First Day of School, round 2

MWF and TTh run differently at our house. Wednesday was the actual First day of school. Yesterday was the first Thursday of school.

I don’t have classes on MWF, so Wednesday didn’t affect me much. Yesterday, I had class in the evening. I tried to get my to-do list together so I could do it on the way home. I got a lot of it done, actually. I got home from work before my kids got home, so I managed a nap after a few chores.

I started packing the car about fifteen minutes before departure time and it took me longer than I anticipated. We left for school a little late, but made it on time. I realized that I forgot some of my equipment. I have the syllabus, but I didn’t realize that I’d get far enough to actually need all of the tools. And, toward the end of class. the instructor told me to skip the first project, anyway, since I’d done it last semester. Good thing I didn’t get far.

I got a background done.

It wouldn’t be acrylic painting class for me if I didn’t paint other things besides the canvas. Off to a great start of the semester!

Book-themed Hallways

(high school hallways)

The above linked article shows some amazing artwork in high school hallways.  It is all book related.  Some of the books that decorate the hallways are must-reads.  I hope that the students are inspired to read some of these books, rather than never reading them because they are tired of looking at the same books day after day.  I am just thinking of high school, and how much I avoided anything that reminded me of school when I wasn’t in it.

Forgetting my purse

I got to art class Thursday night and realized that I left my purse at home. I called home and found that I’d left it in the walkway on the way out the door, so I wouldn’t forget it. I stepped right over it, I guess. At least I knew where I’d left it. There wasn’t much I needed in it for class. I might have used my phone charger and I should have had my wallet with me, but there wasn’t anything urgent in it.

I tried to use a new product in class, and I was excited to use it. There weren’t instructions on the package other than look at the website. I went to the website and found that it wasn’t in existence anymore. So I looked up the instructions. Step one: put on your respirator. Ok. End of project. I am not going to mess with that during class. I told my classmate that I might have considered it if I had my wallet with my health insurance card in it. But I didn’t want to expose my classmates to it, either, I suppose.

I have three more classes to finish up my paintings, so I have to figure out what to use instead of the planned product. Or skip it all together. I am definitely not bothering with a respirator.

Wicked movie 2021

(Wicked movie link on Variety)

I am so excited that the Wicked movie is coming out.  I haven’t read the book, but I have seen the play and hope to see it again this Fall.  It looks like it hasn’t been cast yet, but will be soon.  It’ll be an eternity before it’s released, it seems.

I was kind of disappointed to hear that Cats will be coming out as a movie.  I believe it should stick with the stage, but I’ll be happy to proven wrong by a wonderful movie.  It was based on a book of poetry, so the storyline is kind of iffy, anyhow.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Stage

My friend’s family had tickets to go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Two of them couldn’t go, so she asked me to go. She also asked if I knew anyone else who would go with us. Yes. I did. One of my friends had mentioned that she wanted to go, so I took a shot and asked if she wanted to come. She said she would! Yay!

I got up and headed to catch the train. The train was two stops away when I got to my stop. I was settling in to wait to get on the middle part of the train when I saw two women frantically running to catch the train. They were waving and screaming and running down the middle of the lane of traffic. Suddenly a fire truck starts coming up the street. Then the women were really screaming. It didn’t occur to them to get onto the sidewalk, I guess.

I made a side trip to Dog Eared Books as part of independent bookstore day. I hadn’t been there before, even though I’d passed it many times in my travels. It is both a new and used bookstore, with the books mingled on the shelves. Interesting technique, but it works. I was going to have breakfast in the neighborhood, but every breakfast place was too crowded.

I continued down toward my main stop and grabbed a snack at the mall. I went to the art store and picked up paint for class next week. Then I went to meet my friends at the coffee shop near the theater. I had tea and read while I waited. I made progress on my book, but didn’t finish anything.

We went into the theater once my other friend arrived. The seats were great. The show was funny. It was well worth the trip to go see it.

I headed back home to meet my family for my daughter’s birthday dinner. That was nice, and it made for an early evening because we started earlier than expected.

Art class tonight

Art class tonight was very productive. I managed to paint my hand, arm and pants… all different colors. I was aiming for the canvas.

I also got through several hours of my audiobook. I managed to do it without laughing out loud or arguing with the author tonight. My classmates know what a big accomplishment that is.

I didn’t finish a painting, but I’m more than halfway through the current one. I have plans for finishing the one I’m nearly finished with. That must count for something, right?

Art club today

At art club today, we drew words to work on a surreal picture. Unfortunately, it was a quick pencil sketch and I couldn’t get a decent photo of it.

I drew the words cat, eye, and fish. So I came up with this. A fish bowl with a castle with eyes and a guard cat. Fish with eye bodies and fish with cat heads swim in it. We had only twenty minutes to come up with it, so I think it’s pretty good for the amount of time I had with my minimal drawing skills.

I am doing my best to not become president or vice president of the club. The advisor realizes that I have the skills to organize the group, but I know I don’t have the time. I have been practicing my “No” responses.