A blog I found

Tiffany Wanders

In one of my reading groups, I saw a question about the Kindle in the UK. I tried to answer it, but I realized that the answer was different for UK Kindle users than in the US. I didn’t answer the question, but I found that another blogger did. Her answer linked back to her blog post from August, 2018.

She is a Filipino woman living in the UK. Her adventures are fun to read. I plan on following the blog for a while, just to see what the differences between the US and the UK are. I’ve linked the blog’s URL above.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month

Today is the first day of Asian American and Pacific Islander heritage month. I would not have known, other than the fact that it showed up on my Google calendar. May gets to host.

I think we need a little more advertising on this one. I haven’t read too many books by these authors, but I think it’s time I tracked them. The first step to awareness is paying attention.