Panel Discussion: Ancestral Ink

The library is doing a series of talks on Native Americans this month, honoring the fifty year anniversary of the occupation of Alcatraz coming up on November 20.

Six women spoke on tattoos of indigenous people, and what the tattoos mean. Only five ended up on the biography sheet. All six were fascinating.

There’s a documentary coming out soon, called Skindigenous which is about the research these women did and the teaching they continuously give to pass down the information to their children and grandchildren, and other indigenous people.

One of the women actually did her research in the Philippines, so it was a little different than the other women, but was still fascinating.

I love that the library gives a voice to people who I wouldn’t normally hear from. If I hadn’t gone to this talk, it would be information that I’d never have learned.

Lazy day

Today, I had very little on my schedule. I have a couple of things to do, but nothing urgent, other than finishing the bookclub selection for tomorrow’s bookclub.

The cats seemed to know, so they snuggled in, especially Inky. They decided that can share the blankets. I use the underside, they use the top. It seems to be working. I am alternating reading and clearing out the DVR. Maybe I’ll nap later.

Out late

I was out late last night. I got home in the early hours of the morning.

My cats, Inky and Mini sang to me this morning. I think it was entitled “I don’t care if you were out late last night, it’s 7:30 and breakfast time.” Inky had a dance routine choreographed, too. On my bladder.

Ortega library branch

ORTEGA (415) 355-5700
3223 Ortega St. (at 39th Ave.) 94122
M: 10-6; Tu: 10-6; W: 1-9; Th: 12-9; F: 1-6;
Sat: 10-6; Sun: 1-5

27 branches

I came here for an event about Alcatraz. I went early to get things done. There is plenty of seating, but, with the middle school and high school right up the street and around the corner, it was full of kids. Loud kids. Free babysitting until the parents get off work?

The event was being held in “the meeting room” but I couldn’t find the meeting room when I arrived. I did find the bathroom immediately, thank goodness. I asked the librarian where the meeting room is, and she pointed to the room labeled “programs.” She seemed surprised that I didn’t immediately know that the meeting room wasn’t labeled “meeting room.”

Other than the kids after school, this a nice place to sit and read. There are plenty of places for adults to sit, unlike the Parkside branch. I had to wait a little while for a table with a plug to charge my kindle,but it wasn’t long. The kids cleared out by around 5:15, so it wasn’t bad at all.


It’s Saturday night I’m killing time since my original plans had changed. Dinner sounds like a good idea.

I decide on a local diner so I can indulge in a turkey burger (no bun) I’m feeling fat! Did I mention I had two not one but two slices of pizza for lunch today? Need I say more?

First up homemade chicken and rice soup it’s delicious this diner is known for the soups it shows.

Next my burger that I’m ready to destroy.

Now that plate doesn’t look appetizing but I assure it’s perfect and since I’m not eating the bun I don’t feel guilty!

Grand Central Terminal

After the library, we grabbed lunch.We took photos of the Chrysler building.then, we walked to Grand Central Terminal.I had no idea that it was so large.

We walked to the Empire State Building which was taller than I anticipated.

We caught Uber and headed to the statue of liberty, passing the Williamsburg Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, and the Brooklyn Bridge on the way.

Peddlers Village

We went to check out the shops at Peddlers Village, Pennsylvania.  There was a scarecrow competition going on.  I took photos of a lot of them.One of the stores.  My mom refers to my daughter’s room as her mole hole, so I needed the photo of the sign.

The water wheelThere were a lot of jerky stores on my trip. Of course we found a bookstore. The carousel in the children’s area.This has to be the fastest carousel I have ever seen. another bookstore
We headed to Rocky Horror after we finished looking at everything.   I was happy to stop fighting with the umbrella that Michelle made me bring with us.