The biggest lie

I learned long ago that I need to write it down if I’m going to remember.  Or text it.  Otherwise, I end up stressing about remembering to not forget.  If I can’t write it down right away, I count tasks on my fingers.  I know that if I have four things to do, I’ll remember 3.  I write it down the moment I can.  I will forget.  No question.

Overwhelming myself

With the ADHD, I find that I try to do way too many things at once. Like I said in an earlier post, I’m prepping for vacation, so I got several posts started. All the post drafts are calling to me. All at once.

I know, logically, that I can’t do everything at once, but I’ll try. Actually, I’ll try to save something to do later. Like I planned.

Guest blogger topics

We decided that we’d write on some of the same topics. Some of the options are 1)book you read as a child but reread as an adult. 2)Favorite movie based on a book. 3)Worst movie based on a book. 4)Movie that follows the book closely.

There will be more topics coming up, and not all of will write on all of the topics, but we’re going to attempt it.

What day of the week is this?

With the holidays and the weekend work, I have had no idea what day of the week it has been. I just get up and assume I need to go to work and go from there.

Usually, at work, Tuesdays are the weigh in and check in days. The last two weeks, we’ve had Tuesday holidays, so this stuff is done on a different day. Friday the first week, Thursday the second. My patients were confused and asked me what day it was. I had to admit that I was just going with, and not really knowing.

My co-worker told me on Thursday afternoon about a meeting. We’re going to have it on Friday instead of tomorrow. Ummm, tomorrow is Friday. I was glad I wasn’t the only confused one.

I forgot three non work-related appointments in the last two weeks, because I didn’t know what day it was. The weekends and weekdays blurred together.

Yesterday was the last scheduled working Saturday for a while. Thank goodness. I can get back to my regularly scheduled crazy schedule.

My story telling style

A friend of mine posted this. It definitely describes my story telling style. Only, instead of getting to the point, I forget what the point was for several minutes.

It’s not so evident when I write, because I have time to go back and add the tangential stories, and when I forget the point, I just don’t post it until I remember what I was getting at. If I have people ask me questions about my story, I can go back and edit.

The ADHD is why I’m all over the place. Story telling. Gym time to exercise off the crazy. Keeping way too busy to keep from side tracking myself. Making lists so I don’t forget anything.

It’s also a big part of my insomnia. ADHD patients have similar sleep patterns. It’s almost like their brains get side tracked with sleep. “I’ve done this enough. What else is there to do now?” Sleep a couple of hours. Wake up. Attempt to sleep more. Repeat.

I have been asked why I don’t medicate my ADHD if I’m so sure I have it. I have not been officially diagnosed, but I fit every pattern of ADHD patients. I self medicate with coffee to keep the crazy mostly away. I don’t want to go on actual medication because I’ve seen my family members on medication, and know that they have totally different personalities on and off their meds.

I feel strongly that I am who I am. If you don’t like it, you don’t need to be my best friend. I like who I am and don’t want to change it. One of my friends told me “I’d rather be someone’s shot of whiskey than everyone’s cup of tea.” That sums me up perfectly.