Palacio de Cristal in Madrid

Crystal palace

Virtual tour

The two above links show the Crystal Palace in Madrid. The top one is the Wikipedia link telling about the Palace, and the bottom one is an actual virtual tour.

I first looked up this place because of photos from a friend that showed how the glass acted as prisms and the colors are beautiful in certain lights. Just the video from the virtual tour shows what a huge place this is. I hope to see it one day in person.

Good deal on cheap wine

I passed through the wine aisle on a recent shopping trip. I happened to look across the aisle from where I usually get my wine and I saw that it was $4.99 a bottle. Good deal!

I looked closer and found that if I got four or more, I would get 10% off. This brought the wine to $4.50 a bottle. Woohoo!

One of the bottles had a tag on it, telling me that if I got twelve bottles, I could get a rebate of up to $24. Even better!

I got twelve bottles, held on to the receipt and the tag and tried hard to remember to send it in before the due date.

Today, I pulled out the info to mail it in. The type was so tiny, I couldn’t read it. I tossed it on the photo copier and enlarged it. I needed it large enough to read the mailing address. Got that, so I addressed the envelope. Then I started reading the instructions. Send original receipt with purchase price circled. Check! Fill out form on back of tag. Check! Address the envelope. Check! Send original UPC from each bottle’s label. Ummm. Ok. There’s a project.

In the instructions, it says to soak each bottle to remove the UPC carefully. Each bottle must be soaked in hot tap water for 10-15 minutes, and full bottles can’t be soaked. So, am I supposed to drink 12 bottles of wine by the due date on the rebate?

When I started investigating the removal of the UPC, I found that the label comes off rather easily. I quickly managed to get 6 labels off before I became bored. I counted the rest of the bottles and found that I had 11. I know there were 12 on the receipt.

I did a search for #12 and finally located it in the kitchen. I pulled its UPC off and stuck it in the envelope. I will finish up the last five tomorrow and pop it into the mailbox.

There were a lot of hoops to jump through on this one, but I think I have done everything they’ve asked of me. If any of you get a gift of a bottle of wine from me, ignore the missing UPC on the label. It was an expensive bottle. Trust me.

How Do You Get Stuck in a Water Bottle?

When I first started at my current job, years ago, we had a water dispenser that took 5 gallon bottles of water. We used to have to lug the bottles down the hallway, wipe down the bottles, take the plastic lid off, and lift and tip and drop the bottle onto the dispenser, hoping that we would not get ourselves, the wall, the floor, or anyone else wet. Most of the time, we ended up with wet shoes or shirts. This got a little easier when we switched to 3 gallon bottles, but the process was pretty much the same.

Fast forward several years. We got new dispensers that were supposedly spill proof. The new bottles were different. They were still a reasonable 3 gallon size, but now they had little tabs on the bottles that we pulled off and just dropped the bottle onto the dispenser. Much easier and no one washed themselves accidentally.

I had to figure this out. The next time it was time to change the water bottle, I pulled the bottle off the dispenser and looked into the dispenser. There was a pin, about the size of a finger, inside the dispenser. It must do something. I put the new bottle on. Oh, ok. The pin goes into the cap and stops the water from coming out. But what keeps the water inside the bottle when it’s upside down like that?

I took the empty water bottle and began investigating. There seemed to be a little dent in the middle of the cap. The pin must go there. There was a little piece of plastic inside the dent. I wondered how it kept the water in, so, of course, I put my finger in the dent to see how tight the seal was. It was not tight at all. It gave way immediately.

I was not expecting that little pressure, so I pushed harder than I should have. When the plastic piece gave way, my finger took up the space where it had been.

My finger was just the tiniest bit bigger than the plastic piece, so it didn’t come out easily. I lifted my hand to see if I could get my finger out but it was in there. Thankfully the water bottle was empty, so it was light. I wasn’t panicking, but thoughts went through my head. Would this be considered worker’s comp? Can I get up to the emergency room upstairs without drawing too much attention to myself? How am I going to explain this one at the emergency room?

I eventually got my finger unstuck just before my coworker came around the corner. She looked at where I was, the look on my face and the water bottle with the little piece of plastic in it. She asked me if I had been stuck. I admitted that I had been. She just shook her head and declared that only I could get myself in a situation like that and she walked away.

I am sure that I’m not the only one, but I’m usually the first one to admit that I do stuff like that.

Off the Wait List!

I got into the class I wanted/needed for the Summer 2020 session. It only took a little over a week to get there. There is a little under a week until class starts.

Because I am actually registered for the class, I decided to get prepared for class and start the reading. Well, it was a thought. The bookstore is closed to the public. You can only have books mailed to you or download the digital version. I decided to go for the digital version, thinking it would be faster. Nope.

I went in to register my books, and it says that I have no books available. Well, I purchased them and got a receipt. I emailed them and got no response yet. I gave up and phoned them. I was given instructions on how to do it, but it tells me I have no books. “Let me log in as you and I’ll show you.” So I gave my info. “Well, it’s not supposed to say that. I’ll have to have tech support look into it. It’s nothing you did wrong.” Well, that’s good news. I just hope they get it working soon so I can get ahead.

This is becoming more of an adventure than I thought.

Live and Outside at The Riptide

I am confused about what day it is today, because I’ve become used to listening to Charlie play on Sunday afternoons. This week, he played, live, from the back of a pickup truck in front of the Riptide. The rest of the Treacherous French still weren’t there, but it was still fun.

Food and drinks were served at the door and tips were accepted all around. For the most part, everyone wore masks and most stayed at a distance. Unfortunately most people were standing in the street and parking spaces, but it wasn’t a very busy street. A few had folding chairs and settled in for the couple of hours.

It was nice to get out for a little while. The entertainment was great. The website here doesn’t seem to like my videos, so I can’t post them. Trust me, it was a good show.

Approaching 1500 posts

When I post from my phone, I cannot see how many posts I’ve written. When I’m on the computer, I can see the count. I saw it this week. I am just over 1470 posts. I have several scheduled for the next couple of weeks, so I know I’ll make it.

When I first started the blog, I never imagined I’d like writing so much. I thought I’d run out of topics. So far, I haven’t.

Thanks to those of you who follow and give me ideas about what to write about. Keep the ideas up! I hope to be getting back to my adventures soon.

I didn’t forget Pride Month

Usually, I’m all over Pride Month. I just haven’t been able to get much going since I usually celebrate by putting books on hold and picking them up from the library. Unfortunately, the library is still closed, so that can’t happen this year.

Also, the parades were cancelled months ago, so I won’t be attending those, either.

I have been thinking about it, but I just am not having my usual adventures. I hope to get to some of the books that I have listed. The library won’t be much help for a while, unfortunately.

What happens in Vegas…?

In January, a friend and I drove to Vegas and back. Because I was behind the wheel, I didn’t drink on days we were on the road. I think I have a pretty clear idea of what we did during the trip.

I thought so, at least, until today, when I got an email from the Las Vegas library, welcoming me back. I had to message my friend to see if we had gone, because I have no knowledge of going. The answer is, no, we didn’t go there. I wonder how they got my email address.

I guess, though, that it’s very possible that, knowing my personality, that I visited. Maybe I’ll have to put a visit to the library on my todo list the next time I go to Vegas.

Landfill stories

This exhibit is from the main library. It was from one of my last adventures there before it closed. It is all about how the landfill handles sitting around for so many years. It was interesting, but the photos don’t do it justice. Some bricks had imprints of paper that sat on it for years. It was a discovery of history that wasn’t meant to be discovered, but became a happy accidental find. There is so much history in our landfills just waiting to be discovered some day.

Waiting for the wait list

When I decided that I’d be going back to school, I started my research. I asked questions. I found out where I wanted to go. I found out how I want to get there. I also found out that I was missing one class to be eligible for transfer. Communications. The transfer counselors at two different schools told me it needed to be under my belt by the end of summer, or I’d have to wait until Fall 2021 to transfer.

I looked up which classes count to fulfill this requirement, and, for the Summer 2020 session, there are three classes that count: Public Speaking, Intercultural Communications, and Interpersonal Communications. I put myself on the wait list for all of these classes. I really would rather take one of the two classes that isn’t public speaking, but I will take what I can get.

I started out by adding myself to 5 online classes. Waitlisted on all of them at #10 of 10 on the list. I quickly moved to #4 on one of the Intercultural Communications classes, so I kind of have it in mind that I am most likely to get into that one. I got an email telling me that a public speaking class was open up, so I registered for that, and dropped off the waiting list for the other public speaking class. At least I’ll have a class to take to fulfill the requirement.

I have still be watching the list, because I’d rather not speak publicly. I dropped to #2 on the Intercultural Communications class, and I got an email from the instructor of the other Intercultural Communications class, asking me to start looking into the syllabus, and to look for the text book. I can’t find it anywhere. Not in the school bookstore. Not on Amazon. I emailed that instructor to ask for the IBSN on the book. I moved to #7 on the wait list for that class. I assume people dropped after looking at the syllabus.

Keep your fingers crossed that I get the class I want. If it ends up being the Interpersonal Communications class, my daughter already owns the textbook, so that’s one less thing I need to worry about. Right now, though, I am just waiting to see what happens.