Six Books Behind

Goodreads informed me that I’m six books behind on my annual goal. Yes. I’m falling behind after a great start to the year.

I have several books started and I’ve almost finished many of them. I just haven’t been pushing myself to do my for me reading. I need to remember to get some of these books done, too.

I’m coming up on finals week, so I’m going to fall a little further behind before moving forward. Summer session might be a little breather, or it might be a little more difficult than expected. I’m going to try to use the week between Spring and Summer sessions to breathe and take a little vacation. Hopefully a book or two will be finished on this breathing time.

On my mind lately

I haven’t been writing much here because I’ve been busy with trying to get a lot done. I can’t really say I’m failing because I have been getting things done by their deadlines. I’m just not getting ahead.

I’m 3 books behind on my annual reading goal, but I am pretty much caught up for school.

I haven’t finished packing for an upcoming trip, but I managed to get the suitcase out of the closet and put a few things into it.

I haven’t finished my school papers for the week, but nothing is overdue.

I haven’t written reviews for several books that I finished, but I’ve finished the books.

I know I’ll catch up soon, but I just need to be patient. I’ll get there.

2 Books Ahead

On my annual challenge, I have been steadily 2 books ahead. I am reading for school, pleasure and bookclubs, so it’s not surprising that I am keeping up with the goal.

I missed one deadline for school, but I decided I can’t stress over it. And the annual challenge is always something I think about, but learned that I can’t stress over. The world won’t end if I don’t meet my goal.

As always, I have several books started that I’ll finish all at the same time. I have been stalling on reviews, too, but they are posted for later in the year, as they fit the season.

7 of 125 completed

I’m getting a jump on my reading challenge. I’m finishing up some books now since I have a little time before school starts again.

I’m planning on getting my school books read early, too, or at least started. Once school starts, I’ll be dealing wth mostly those.

I have several bookclub books going, as usual, but I’ve taken on the organization of nonfiction and contemporary books.

I’m also trying to get some projects done at home. School begins on the 24th, so I have a little time. Wish me luck!

Happy NYE! Goodbye, 2021

2020 and 2021 started off all wrong. 2022 seemed like it would be more likely to be a better year, but, judging by the way 2021 is oozing out, we might have a little slippery start to 2022. I’ve learned from past experiences to not tempt the universe and say “well, it couldn’t be worse. ” because we know it can.

I’m spending today doing a little prep work for next year. I was going to spend part of it doing laundry, but the washing machine had other ideas. I went to the laundry mat yesterday, so we’re good to go for a while.

I finished my book goal last night and actually finished two other books after meeting the goal. I’m close to finishing another book, so I might do that today. Otherwise, it’ll be the first book that I finish for 2021. I’ll be thinking about what reading goal I’ll set for next year. I’ll decide by morning.

I’ll be working on preblogging so that I’ll be able to try for a post a day again, even with school in session. I know that I’ll have to get the blogs for final week up and going early so I’m not even giving it a second thought when I’m supposed to be finishing the semester.

I have 5 classes next semester. I got the reading list for 3 of them and I’ve received the books already. I might start reading them this weekend. I’ll at least attempt to clean off my school work area so I’ll be all ready for the beginning of the semester. I did a little room organizing and found a lot of things that belonged in the school area, so I have to get all of those things into place.

My goal for the year is to purge a lot of what I have hanging around. I’ve gotten several bags of papers taken to the shredder and gotten several other bags and boxes of papers ready to be sorted through. I’ll get to them throughout the year, not all at once.

I need to come up with a better exercise routine. I fell out of the gym habit when the gyms closed, so I am going to actually put gym time, menu planning, and grocery shopping on the calendar so that they will be written in pen (digital pen). It’s not quite stone, but better than pencil.

I’m not going to end this with a promise for a better year or even with a dare for 2022 to show us what it has in store for us. I’m just going to end it with the visual of 2021 oozing out and making room for 2022. Thank you, 2021 for giving us a year that was not dull, but you’re just about done. That’s all.

Stuck at 2 books left to go

I’ve been stuck at 2 books shy of my annual reading goal. I pretty much stopped reading just before finals week. I have some time to finish up the books, but I am frustrated that I can’t seem to finish books right now. I have so many books started and almost finished, I need to get them done. Who thinks I can finish both books by the 31st? How many books should I set for my 2022 goal?

Short New Books

Short new books

It’s that time of year again. Goodreads puts out a list of short books for those who are falling behind on their annual reading challenge. The above linked article shows the list. It came out in October, but I’m just getting around to posting it now. I hope you were able to meet your 2021 goals, and this list might help you get a jump start on 2022.

I’ve read one of them, started a second, and have a few more. I put some on hold at the library, too. It’s a pretty good list with some great ideas for your next read.

7 books ahead

I hit 105 of my 110 book goal today. Five more to go! It’s been difficult with all the reading for school, since most of my school reading isn’t in novel form.

I think I can manage 5 more books before December 31, especially since, as always, I have multiple books started.

9 weeks to go

There are only 9 more weeks of this year. That means that I have to schedule my last 16 books into these 9 weeks. I have several books left to read for school, so that will take care of a lot of them. Plus I have several upcoming bookclub meetings to help me at least get through the majority of the book for that meeting. As always, I have several books mostly started, and I just have to sit down and do them.

As you can tell, I am currently procrastinating by writing this. It is currently Saturday morning. I have a quiz and a presentation to do by Monday for class #1. Class #2 has a paper, a spreadsheet, and two reading assignments to complete by Tuesday. Class #3 has a 5 page paper and a writing assignment to do by Tuesday. Class #4 has a reading assignment and research to do for a paper due soon. The reading assignment is due Monday. Class #5 has a research project proposal due by Wednesday and 2 reading assignments due for Tuesday.

I have bookclub tomorrow and I have finished the book. So, just schoolwork is imminent. And laundry. And dishes. And preblogging posts for the next couple of weeks. And other stuff that is on the todo list, like car cleanout and changing the windshield wipers. I’ll find a way to procrastinate while still making progress. I always do.