Anxiety of the TBR List

Anxiety of the TBR List

The above linked article is about how we handle our bookshelves when it comes to the books we want to read – the TBR list – “To Be Read” list. I fall into the “I don’t think counting them would be good for my anxiety” group.

I already knew that I have anxiety over time. Will I get somewhere on time? How long will it take? How much can I get done? How many things can I schedule in a period of time? The article talks about that, and how the anxiety about how many books you want to read, and wanting to read them all at once, is really time anxiety. How many of these books can I actually read?

It also discusses that reading a new book has a different feeling than reading a book that has been waiting, unread, on your shelf for a long time. Was that book being on the shelf a way to comfort yourself? Does it remind you of a certain time and place, or even a person, that you were thinking of when you bought or received it?

I plan on getting some of my books read this year. How many of them will be on paper? I hope to find out.

Upcoming Releases

Goodreads’ editors released a list of upcoming releases that they are very excited about. I have linked it here.

There are a few on the list that I have already marked as want to read. I’m excited for these releases. There are 68 books on the list and about a third sound interesting to me, right off the bat. A few I know I will definitely not read.

Take a peek at the list and let me know what you think.

How not to store a Kindle

How not to store a kindle

The above linked article tells about a woman whose Kindle was infested by ants. I’m not sure what the ants were after, but they bought several ebooks while they were inside the Kindle. I am assuming they ate wires and got something to work together that was not supposed to work that way.

Amazon’s return policy helped the woman out, but what a strange feeling to find unwanted books being charged to your credit card.

School Library Pulls Books

School library pulls books

The above linked article tells about school libraries pulling books to ban. I don’t know about you, but banning a book makes me more likely to want to read it. I have read some of these books and can see why they’d be discouraging high school readers from reading them, but they can still go out and get them from the public library or purchase them from the local bookstore or from Amazon.

What great advertising the schools are doing!

Martha Wash

Martha Wash

The above linked article tells about Martha Wash. She did a lot of singing in her day, but didn’t get credit for it. She went to court and helped change the laws that make publishers give credit where credit is due.

She did a lot of voice work that we recognize, but we don’t recognize it as her. Next time you listen, think about how those voices got onto the albums. If it’s a male singer and there’s a part with a female singer, is she credited?

Longneck Manor

Longneck manor

The hotel mentioned in the above linked website looks amazing! I found it in my internet travels and would love to go there, but… it’s $700 a night with a 2 night minimum. It is also not really a hotel. It only has one suite, and it’s booked into 2024. My goodness. I guess it’s not in the cards for me, but it sure is fun to look at.

I’m not sure, though, how I’d feel about giraffes and rhinoceroses visiting me while I slept. It looks fun, but not restful.