International night

My daughter’s dance troop was asked to perform at international night at an elementary school.

There were several other dance troops there.

This was part of the Tahitian group that included my friend’s daughter. I hadn’t seen my friend in quite a while, so it was nice to catch up a bit.

This is part of the Hawaiian troop that one of my daughter’s instructors dances with.

The performances went smoothly, other than a few technical difficulties with the music and microphone.


I had little on yesterday’s agenda, and Shazam was playing nearby, so I decided to take myself to the movies.

The movie was cute. It wasn’t the same as when I was a kid watching it on Saturday morning cartoons, but I laughed a lot and followed the action.

After the movie, I stopped at Starbucks then at the book store. I browsed for a long time. Independent book stores are great. I always want to buy them out. Today, the employees were discussing an upcoming contest involving guessing how many objects are in a jar. One was arguing that they can’t do that because someone can do the math and figure out the exact amount. No one is going to do that was the argument back. I pitched in my two cents. These are readers, not mathematicians, plus no one is going to take the trouble to figure it out mathematically.

I took the train home. I got to the station and just missed a train. I looked at the board and there was nothing listed for upcoming trains for my line. I was really confused. I went up to the board that showed each train and where it was on the line. There was a train about 8 stops away. And one ten stops away. “29 minute wait.” Something was definitely wrong with the system. I watched the train move closer and closer. It arrived about fifteen minutes after I arrived at the station. So much for 29 minutes. On the way home, the drive was smooth, other than the driver stopping at a stop that isn’t a stop anymore. Scenic route, I guess.

It was a nice, mostly uneventful day. I should have more of those.

Walking in the city

I missed several lectures on following the scenic drive route in San Francisco.  Two women, Kristine Poggioli and Carolyn Eidson  wrote a book, Walking San Francisco’s 49 Mile Scenic Drive, and had been lecturing at various libraries.  I really wanted to hear them speak, but my schedule didn’t allow it, over and over.  I bought the book, and decided that I would start working on my on foot tour of the scenic parts of the city.  Bite by bite.

I also got a book recommendation for Cool Grey City of Love by Jane Chamberlin.  I haven’t opened the book yet, but it is apparently about different historical events that happened on different San Francisco streets.

Using these two books as tools, I am planning on walking San Francisco.  It will take me a long time, but I’ll work on it.  I have a friend who was going to walk with me, but she backed out.  I think I can manage at least part of the books each month.  Alone or with company.

Gardening supply store

Black pansies.

My daughter and I stopped at the gardening supply store over the weekend. She loves to look at every plant and stone and takes forever.

After we’d been there about fifteen minutes, I attracted the attention of the staff. She wanted to know if she could help. I requested that she wave her wand and hurry my daughter up. She said she can’t do that, but she could offer me a chair in the shade. Sounded good to me!

I have a feeling we’ll be back. At least I’ll know where the chairs are next time.

Art club today

At art club today, we drew words to work on a surreal picture. Unfortunately, it was a quick pencil sketch and I couldn’t get a decent photo of it.

I drew the words cat, eye, and fish. So I came up with this. A fish bowl with a castle with eyes and a guard cat. Fish with eye bodies and fish with cat heads swim in it. We had only twenty minutes to come up with it, so I think it’s pretty good for the amount of time I had with my minimal drawing skills.

I am doing my best to not become president or vice president of the club. The advisor realizes that I have the skills to organize the group, but I know I don’t have the time. I have been practicing my “No” responses.