Smog check time

I took my car in to get it smog checked. This is a car I don’t drive often, so it’s a process.

I had to jump start it, since I don’t start it often. I drove it around to charge up the battery. I figured I may as well get the smog check done while I was out.

I got to the smog check place and they took my car right away. I had to get back in the car, since the technician couldn’t move it. He didn’t know how to drive a stick shift!

Then, a while later, a different technician came to ask me for the paperwork from the last smog check. I have never needed it in the past, so I didn’t have it with me. It turns out that he couldn’t read a number on the catalytic converter, and he needed to document it. My friends who do smog checks tell me that it is not common practice to check the number.

I think that I will find a different station next time I need a smog check. These guys really didn’t seem to know what they were doing.

A couple of days later, I went to AAA to get the registration sticker for the car. The DMV computers were down, so I had to go back the next day. They only had one cashier open, so it was a long wait. I got it done, made a photocopy of the smog paperwork, and put everything in my purse.

I took the same car in for new tires a few days later. I told my mechanic about the issues. He wasn’t surprised. He told me a story about the valet parkers at Tesla. If they get a car that has a manual transmission and they don’t know how to drive it, they have to stand there with their hand up and call out “manual!” until someone is free who can drive it.

When I left the shop, I remembered the registration paperwork and sticker in my purse. I got everything out of my purse and into its proper place. I felt very accomplished.

The Magic Bag

My daughter asked for something from my purse.  I began digging.  I pulled out a textbook, then a clipboard.  Next I pulled out another textbook and some pens.   My kindle came out next.   I found my wallet and pulled that out too.

My daughter looked at me, and then at my purse.  She whispered “it’s a magic bag.” I told her, “yes, and I’m Mary Poppins.” She didn’t believe me,but asked for my car keys so she could look for the item in my car since the magic bag wasn’t spitting it out today. Yes. It was in the car. That’s why I couldn’t find it in my purse.

Going to the laundromat

I have had some strange dreams lately. I think my mind is on overload with all the changes that are going on. One of my dreams this week was about going to the laundromat. I got there, had all of my clothes and soap and such. I got everything loaded into the washer and found out that the machines no longer take quarters. They take slices of white bread only. Thankfully, 711 is next door, so I was able to go over and buy some bread, but wow, Brain. Where’d that come from?

Day two of classes

I still have no syllabus for my California history class. We did have a zoom meeting, so I at least know the instructor is aware that it’s not been published yet. Doesn’t help me with my scheduling, though.

I got the schedule for my communications class late in the day yesterday, so I don’t have that on the calendar yet. That’s a project for today. I do have a zoom meeting with that class next week, so I’ll get a better feel for that soon. We, as a class, have been busy with the group thread that is meant to be for us to get to know each other. It seems to be working.

I have been hearing a lot from my Film Appreciation instructor. It sounds like she’s ready for this semester. I was able to get the class schedule on the calendar and today is the first zoom meeting.

I think I’m ready for the semester, other than missing a whole class syllabus. I am sure that it will be published soon and I’ll get organized. It’s been an interesting start to the semester.

Attempting to Blow My Nose While Half Awake

Once in a while, I wake up randomly because my nose is stuffed. It’s from allergies and dry air. I get up and go into the bathroom to blow my nose.

One morning, I was attempting to take care of my nose and then head back to bed. I intentionally tried to stay semi-asleep in an attempt to get right back into bed to continue sleeping. I wandered into the bathroom, grabbed a Qtip and attempted to use it to blow my nose. Well, that didn’t work, as you might have guessed. I had to wake up fully to figure out that I need a Kleenex to take care of this job. So much for falling back asleep right away.

Two hours and an application fee later

I am still planning on going back to get my bachelor’s degree. I researched early and waited and waited for the application date to arrive. It arrived last week! I was so excited to get online and actually apply. I didn’t get to it over the first weekend, but I wasn’t too concerned because the deadline is all the way in October.

I went online to fill out the application, with transcripts in hand. The first red flag was when it asked me if I was sure that my high school graduation date was correct. Was that an age crack?

After filling out which schools I had been attending, I had to fill in all of my classes from my transcripts. Because my original community college work/A.S. was so long ago, I had to manually type in everything. It took forever. The classes that I have taken recently were no problem. I started typing in the class numbers and it filled in the rest for me.

It still took me over two hours to get everything done. Then I paid the fee. I am just waiting to hear if I get accepted to the program I want.

I haven’t received confirmation that my application was received, but I got an email to verify my financial aid application. I filled it out today, and I hope to hear back soon.

Make him work for his money

When I was at the grocery store the other day, it became obvious to me that I had wandered in on the day that the employees were getting their bonuses. The younger employees were all getting in the checkout lines to cash their checks. It didn’t take long, but it was unusual enough to make me ask questions.

I ended up in line between two employees. One was almost finished cashing her check. The other was waiting for me to check out so he could cash his check. The first person finished and was chatting with the bagger while she waited for the second. The checker finished up my transaction and was I was paying when I heard the first person and the bagger start laughing. The bagger told the cashier to turn off the belt. The employee who was in line behind me was trying to endorse his check, using the conveyor belt as a table. He put the check down and tried to get his pen ready. The check would move along the belt. He’d pick the check up again. He put the check down. He tried to get his pen ready, and the check was down the belt again. He had to pick it up and start again. It was funny to watch him attempt this over and over. I looked at the checker and told her to make him work for his money. She offered to speed up the belt to make it funnier. I left, so I never knew if he eventually got his check endorsed. It was certainly part of my entertainment for the day.

Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s wall

I heard someone refer to her book stack as “Hadrian’s Wall by my head at night.” I had to look it up.

The Wikipedia entry is linked above. I pulled photos from it, and, yes, I agree, it does look like a stack of books. In its day, before 122, it was much taller than it is now. Maybe people have gotten around to reading the books in the stack? Kidding. It looks like it would have been overwhelmingly huge in its time. Kind of like some books stacks I know.

File:Hadrians Wall with Weedkiller.JPG

I Miss the Library


In early March, I visited the library for what would be the last time in a while. I didn’t know it at the time, though. The library shut down the next day.

I had a lot of social commitments that happened at the library. Movies, lectures, just sitting and reading, coffee drinking, and just picking up and dropping off books that I wanted to read. I watched shows on my tablet and did some writing there. I would people watch. I went to one of the libraries at least once a week, and sometimes twice a week.

Currently, I have about 20 library books at home, and I am patiently waiting to return them. The library keeps extending the due dates. Most recently, they changed the date to September 30, 2020. This does not give me hope that the library will reopen soon.

I miss the library.

But the homeless guy said it would be ok

I hate grocery shopping these days. I had trouble with Instacart delivering the wrong items, so I insist on doing it myself. I did not want to order green bananas and get plantains or order canned corn and get canned baby corn. Once was enough. If you want something done right, do it yourself.

Because of this, I limit my trips to the store, but I am still out there at the grocery store with the rest of the crazy people. There’s always something unusual going on. There are people trying to squeeze past me into a three inch gap between me and the freezer. Spacial issues? Your butt is bigger than that, Lady. You won’t fit. Another time, there was a woman who decided that my almost full cart looked just like her almost empty cart and took off with it. Then she came back with it and showed me that the carts had almost identical items in it. Umm, no.

This week, the actual filling of the cart went smoothly. I got in line, and I was the second one in line. The lady in front of me had no cart. Just a personal shopping bag with all of her groceries in it. The checker was very calm and apologized to her. He calmly explained that the store does not allow personal bags right now, and she was welcome to take her groceries outside to fill her bag, or she could load it herself, or she could use a regular bag from the store, with no charge. This was UNACCEPTABLE! Oh, great. Just what I need. At least I wasn’t in a hurry.

The woman takes her mask off and starts yelling at the checker. The checker at the register next to them squeezed out silently and got security to come. The woman with no mask continued to yell her point that if she is given a bag, no one better charge her for it. Then she started yelling that she was given permission before she brought it in. She wanted the manager to know that the guy by the front door is telling people they can bring their bags in. “He must know what he’s talking about, since he lives here!” It comes out eventually that she asked the homeless guy who sits on the bench outside the store. He must be the ultimate authority, right? He sees everyone coming and going, so he knows.

I decided to change lines. I was in and out of there with three households’s groceries in the time that it took security to calm the lady down. She was still in there when I wandered off and loaded my car. I can’t wait for the next adventure. Yes, I can. Grocery shopping is no fun right now.