How to survive an independent book festival

independent book festival

The above linked article tells about what to expect at an independent book festival.  I have gone to the Bay Area Book Festival a few times in the last few years, and I have loved it!

The tips are great, but each festival is a little different.  For the Bay Area one, take a look at the schedule ahead of time, and buy reserved tickets to the author talks that you just can’t miss.  The lines can get long sometimes.

The Bay Area Book Festival is scheduled for the first weekend in May.  I can’t wait to go again this year!

Angie Thomas

I went out last week to hear Angie Thomas speak on a variety of topics, but mostly on being your own advocate.  It was geared toward middle school students, but it was wonderful to hear her speak. She was talking about speaking up when you see something wrong.   Finding your voice to do what’s right.   I was also thrilled to hear her third book is being published and her second book is becoming a movie.   The trip to see her was worth it.

Amanda Rosenberg presents That’s Mental: Painfully Funny Things That Drive Me Crazy About Being Mentally Ill with Casey Childers

I decided to go to this book signing last week. It sounded interesting, so I preordered the book, so I wouldn’t back out.

I had had a long day at work, so I took myself to dinner at Parada 22, which is a Puerto Rican restaurant, with delicious food. I had a glass of wine and read a bit.

Chicharrones de Pollo with yellow rice, red beans, salad and tostones. Yum.

It was still early when I left the restaurant, so my book and I wandered over to the Alembic, next door to the bookstore. This is a brown butter old fashioned. It was better than I thought it would be. Delicious.

Amanda Rosenberg came out and announced that she hated doing these events and even though she looked calm, she was a wreck. Instant sympathy from me.

Casey Childers came and announced that he never leaves the house, so they were not paired up well for this event. They actually worked beautifully together.

After the Q&A portion, there was a book signing. I got in line and found that the author was chit chatting with everyone. My anxiety kicked in. I didn’t have anything to talk about. I got distracted by the fact that I had had a seat reserved in the front row, because I had preordered the book. No one told me I had a seat saved. I was glad I didn’t know, because it was in the front row. I picked up the note with my name on it and stuck it to the paper I already had stuck in the book.

I started thinking about how anxious I would have been in the front row, so I was distracted when it was my turn for my book to be signed. I said hello and thanked the author for coming. She thanked me and told me she was surprised there were so many people there and it made her nervous. She saw my note from my seat and asked if that was my name. Yes, it was! I didn’t have to spell it for her or anything.

On my way out, I bumped into her husband and he thanked me for coming, and then the other author thanked me for coming. I didn’t sneak out undetected.

I am glad I went and I’m looking forward to reading the book soon. It’s in the book stack at the moment.

Author panel 11/13/19

November is National Novel Writing Month. NaNoWriMo, apparently. Apparently, I can’t read, since I went to the wrong room first, even though its correct location was clearly marked.

The library hosted a panel of writers talking about writing process and what it takes to write 50,000 words a month.

The three authors talked about their various writing techniques, and, while each was different, they have all learned the same thing. Each book needs a different technique.

It was a wonderful presentation, but I had to leave before the end. The part that I saw had a lot of valuable information.

There’s more information on, but I haven’t checked it out yet.

Discount movie and book signing

I don’t know what’s going on with the font in this posting, but I tried to fix it.  I gave up after fifteen minutes.

I went to discount movie Tuesday to see Yesterday. It was a cute movie.  

Unfortunately, there was a shooting at the mall, and my friends started calling and texting me in the middle of the movie to make sure my family and I were ok. I had no idea what was going on at this point. I figured it out and acknowledged that everyone was ok.

After the movie, I got dropped off at the Barbara Bourland with Colin Winnette / Fake Like Me event at The Booksmith.


I really enjoyed the talk.  The book sounds wonderful.  I bought it.  I went to have it signed and the author looked at me and declared that she knows me, but doesn’t know from where.  I don’t this so.  She looked a lot like a friend of mine.  She said I looked just like her friend’s mom.  It was an interesting interaction.  She spelled my name right the first time.  Just like Amber Tamblin.

I texted my daughter and her friend to pick me up.  They arrived about ten minutes after I expected them to, but it was a beautiful night.  I should have started the book, but I was chatting with friends online, so I was entertained.


Independent bookstore day – April 27

(independent bookstore day)

Several independent bookstores are having events to celebrate independent bookstore day. Most of them are too far for me to travel, but others are conflicting with my already busy schedule on April 27.

In doing a little more research, there are more bookstores near me than I knew. I am going to attempt to visit some of them this week, since I can’t visit on the actual day.

I regularly visit the (bookshop west portal), so I didn’t visit them this week, because I was there last week, and next week they are having their anniversary celebration. I can wait just a little while.

I tried to visit (Nightshade books), but I found out that they were actually a publishing company for sci fi books. They merged with a company in New York, and all that’s at the listed address is a house. I am glad I researched it before going there.

I visited (blackbird books). It is well lit and has a bathroom and reading area. I looked through the current books in the front of the store and worked my way to the back. The back has the reading area and children’s books. It also has cookbooks. It was worth the trip. It has 7-11 across the street and Celia’s restaurant a couple of doors away. It would make for a wonderful future day out. It’s right on one of the public transportation lines, so I could really make a day of it.

I visited (Green Apple Books on the Park). I found parking right in front. I am going to have to go back, because I only got through one shelf. A woman was standing where I wanted to look, so I had to go to the other side. I found two books almost immediately. I decided that I should check out before I found more to add to my book stack. There’s a whole store in there, and I need to take a better look. They do author talks and other events and I hope to participate in these, too. They are also near another library branch that I haven’t visited yet.

Today, I hope to be visiting
(Dog Eared Books) in its Castro location. If I leave the house in time, I will.

I have several other bookstores to visit, including the book smith which is affiliated with the bindery, but I’ve only been to the bindery for events. I need to see the main green apple books, but it’s not as easy to get to for me. I have visited a few books, Inc locations, but there are more to visit. Keplers is supposedly worth a visit, but I would have to go from work. There are a few more that I know are out there, but I didn’t look them up yet.

I am definitely celebrating independent bookstore day and supporting small business. It’s just going to be spread out over the next few weeks.

Bay area book festival

On May 4 & 5, there is a book festival going on near me. I bought my tickets already. I am so excited. I went with my cousin a couple of years ago and loved it.  I will be looking over the schedule soon, to see which authors I would like to hear speak.  I was lucky enough to find some authors whose books I had read in the past.  I hope to be star struck again this year.