Happy Anniversary!

I got a notification that yesterday was my anniversary with WordPress. I had started the blog on another site, but moved to this one after a few months.

Many posts and many books later, we are still here, and still having adventures.

I hope to get to the gym more, and travel some more. Many more books are going to be read. Hopefully many more adventures will be had, too.

Maybe more guest bloggers, but I sure hope that there will be more guest blog posts.

Here’s to a new year!

Statue of Liberty

We weren’t supposed to go onto the ferry to see the statue, but we were earlier than expected and decided to try it. We arrived and were approached by a ticket seller who assured us that we were right on time for the last ferry.   Sure we were, but we were in the wrong place. 

We got to the right place, but had to exchange the ticket for the ferry ticket.  We found out that there was no guarantee that we’d make it onto the ferry, unless we went on the 7 pm night tour.  Sold!  Plan C.  This meant that we’d miss the 911 memorial and we would be returning to Pennsylvania late.  We also had two hours to wait.  We checked out the stores and looked into happy hour at the block party that was nearby.

The shoes in here were amazing, but there’s no way I could ever wear them.Of course, we found a bookstore.  After the ferry returned, we walked by and realized there was an upstairs to the store.  I missed it.  Oh well.  Next time.There was an art store.   This particular piece was $1150.  I don’t think I need anything like this, though.  My goal was to get through this without breaking anything.  Goal met!We got in line for the ferry.  The view was amazing.I took several photosThis is my attempt at a panoramic photoThis is actually a museum we didn’t get into.I didn’t forget my ticket! We hadn’t taken any photos together at this point.The ferry went under the bridges.  Brooklyn, Manhattan and I never found out what this is. The views were just beautifulThe World Trade Center nowThe Empire State Building and the Chrysler buildingThe bridge where the NYC Marathon starts.This cracked me up.  The water was rocky, so it bounced us a bit.The beautiful lady libertyA woman on the ferry offered to take our photo.   Her husband got nosy and photo bombed us.  All four of them were awful, but they entertained us and gave us a good laugh.Michelle’s camera takes better photos than mine.  I hope she’ll blog her version of the day, too.

Headed to New York City

Michelle and I headed from Pennsylvania to Trenton, New Jersey to catch the train to Penn station, New York. Three states in one day. Kind of foreign to this Californian. It was very doable.

We got our tickets and got breakfast and headed to the platform to board the train. We would arrive just before noon in New York City.

Round trip from Trenton to Penn station. Here we go!

Of course, I attempted to read, but I was too busy looking at scenery and being lulled to sleep by the train moro motion.

New Brunswick. I meant to look up what it was, but I haven’t yet.

Last stop! Penn station. Get out.

Pulling into Penn station was fascinating, but it was too dark to video it. There are tracks EVERYWHERE. 21 tracks to board trains. I can’t believe how many people go in and out of here daily.

I was amazed by the shops and other things to see in the station. It took us a while to figure out where we needed to exit to get pointed in the right direction. We are both from big cities so we weren’t thrown too much with the noise and crowds. Once we figured out which direction to head, we were good.


We went into New York City for the day. We took the train in. The goal was to walk from there to Times Square to the library and tour it. Then to Grand Central Terminal. We’d see the Chrysler building and the Empire State building and the Brooklyn Bridge on the way to the statue of liberty. Then we’d see the 911 memorial and head back. Doable, since we weren’t planning on going inside to see anything that required a line.

We had a loose schedule and no real timeline. We were prepared for plan A. Ready to switch to plan B. At one point, we switched to plan C.

We had had a great time, but I took too many photos again, so I’ll have to break the trip into pieces again, and post out of order.

Rodin Museum

Before you start reading this, please know that I fell in love with Rodin’s The Gates of Hell the first time I saw it at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. The Rodin Museum in Philadelphia has a full sized version of it and I could get up close to it. There are a lot of photos of it here, and, because of the time of day, I couldn’t get a full photo without it being half in shadow. I will look closer when I can enlarge the photos, to remove duplicates.When I saw how Rodin signed his sculpture, it made me feel better about the way I sign my paintings in art class.You can’t show any work by Rodin without The Thinker.Beautiful pond in a beautiful garden.The first of many photos of The Gates of Hell.This was my ticket from yesterday’s visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I was thrilled that the Rodin Museum was included and a second day, too. Yesterday was exhausting.Today’s ticketMy photo doesn’t show the broken nose as well as I would have liked.I loved that they encourage artists to sketch. There were several places set up like this.I had seen other pieces that Rodin did of Victor Hugo. I loved seeing the story behind them here. Hugo never posed. Rodin just spent a lot of time with him to get his likeness.

I had seen these pieces before. They are still interesting.

I hadn’t seen the final piece for this. It’s beautiful.

I recognized this as not Rodin, but I didn’t realize it was a Picasso. For some reason, I thought Picasso only did paintings. Learn something new every day.

I had heard of this piece, but it was more fascinating in person, I think.

This was a very powerful piece. It really spoke to me.

The Three Shades are also at the Legion of Honor. They are the top of The Gates of Hell. I could get up close here, too.

I had seen the miniature version of this at the Legion of Honor. It was nice to get up close.

Performance art or my sense of humor?

Leaving Small Spaces

From the time I was a small child, I was taught to let the people out of the elevator before trying to get on. The people in small spaces should come out, before people from the larger space attempt to get in. This makes sense to me.

I am learning that some people never learned this lesson. If they were taught, many people leave the small space and stand in the doorway so that others can’t get in. This doesn’t make sense, either. Move.

In the last week, this has happened to me many times. I was stuck in a train because people were shoving their way in, without letting me out. I was stuck in a cafeteria because people were standing in the doorway saying goodbye. I was stuck in a public restroom because several people were trying to get in the door, and would not pause to let me step out of the doorway. Really?

The worst one was when I was trying to leave a bathroom stall. A woman waiting to get in saw me open the door and immediately decided to go into the stall. Hello! I’m still in here. Are you really going to try to use the restroom with me still in here? Give me two seconds to walk out.

I think I should start offering common sense lessons. Unfortunately, those who really need them don’t realize that they need them. Maybe I should start handing out cards and informing people they need them, like it or not.

Unusual Facts


The above linked article is an ad for a twitter account that talks about unusual facts. The fact that I found most interesting was the photo for how people see with and without astigmatism. It seems that the directional signs changed directions when you have astigmatism. Maybe this is why so many people are bad drivers?

Before you comment, yes, I am kidding.