is stronger than anywhere else, plus the warmer weather is easier on their ailing bodies.

It was a good movie and made me think. The ending was touching. It was worth watching.