Judy Huemann

Watch “Monday Minute: Reading Books by Disabled Authors!” on YouTube

The above YouTube link shows the January show of Judy Huemann who was in the movie, Crip Camp, that I reviewed a few months ago. Judy was one of the crusaders for putting the ADA in place. The link above shows her telling about books about and by disabled people.

Judy does a YouTube episode every Monday. It’s worth subscribing to and watching.

Crip Camp

I was assigned this movie for my film class. I was actually dragging my feet about watching it, since I wasn’t so fond of the title. Also, it was the end of the semester, so I just wasn’t into the extra work by then.

I found it on Netflix, so I watched it there instead of through the school website. I kept getting distracted so I watched the beginning several times before really watching it.

The film is a true story that follows several special needs teens to summer camp and through their adventures outside of camp. Eventually, the teens wind up fighting for their rights and helping establish the ADA.

I loved the movie once I got into it. It wasn’t boring at all. I highly recommend it.